October 30, 2009

We watched MJ THIS IS IT !

It was 2 days ago. I was invited by Advertlets to watch MJ this is it premiere at E@Curve and the documentary movie was totally Mind Blasting. You get to watch him close up like you're watching a live concert. Well, not really live concert but its more like a back stage close up rehearsal. Many cried, emotional after watching the movie. They still can't accept the fact that he left us too early.

It seems like MJ is still alive when we're watching it. This Is It! The one documentary movie you should not miss. I can even sing along with the songs and sit-dancing on my chair. This movie is a must watch watch, I rate 10/10 !

Dinner at Kenny Rogers before the movie. PinkyCaren, Me and SmashpOp.

SimonSo, Encik Joshlim and Khaisim.

Camwhore is a must for bloggers. Thanks Smashpop for the photos.

The thing we used to do before the movie starts.

My guest, FloraOh and SolarityRose with Joshlim, SmashpOp, Me, JonYKT, Michelle and SimonSo.

Oh ya, there's a flash mob as well at the cinema entrance. MJ lookalike. Watch !

That's all for now. Am gonna Recharge my senses tonight at Blanc. Anyone up for it ?


October 27, 2009

THIS IS IT Premiere Screening

This movie, MJ'S THIS IS IT - is one of the most, if not the MOST highly anticipated film this year. Legendary musical superstar Michael Jackson takes the stage one last time in this theatrical concert film compiled from over 100 hours rehearsal footage for the 50 shows he had been scheduled to perform at London’s O2 arena at the time of his death. Take a trip behind-the-scenes to see the mastermind behind such classic pop hits as “Thriller” and “Billie Jean” prepare for the concert that would crown his entire career. Produced in collaboration with the Estate of Michael Jackson, the film details the elaborate preparations that took place for two months beginning in April of 2009.

Over 10,000 tickets for the movie have been snapped up already in Malaysia since advanced ticket sales on the 15th of October. As of such, it may take a while for tickets to be available in cinemas.

Back stage scene of the rehearsal footage. Fantastic ! MJ filming the movie 'this is it'.

Thanks to Advertlets.com for the tickets. The premiere screening will happen at 9:00 pm on 28th October at Cineleisure Damansara aka E@Curve. Which is tomorrow already.

Also, there will also be a special Flashmob Thriller Dance. This is something you wont wanna miss it too ! Movie will be in cinemas starting from 29th of Oct 2009. Quick, make sure you get your tickets fast cause it's gonna be in cinemas for only 2 weeks.

All hail the king of POP, MJ.

Anyway, wanna announce this before I end this post. lols.

FREE 100 photo prints ! Thanks SmashpOp.net.

It's too much for me. Anyone want some maybe 50 50?


October 26, 2009

Im FULLY Recharged !

Date : 23rd Oct 2009
Venue : JB discovery, Johor Bahru
Featuring : DJ Proteus (FI) and Bass Agents

Yes, you heard it right. Im fully recharged right now. Thanks to Recharge Event at JB discovery. The bloggers who came down all the way from KL with me was Leonard, Sukvinder, Nigel, Victoria and Michelle. It was an awesome experience I shall say, going down to JB, staying over for just a night with only one purpose which is to attend this particular event.

Recharge had been to 5 cities so far. Ipoh, Kuantan, Malacca and 2 locations in Johor. The next 3 cities will be in KL, Penang and Kuching. No doubt, the next one in Blanc will surely be the most happening one and I can't wait to get myself recharged again !

With all the imported DJ's all around the world you can get, right here in Recharge. Trust me, it is an awesome event that you wont want to miss. Here are some photos taken from JB discovery.

Camwhore first! see those happy faces.

I forgot what style of shooting is this already. hurmm. but damn cool right ?

The stage. The green laser lights seriously damn cool. Ain't it ?

Interior view with the dance floor

One complimentary drink at the Recharge BAR.

We get to try a very unique shot at the Recharge Bar. which was GREEN in colour.

We tried, and we camwhore. It tasted like vodka + mint = toothpaste mint flavour.

And now, introducing the Emcee, Kylie Chapman. She's a mix and her Chinese is even better than you guys out there with Chinese accent man. seriously.

First up was BASS AGENT. They really did a great job on spinning hard trance genre. BRAVO!

The crowd was constantly building when BASS AGENTS performed.

Kylie came out and did her thing with the crowd and introduce DJ Proteus to us.

Seriously, this guy was awesome even when he came out. He showed good sportsmanship, he did a great job interacting with the crowd and of cause did a great job spinning. Satisfaction fulfilled.

He even played his electric guitar on stage. Something you never seen it before. Very impressive.

I can't believe it. me shuffling on the dance floor.

As you can see, it was FULL HOUSE in JB Discovery.

New made friends. With Leonard Chua.

