January 31, 2008

Somehow I got influence

Presenting you NOKIA E90..
Is this every one's dream phone? It might not be but it's my dream phone! Is a smart phone actually. Dunno why Suddenly so into this kinda business phone. more to uncle's type of phone. XD Somehow got influence already. Cause all my seniors and partners of the company I am working for now is using this phone and it's recommended by them. Looks cool doesn't it? Professional is the most suitable word to describe. Well you may surprise, this phone can cost easily around USD 950. Full specs what ever also got. you name it.

Here is a closer look to it inside. How nice would it be?

But compared to a laptop price with this phone, it's worth to get a laptop then this phone right? Well, this phone comes handy as it can fit in our pockets! laptop is too huge for bringing it with you while you're in town. It's more suitable for home and office use. I guess. Haha. So that's it, my dream phone!!
but money is the problem now.

January 30, 2008

More than words

Love isn’t about saying “I Love You”, but showing it..

It's a day to remember..

Be contented with what you have. Being loyal is important. And of cause seek first to understand before you seek to be understood. Care for the person you Love, show concern about things in his/her life and growth. Respond to his/her expressed and unexpressed needs, especially emotionally. Sometimes, you might say you could find another better one someday but in the end you will not able to find one, so treasure what you have now.. Be thankful of what you have or you'll regret it later..

So what are you waiting for? Start planning what you wanna do cause Valentines day is coming near and show some love to your partners for those out there who are in a relationship. Haha. Actually not necessary you need to be in a relationship only you can celebrate V-day. V-day is a day where "singles" or "bachelors" out there also can celebrate it with your best friends Eg. by exchanging gifts. A special day to show your love to them and give them a BIG hug while you'll chillin out at somewhere cool or maybe at home. By cooking something for each other in the kitchen. something like that. Anything you can do.

It would be a nice V-day to celebrate with your close friends that means a lot to you. Everyone can celebrate valentines. So don't get upset where you'll envy people who are in a relationship who are celebrating valentines where you are not. XD

It's more than words ; the heart that counts..

P/S : I love you <3

January 29, 2008

No title...

Guess what? My dad just booked this new car last Sunday and he gonna buy it for the sake of another person in the family got a license. Cause we will be fighting for the current car if there only 1 car in the house where 3 brothers is using it. So ended up this new SAGA. Cheap and reasonable price. Design is nice cause it's stolen from "Skoda" New Fabia car design. Malaysian cars cant stop copy cat-ing other cars design. But don't care la as long as it's nice.

But one thing i just read from the paper yesterday where says it needs roughly about 3-5 month to get the car after booking it!! damn why so long? Why is it so long a get the car whereby we will pay all by cash 1 shot without paying installment every month? I Don't get it.

I guess I need to tolerate fight with my brother for the current car for another 5 month 1st before we get a new in the house. XD

Anyway, this 1st of February is a school holiday!! It's on Friday. Who wants free overnight trip to Genting Highlands with me? Other expenses paid by your own but transportation and hotel fees covered.. Anyone interested?

January 24, 2008

How To Be Successful ?

Is it not what we all are dreaming of? Being a Successful person! We want to be successful in our studies in school, in our jobs, in our relationships. In fact, we dream about being successful in everything. Most of the people in this world believe that they just can't achieve great success because they don't have what it takes, or because they're not educated enough! They complain that luck is never on their side or that they weren't born to be successful or even that they are too poor to ever even think about being somebody else!

You know what?
You don't need luck, any diploma or degree holders to accomplish the success you deserve. There is as much as 99% of your effort and 1% of luck in you if you want to be successful. You just need faith. Faith that you will indeed be successful, faith that you have all that it takes to make it to the top! You have to BELIEVE that YOU ARE the most successful person you ever met.

The most successful persons in the world like business men, business women, singers, actors, physicians etc. All have that point in common. They all believed firmly that they were going to be exactly what they expected to be. They never doubted themselves, they had faith in their potentials and they were absolutely convinced that they would make it to the top! They never accepted a No for an answer. Nothing as ever stopped them, slowed down maybe, but never stop what are you doing! That is your life line towards success.

There is a lot of things that ANYBODY can do to become a successful in any field they choose; wither in relationships, business, career, ANYTHING you can think of ! But firstly, you have to understand that you will need to make an effort, not necessarily a huge one, but let's put it that way, you will definitely need consistence in your doings.

