March 30, 2010

Hennessy Artistry 2010 @ Opera

Hennessy Artistry is back once again this year 2010 and it's as awesome as usual ! What you will expect in Hennessy Artistry event is... Free flow of whiskey, chicks, good music, good company and most of all, good lineup artists performing! Happening @ The Opera this time and at least it was better than the previous one in Quattro.

Here is a short teaser post of Hennessy Artistry 2010 @ Opera.

Poser. with da dummy Hennessy bottle.

The Main entrance.

What's happening inside. Im hanging around at the top floor. Bloggers/Media section.

Oh and this time, they introduce new flavour. Which is cranberry. I personally love it.

Hennessy Artistry girls. with HOST, KDU-ian Melissa Campbell.

With Advertlets girls bloggers.

These people are my happening friends. lol. Esp Khairul the dude in da picture who i just met. With Kathrine, Khairul, the Teng sisters, Chammaine and myself.

The Advertlets family. We're set to party.

I love Hennessy Artistry event because it beings everyone together. Seriously. More Hennessy Artistry photos coming your way. Come back and visit again !


March 28, 2010

Miss Universe Malaysia 2010

Miss Universe 2010 will be the the 59th Miss Universe pageant, the venue to be announcement. Stefanía Fernández from Venezuela, Miss Universe 2009, will crown her successor at the end of this event. More than 80 countries and territories will compete for the title and the pageant will broadcast live on NBC and Telemundo. It is a big event indeed where the prettiest and most outstanding lady will represent Malaysia for Miss Universe 2010.

And YES, this is it. The Audition for Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 from Petaling Jaya, Ipoh, Penang and KL is finally OVER. It was yesterday, the final casting of Miss Universe Malaysia happening at Royale Chulan KL. If you weren't there for the Audition, then you must have missed the change to be Malaysia's pageant this year.

Requirements are... Potential beauty queens must be between 18 - 26 years old as at February 1. Minimum height is 162cm (5ft 3in). And be ready to showcase your talents in front of judges that include Andrea Fonseka, Hans Isaac, Phat Fabes & Julia Dolmatova.

As you know that was the official media partner for Miss Universe Malaysia 2010. So, we get the privilege to become their bloggers to blog about it. Been following them to all the Auditions around Malaysia and pretty much enjoyed the whole thing. Thanks Joshlim for everything.

Honestly, I've spam a lot of photos into my camera. Due to the excessive hot models I've seen so far, I couldn't resist. lol. Dealing with too many photos. So that makes this a short teaser post to summarize everything up with compilation photos I've done. Enjoy!

PS : The final 18 was already chosen yesterday @ Royale Chulan Hotel & the new Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 will be crowned on the 15th May 2010. Stay Tune for it !

Miss Universe Malaysia Website.


March 26, 2010


Last Sunday is POPDAY! Jason Goh from to be exact. Recently had become a good buddy of mine. He thought me a lot of stuff. willing to fetch me to events and all etc. Oh well, he turns 27 this year but still very young at heart. If I don't know him, I will be guessing that he's around 22 yr's old. 5 years, damn big difference! You don't look old, which is a good thing. Right? hahaha.

Anyway don't zha me for telling all these. =) So yeah, we went to celebrate his B'day at Cristang Restaurant, PJ to try the Pork Burgers which is quite over rated. Will write a full review about this later on. For now, the photos !

p5 ! Pork patty + Chili Con cane + beef bacon + cheese + wedges + burger bun + wedges.

Someone's dieting. Jamie's Caesar Salad.

Jamie, Simon, Jason and Xiang.

The Ja Ja Ja gang. Jason, Jamie and Jason.

Oh with all the girls that night. Im not hamsap okay. Well, the girls wanted it.

The scary face expressions. Somehow I felt she very poser kan?

Finally a group photo of all the attendees.

last but not least, thanks J.G for the mini KIDO DARUMA ! Everyone of us got one. He was giving it away like it's Christmas ! Once again, Happy B'day pOp.


March 24, 2010

MUSE Fashion Party

Last month, was invited by Joshlim to attend this fashion party held at Muse Club @ Section13. Nearby KDU section 13. An event where models, male and female gather together and party! So, we get to see models and nice cars parked outside lorh. Oh well, just a normal hangout chilling night, to release stress. Met a few famillar faces like Alby etc. unexpected. So i went there and support as well and take a few shots back home.

Models models. They're damn tall and hot !

They're dancing on the stage. Rest all watching and snapping photos. No fun! I want to be up there as well.

Lovey's name is Lovely. with Munnie and myself.

Met Pamela Leow. She got nice blue eyes.

And yes. From AHM, Leonard Chua as well.

Group photo of the bloggers.

Here's A video of one of the male model. Doing Lady Gaga Bad Romance. He is good, Seriously.

Damn good right? Salute.


March 19, 2010

Sexy Nikki

Im lazy. So this is it. 1 post 1 photo entry.

My Nikon DSLR called Nikki is complete now. Just bought her a new battery grip. Made me BROKE. Which that plus more weight to it. I tried weighing it and it's 2.5KG. OMG how to carry so heavy camera? But still, I love it BIG.

and nowadays everyone is crazy in getting new lens, new DSLR and all. Was wondering what should I get NEXT? telelens, 50mm, fisheye or wide angle? Any Suggestions?

BTW Happy St.Patrick's Day. And Tonight, Hennessy Artistry night !


March 16, 2010


OMG PARTY post again. I know right. Sorry lorh. Can't help it. Anyway, remember my previous post about SHOWTEK the Twilight Of Dance?