Brotherly love, Leonard Chua and myself.

The chicks Victoria and Michelle with their glowing lollipops.

Leonard and a new made friend, Diane.

Woooots. A photo of us with DJ Proteus.

A compile shot of the happy faces at the event.

Suppose to have fog gas coming out, but we are late for it.

A photo of us with the backdrop. Thanks Nigel for this photo.

We really had a great time there in JB. Been doing too much head banging and got really tired the day after. But everything was worth it. Thanks bro Leonard for the invitation and thanks Nigel and Sukvinder for the photos. Check out Victoria and Michelle's blog as well for updates.

Yeap, we certainly did recharged our senses. And now it's your turn to recharge your senses. The next Recharge event will be at Blanc, KL. Featuring DJ TYDI, DJ digital and Melissa Indot. Do mark your calender for this event. I will see you there !

For more information, http://www.rechargeroom.com/


October 22, 2009

The 9th Emperor Festival

Last Saturday, we went for a lil gathering or you can call it a photoshoot session for the 9th Emperor festival at the Kau Wong Yeh temple with Jason Goh, Ewin, Bryanlyt, Suetmei, Victoria, XiowWei and Melvin. Here are a few photos I took.

We arrived a lit late but a lot of people still there.

Group photo. Jason Goh, Ewin, Bryanlyt, Suetmei, Victoria, Myself, XiowWei and Melvin

A lot of unique stuff selling inside. Including this red tortoise.

Come to think back, this is my first time entering and exploring inside a temple after 18 years staying in Ampang.

lighting up joss sticks, candles and pray.

The bloggers praying for blessing. Left me and Victoria at the side.

One of them surely prayed for : Please, drop a DSLR form the sky to me. LOL. just a joke.

Huge joss stick. Partially BBQed standing beside em.

After praying and photoshooting, we went makan at the nearest food court place till around 1am.

Am going to Johor tomorrow for Recharge. coming back to Kl on Saturday.
It's gonna be a good good night !

October 21, 2009

I want free prints from smashpOp.net

Yes, you heard it. I want free prints from smashpOp.net.

Since I got my first DSLR, I never really print out any of my photos collections before. Not even a single one. So since Smashpop did a contest about this, I will not miss this chance to win something from him. Especially for the GRAND PRIZE !

Got my new hair cut and hair tattoo done for this photo ! For real, trust me.

That's why you see, im serious in winning the GRAND PRIZE !

Want free photo prints from smashpOp as well ? Get your post done today cause contest will end very soon ! Good luck.


October 20, 2009

Candice Photoshoot

If I'm not mistaken, It was end of last month. I helped Candice to do a little photoshoot session for her Broadwalk Modeling Online Pageant contest. Ever since then only I knew quite a few of my friends also participating in this Broadwalk Modeling thing.

I went to her mansion and snap a few shots for her. Too bad I came without flash and equipments. only a Canon 400D itself. So you won't be expecting much from me k.

with the GTR babe. The Godzilla.

I can conclude that her face complexion is really nice. Anyway, more photos will be out soon !

And of cause, please do vote for her Candice in Broadwalk Modeling Online Pageant contest as voting days is gonna end soon this Thursday, 2 more days to go. Start voting !

As for me, I'll play fair since I knew 3 of them competing in the contest. Candice, Michelle and Marcia. So I vote each of them fairly. Sorry I have to do that.

To view all the top 10 finalist contestant, click here.


October 19, 2009

CHEERIODAY @ Heritage Mansion

To be continued from the previous post of CHEERIODAY @ Blue Grass. Here's the finale post for CHEERIODAY at Heritage Mansion. Enjoy the photos from the b'day celebration.

We went in Heritage Mansion saw a huge photo of hers on the wall and we sign on it.

When internet blogging makes us good friends in real life. Ellie and myself.

Joshlim and Ellie.

The bloggers gang. Jeremy, Michelle, myself and Howard.

Mirror mirrors everywhere in Heritage Mansion. We camwhored !

There gies Adeline and bro Leonard with the b'day girl.

Howard, Adeline and myself.

With the very gaya Jaymeeeeee Leee.

With the owner of Heritage Mansion.

Double Jay's. =)

It reached 12am and it's Jeremy's the bboyrice actual birthday. We were there to celebrate it with him. He's 20th birthday. Not a teen anymore. Let's down him some clean shots !

This 5 second clean shot that made him got wasted straight away. Thanks to Michelle yeah.

Tadda not long later, the b'day cake came out. Jayme and josh was so exited.

Then, Ellie made her wish and there you go. Happy 21st Birthday, Ellie.

This should be your best birthday celebration ever. 21st is always the most memorable one. Good luck in ur 21st and all the best, mate ! Enjoy.

The End. Hurm what shall I post tomorrow ? Check back yeah.

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