With anything that you're trying to attain if you don't give consistent efforts, you'll just simply NEVER get what you expect. The main point is to believe that YOU CAN be successful, and YOU WILL indeed.

I am using this lame method, simply keep repeating to your self some sentences like these ones:

- I am a successful person.
- I can attain any success level I want.

- I will be rich because I deserve it!
- I want to retire in my 30's.

Most importantly is your attitude and commitment towards being successful. You have to BELIEVE that YOU ARE the most successful person you ever met.

If you don't believe in yourself, who on earth do you think will ?

January 23, 2008

Hello Myvi...

Hello MyVi !! Ya it's my second day of driving practice and I drove a MyVi. Believe it or not!? Today's driving practice was perfect. Conquer all the basics. On the road, up hill, parking and 3 point turn. Still a little bit unstable but practice makes perfect.

This time I drove over 75km/h and finally got to change for 4th gear. My teacher asked me to relax and slow down. Really impatient and I cut about 2 slow cars today. So ego hor? Cause I know how to drive and it was not my 1st time.

Actually, you got punk'd.. LOL
Driving practice was driving that small kancil for sure...

I drove a Perodua Myvi after I reached back home. Haha. It was my friends car. I was just having a try on his car. Chun car. Anyway manual driving was fun...!!

January 22, 2008

Hello Kancil...

Hello kancil !! Guess what, I drove a kancil today. it's small in size but I am big! The car sank down 1 side once I sit in the kancil. I am FAT ma... Yeah, it was my first time driving on the road with many cars on the traffic somemore cause it's after working hours.
Scary + Pressure!!

First and foremost, once entering the car..

A conversation between me and him ( My driving Teacher )
Him : Jason Ong Ian Kitt izit?
Me : Yes I am...
Him : You know how to drive car already anot?
Me : I know a lil la cause I drove my mum's car before.
Him : Owh ic.. Then we change place then.
Me : Har! NOW?!
Him : Yea la...
Me : On the road?!! It's my 1st time wor..
Him : Dun worry I can guide you.
Me : Errrr, Okay la I'll try..

Damn I was so pressure to drive in the road as it's my first time.. I was remembering all concept how to change gear and control the clutch and the acceleration, so on... bla bla bla.. Without noticing, I am driving on the road smoothly and he asked me to drive up 2 Hulu Langat. It's about 15KM away from my house. Go and come back = 30Km roughly. Sigh*

The whole day I was learning how to car park and 3 pin point turn at Surfine Hightech driving place. And guess what I just " Mati Engine " 3 times the whole day only. believe it...

Another conversation on the road..
Me : Err, can I change to gear 4 or 5? quite slow la.
Him : Cannot. U are on the L sign car. Must maintain at 3rd gear!
Me : Harr serious ar?! The car behind me seems like kissing my butt.
Him : Let him kiss la. at the most he pay ganti rugi if he knocks.
Me : Owh but I am ok and steady wor for 4th gear..
Him : Relax la young man, after pass P ad u can do wht ever u like.
Me : Okay then.. LOL.. I was laughing..

Well it was quite fun driving at the road but I was just maintaining my 3rd gear at the most with 60km/h. How sad. great experience for me. tomorrow I am going for another training. Ya, one more thing , I did overtake a van on the road just now! The teacher asked me to do so. cause the van is slower den me.. haha..

I am happy?! Let me be happy for a while la..

My first time on the road wasn't that scary after all.. hehe..

January 21, 2008

How stupid am I....

Look how random am I.. No idea and out of topic to post...
ended up like this! =p

Olympus FE-280. Yea, this is the cam I currently always use to capture photos and what I can conclude about this cam that it has an effective 8.0 mega pixel. Wow! Seems good huh. But to me, it seems like a 3.0 mega pixel cam. The photo quality is horrendous. damn. What I see on the camera screen is totally different when I transfer it into the computer. It's just an "OKAY" digital cam for me.
Rating : **********

Okay this is another Olympus model where it is my ex-camera before I got my new FE-280 (above). It's all weather 6.0. Ok, you may wonder weather a 6.0 mega pixel camera is really a 6.0. Cause from what I know, this is even worst. this is like a 1.3 mega pixel camera to me. I was speechless after I knew it has no sound. Plus it doesn't come with sound specifications. So it has no sound. Have difficulties on taking videos.
Rating : **********

I know I am loyal to Olympus.. But why does this Olympus brand doesn't satisfy me at all..??

