November 2, 2007

My School Graduation Day !!!

T H U R S D A Y,
Finally, it's my school graduation day. held @ Crown Princess Hotel and as u can see some other schools all held in their own school. So boring.. Anyhow, they all are gonna be jealous of this. Hahax. Well, time pass so fast and didn't even realise that its gonna be the end of our road in secondary school. Felt berat hati to leave this school cause it brings a lot of sweet memories to me although there are some bitter ones. All are grown up guys already now. Oh as u know that our school is a boy school and there are girls only in form 6.

Seems so exited to post this post about my graduation day, budden if i post it, i scare it will be quite a long post. So I'll let the pictures do all the talking. Save time. So without any further due, lets sit back, relax and enjoy! All u need to do is just scroll your mouse!!


Dudes arrive as early as 8am. and waited like hell at AMPANG PARK.
Why they came so early where the function starts at 11am?!!

Cause they took this crappy RAPID KL bus that is ain't RAPID at all..
They were afraid they could missed this graduate day just like that.
So they decide to come early.

Ain't like me, I drove there, It's a new car stolen from dad.
Introducing the Honda Civic 2006 series. Gone rich suddenly.
Look at ME, Proud like shit only. Wahahaha. No offence. Chill guys.

Entrance of the ballroom

The Backdrop

The Stage

Look, Proof its really at Crown Princess Hotel.

This is Mr. Eng Aun beside me and
as you can see he is from Australia. My ex-classmate.

We are the last 2 candidates for Trump Organization
Mr. Alexander Ooi & Mr. Jason Ong

Myself and James posing before the graduation starts.

Graduation Session

After putting on the robe, well another photo for the
Class monitor and the assistant monitor.

Everyone is exited. baru put on the robes.

WE, 5 Arif kononnya science class gone nuts...

more random pictures of us.

O.O there's something up there..
but what's haithal doing looking at the camera.

All also guys... aren't u guys felt boring?!
We need some girl faces!!! mayb later. be patient..

From left ; Calvin, Kelvin, Anthoson and James.

Oh ya, We 3 sat together in class and in a row.

This dumb fella keep taking pictures of us non stop.
He Claim that his (DSLR) camera can store 2000 photos!!

Jason naik miang... look at Alexander! damn cute!

Haha at last this is ME.. Sucks hair don't ya think?

This dude is Calvin, migrated from England and study at our school.
He seems like those nerd professor that teaches Chemistry.

Aku dah dapat sijil tamat persekolahan..
Feel proud. kononnya.

My Class photo.. 5 Abnormal is da "BOMB"..
" We are the craziest senior class ever in SMKSA history ".
Thanks to WONG!!

Teachers posing... What is that Calvin doing behind there. Spoiler!!

The 3 survivors from 3Dinamik. Who will be the last man standing?!

Do I look like a fool with the specs?!
Another class photo before we proceed to the dining hall.

Awwww, what a sweet couple.. *jealous la*


This where we ate, Chinese cuisine, dunno weather halal anot. XD


Deserts ; Anyone?

This is a chinese tradition..

This is the view of Crown Princess Hotel Building

RANDOM PHOTO with da Girls

Here are some random photos with the girls at SMKSA..
At last there is some girls pictures. ,ostly malay girls cause this is a malay school. XD

ME and Baizura
She seems like those
Arabian girl..

ME and Yen Ching
I also got James, dun jealous. XD

ME and faizah in red is ma "kak angkat"

Yen Ching, Shereen and ME...

Pinkgu Nurul Ain da thick make up girl and ME...

Me with the Egyptians girls... XD

Oh no, again with pinku girl... swt =.="
She want to take with me, I did not asked for it..

Blackie Suhaila and ME... She's so small and yet so cute.

Peep Peep Peep!! Me and ??? also forgot her name already..
That's why I said
"Thank you superstar for taking with me" LOL!!

She is the most prettiest and famous girl in SMKSA.
ME and Aliyah. So difficuilt only can take this photo.

The end of graduation day..............

Sigh It's finally over... Oh ya before i forgot, the Honda car just now wasn't my dad's car. Just being proud of myself. And also the girls is all from upper 6 students. Plus Calvin is from Malaysia but not from England. James Tan and Yen Ching is not a couple. All just white lies to suit the photo captions. So sorry for all that guys ; Chill okay. hehex. =) hope u guys enjoyed it.

Today, we certainly had the craziest fun among ourselves and as you can see where there is a lot of crazy peeps around, including ME. That's why I said " We are the most craziest seniors class ever in SMKSA history ". All thanks to Mr. WONG. =.=" Who made our last year of schooling life a memoriable one. although we fought before in class, in the end we are still friends and study in the same class. XD

Yeah that is all about today!! kinda long post. Tired* Just a reminder as SPM is just 9 days away from now and we are acting as if we are not even exam candidates. OMG, do I need some last min preparation? Not a problem..... =)

That's all about today. Grab the photos it if u want.
HaPpY 9