Last Saturday, it's SHOWTEK LIVE @ Kl Live Centre. If you party people didn't make it, den you are already regretting it now. Why? Cause they're one of the BEST DJ in the world spinning hard techno, dance act tracks. It's more like a rave party to me. They call themselves the Twilight Of Dance. From now on, imma fan of SHOWTEK. They're awesomely great until they blew the roof off. I wish it last for 24/7. But it only last for 3 hours. But they seriously rocks.

Firstly, thankyou AdliSyahril the PR for this event for giving me media/staff passes. Got lotsa privilege I can get. Anyway, here are some of the photos taken that night.

SHOWTEK in da house.

Everyone is so into it. Especially that white dude.

Met my cousin Kellie and Sina !

Munnie, Jiawen and friends. The hardcore ravers!

Justin Ong and the KDU peeps!

SandraWoo and her kaki ravers.

Group picture of the gang who raved together throughout the night.

Here's a VIDEO to see how's RAVE party looks like. A lil INSANE, but they seriously LOVE it.

Crazy ain't it !

PS : I can't wait for the weekends to come. Schedule full for Friday, Sat and Sunday! woots.


March 14, 2010

Studio C Live

Last week on Saturday, went to Studio C @ Kl Live with a bunch of friends. Just to have fun watching band performance, drinking and have fun just to release some stress. In case you didn't know, Studio C is some sort of event which involving band competitions among colleges students, young adults. The potential rising star which An Honest Mistake have been through last year as the BEST upcoming band.

Here's the place to compete and show the world out there whatchu got. The winner will be getting RM8000! Quite nice la the grand price. lol. Anyway here are some pictures !

KL Live. I think I've been there more times than Maison now. Every week there's an event there. Parking is deadly flat rate expensive.

Not bad la the crowd inside KL Live.

Once upon a time, there's a sausage called Bob.

Leonard Chua the Guitarist from An Honest Mistake.

Darren Teh the lead singer of An Honest Mistake.

A picture with da Professional photographer Ewin EE and the lovely girlfriend.

Long time no see Jessica and Debbie with friends.

Leonard Chua, Jessica and ME.

With the girls Adeline, Michelle and Debbie.

Here's a Video taken by my D300s. Featuring An Honest Mistake. Enjoy!


March 12, 2010

Hennessy Artistry is BACK

The most anticipated party of the year is back once again on March 19th @ The Opera Club, Sunway Pyramid. Yes, it's Hennessy Artistry Artist's Global Art of Mixing! This time they're gonna have some interesting line-up of artistes and newly improved breath-taking elements that will literally take your breath away with Hennessy Mix Master, Hennessy Mixing Bar, Hennessy Digital Light Art Effects, Hennessy Live big screen Twitting Zone.

We have DJ Sarasa in da house as the main person in the poster, following by Bunkface, DVJ G Mix and out very own beatboxer, Shawn Lee. I was amaze that Shawn Lee is one of the line up's for this year's 1st Hennessy Artistry party.

About the drinks. Hennessy VSOP. You all Party-goers can also expect some fresh flavours when enjoying Hennessy VSOP at the Hennessy Mixing Bar. Apart from its signature Hennessy Apple and Hennessy Ginger cocktails, the upcoming H-Artistry party will also feature two brand new long drinks: Hennessy Citrus and Hennessy Berry. Im sure its gonna be nice and make sure I will see all the drinkers face right there!

Here are a few recaps from the previous Hennessy Artistry events.

@ Bukit Kiara Stadium.

Press Conference @ Mandrin Oriental Hotel.

Boys Like Girls @ Quattro !

Previous Hennessy Artistry Event blog post. Check it out

This is one seriously happening event where the BEST part is, FREE FLOW Hennessy for the whole night. But the only concern for me is weather Opera Club has the space for almost 2000 People? I doubt so. Oh well. I experienced it @ Quattro, KL for the previous H.Artistry.

You can view past events or receive updates on the upcoming party by being a fan on Hennessy Artistry official Facebook fan page or follow Hennessy Artistry on twitter.

Strictly opened to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only. ID verifications will be carried out at the door. This is one party where music, cocktails n people find their perfect match.

This exclusive event is by invitation only. To obtain invitations, log on to

Follow my twitter to get updates for H.Artistry on that night !


March 9, 2010

Itz Yvonne's V@MP Boutique

Nowadays purchasing items like dresses, skirts, cloths, blouses, accessories in the web is a IN thing! In a way, I shall call it online shopping. There's many types of blogshop out there, very competitive. Thus, Shopaholic Rejoice! Now, many young potentials are opening their own boutique selling items though online, to earn some side income. Well, it's easier for people to browse through and place their order in just one click away. No more window shopping in shopping malls!

A good friend of mine, college mate YvonneLee ; just started a Blogshop called V@MP Boutique. Not gonna expect much from it because its NEW. But one thing I inspire the most from it is that she model her self apparel so that shoppers could have a clearer and better picture of how the apparel would look like on a human's body. It's a very good idea thou that not many would dare to do that. Or maybe wearing shades would at least cover up who's behind it. Since Yvonne was a model before, guess she wouldn't mind. In fact, this way it could able to push more sales!

A collage compilation of herself with the items she's selling.

Look though properly and you'll realize that those photos taken in those outfit are awesome! Of cause, looks gorgeous and sexy larhhh. Indeed looks professional to me.

HAHA. This photo was taken quite long ago! So now do me a favor, visit her Blogshop and help to purchase something for her alright? =)


Her Facebook Fan page of VMP Boutique to view all her items.

Last but not least, her Blogshop website.
V@MP Boutique BLOG