How smart stupid am I to choose Olympus all the way......

Hmm, since I am so stupid, should I get this next ??

This is it!! I dunno what model it is but as long it's currently the best cam in the market can already. I ain't know much about digital camera's but who doesn't want the best cam right.. =P Wahahahaha.. I am dreaming~~ Anyway this thing can cost roughly about 5K..

*Scratch head* Erm, where to get the money?? haha...

January 17, 2008

Local Cars vs Foreign Cars

Seriously, I need a damn freaking car right now! Any car will do for me to let me drive around at least. Even a 5th hand car I don't mind. as long as there is a car, I am satisfied. Dammit, got license also can't get to drive. Urghh...

But now the problem is, my dream car is Toyota Camry! How to buy!? Wait another 40 years I also can't get to earn the money and buy this huge luxury car. So forget it. Just let me dream at least better then nothing. LOL!! will ya? Here is some photos of the car... Most likely 20 times better den proton's.

Here comes the new Proton Saga....

Okay, this is a new car just release not long ago and it's the new Proton Saga which is gonna replace the old year 1985 proton saga which looks like that... (above) LOL!!

And did you observe when ever any new proton car is release, they look very similar to each other to the current proton we have in the market. Example like Waja, Persona, Shavy, Satria Neo or Gen 2. Either the lights, the shape of the car or the design of the car really look alike. Similar with the foreign cars. And the worse thing is, seems like they love to copy some of the imported foreign cars design as well. From cars like BMW, Toyota, Honda..?? Like same only.. Did you observe??

Well it's just an opinion.. As you know Malaysian cars are quite okay for me la cause it's cheap and affordable to all Malaysian citizen to own a Malaysian car but not for the quality of the cars. When you knock on something while you are driving in a proton car, your car will get dented or smash very easily.

Cause it's a damn freaking plastic car body! Especially the bumper and the front wing. That's why proton car can't be trusted much if you want quality long lasting cars.

Foreign cars are improving,
but aren't local cars are improving as well ?

P/S : Aren't this new Proton Saga looks like Proton waja?!
PP/S : CAMRY!!!!

January 16, 2008

I thought I was the only one

Why?! Why study at KDU college? Ever wonder why there are so many students chose KDU to be their stepping stone to achieve greater success in their career and life achievements? Why?!

Click this link then you'll know why. http://www.kdu.edu.my/

Well, so far I heard many peeps are going to KDU College. ( Kolej Damansara Utama ) and today I heard that another 2 person is going to KDU. same as me, and I was shocked. haha. I thought I was the only one going there. Well now, many of them are also going there. where else the education offers there is not that bad thou. Quite a lot of privilege and advantages. prefer to other colleges. Also it's the first smart college establish in Malaysia. Other than that, KDU aims to provide a superior learning experience to nurture students to become independent and life-long learners.

The course study about Culinary arts at KDU is absolutely the bomb. 7 Kitchens I heard they have there. Where else others only got 1 or 2 kitchens. No offence but it's the fact. Try to imagine. 7 kitchens!!

Lastly, this is for woodlaine, hope you haven make ur decisions yet where to go and there's still a time for u to consider deeply about your future. haha. Try and consider about KDU la. KDU business damn good. not bad man over there. Serious no joke. So, consider laaa..

It's fair, quality and honest education.

P/S : I am helping to promote KDU college... anyone?
PP/S : and I love war too! =p

January 15, 2008

My dreams

This is a globe.. Yes what a lame question I am asking. What's with this globe photo doing here? Well I guess it represents the countries around the world. The one showing on the photo is in the north and the south of America. The world is a wonderful place for us, human to live in... agree with me?

Also, how good if we could visit the places around the world before we end our life here in this beautiful earth. Beautiful places such as France, Italy, Japan, Australia, England, America, Mexico, Brazil, China and so on. Well, I bet you don't wanna be living in 1 certain place for your whole life and not visiting the other countries around the world right? Our life is temporary in this world, Not long we gonna live here in this earth. yea, mostly could not even reach their 6o's and they pass away. Didn't even get the chance. How sad it is...

To me, I wanna think further, 10 years from now, what will I be? what I wanna do? who am I? Other then being successful, my dream is to travel around the whole world with my family and with my " love ones ". Wanna visit every single place in this planet before I leave this world. Treasure every moments and keep the sweet memories inside. How nice... Yes I know I am imagining it now. LOL !!

So now, I don't care what ever it takes, what I wanna do is to work as hard and smart as I could to full fill my dreams.

Yes, I want to travel around the world.
and how about you ? Do you ?

Who doesn't want to travel around the world, right ?

January 14, 2008

Random Post

Waou !! Look at this... it's like smashpop.. XD
Ignore my belly button by the way and "Julius" also...
SJI Interact club president =X

P/S : This photo is taken after having the buffet.. look fat..

January 6, 2008


Beware of pick pockets and snatch thief !!

I was at Yong Tou Fu restaurant having my dinner with my brother just now and suddenly i heard a lady shouted Arghhhhh! shouting for help! and I turned around and check it out what happen.. I saw a fella run away from the table and the lady was so panic seeking for help. and I found out her handbag has been snatch! I think she was about to get in and eat. Immediately, everyone run and chase that snatch thief especially the guys. Last year, I also kena before. A victim. Not being snatch but being threaten. Ended up my hand phone and wallet have to give it to them and I have no choice. They got a knife pointing at my waist. Although I know I have a lot of fats at my waist line but I was panic that's why. 1st time mar and I was alone. It was scary actually. So that gave me a big expression that i wanna help people and catch the bad peeps.

Okay back to where am I.. that moment those guys from the restaurant chasing him. and we finally got him. I was relief and happy. haha. He was then emitted to the police station nearby and he got the consequences for being such a person who just wanna get things easily. just snatch peeps belongings. Really hope this kinda case, all the ladies out there must really beware of the surroundings and take extra precaution of the places you are walking. Of cause also your belongings. Nowadays a lot of cases happen and we do not know where are they. They can appear at all times. Cause they observe at us sometimes if we are careless enough to catch their eyes. So, just a reminder for ya all to be careful when your walking outside there alone especially at night.

Don't be the one where you will lost your belongings like me.
My N70, my wallet, my Identity card, my cash, my cards and so on....
All gone!

So guys, Beware!!

January 2, 2008

Incoming 2008....

Happy New Year 2008 !!!

Happy new year to all who wished me through sms but I couldent reply you back due to poor reception. And again this year as a tradition of every year, I am at Julius house celebrating the new year after the Countdown at Bukit Bintang. LOL. It's really a great experience going for a countdown at Bukit Bintang. You will feel peakiness and peeps squeezing each other so closely and you can even take advantage on the girls. swt. Seriously! I saw some indons did that in the monorail. was so pissed off. Imagine an Indon fella touches a Chinese lady ass?!

Chilll~~ Anyway talk about my new year. I went out with my church friends and it's after my church year end gathering. LOL. we parked our car at station Titiwangsa and took a monorail there. To avoid the traffic jam and road blockage. Ok once we reach there, we all was like WOooOoW!!!! the rest let the photos do the talking.

This is the WOoooOoW that im talking about..

This is even worst! free concert at bukit bintang..
no wonder so many peeps came. Malaysian style =.="

Everywhere pack wth human ants..

Pavillion closed..

Some decorations infornt of pavillion..

Some costumes walking show while waiting for the countdown..

Smallville season 10 ??

The Marco guys...
Julius, Milton, Myself and Chris

Opps sorry guys im the spoiler
Julius is damn awful, Milton as well...

LOL.. this one better...
look at Cat struggling to do it but she just cant.

We are just trying to communicate.. =X

This is Cat....
She is the Superstar of the day!!

The end of the fun day and I am looking forward to this new year 08. Hope I can get my license soon, get a job, then get a new car, new PDA phone, new laptop, new place to study, new place of living, new school, lastly new me!! Need to own those cause I am turning 18 soon and throw away the old me. Think back I am so useless before..... am always a failure! failure in love, studies, financial, life.. Everything!! forget all the pass and start again. Hope this time God could guide me, amen.

Happy New year Everyone !!