February 26, 2009

Goodbye Steven !

Photo above is the photo shoot session I did for him.

Goodbye Stevenboiboi who is now in Sydney, Australia.

He was with me and I fell asleep while watching the match between MU and Inter Milan 2 days ago at my place. And this look-alike-Korean-star-Rain went off without saying goodbye to me. Sole sad. He has been one of my closest dude recently before he went back. A great guy with great personalities. As I said before, he has the package. I remember the times when we were 1 whole week straight hanging out together continuously. Madness weyh.

Well, all I can say is take care man. Don't miss Burger Ramli so much okay. and I bet you'll miss yum cha-ing with us right now ! LOL. nuff said. Don't wanna be so gay. Hope to see you again this year end or maybe early next year.

All the best mate.
=) Jason.

February 23, 2009

Visiting Chong Hwa

It's Chong Hwa's primary school CNY replacement event. It falls on the same day as Valentines Day. Been called up to go and so I went back with Steven and friends. For almost 5 years I did not step my feet into that school. It reminds me a lot of the days when I was studying there.

Many things had changed. Classes had computers and speakers installed. Even for the standard 1 students. Many things changed and it's getting nicer ! Many teachers had gone and some of the familiar faces still remains. My former class teacher, Madam Quek is still there and she is aging already. Aww man. But still she's so young in heart. Not to mention, the school principle had changed to a better one. Unlike the previous one. Sexual harassment ! wtf.

Well for now, I shall let the photos do the talking for you.

Spotted this girl in red infront of my when I was snapping photos. Sole Cute and Chubby.

Woo This is SJK (C) Chong Hwa ( Perempuan ) LOL

Those kids @ the main hall. So many cute ones.

Spotted this handsome boy. I bet he's gonna be super handsome when he grows up.

Those naughty kids got caught. Chung Hwa's trademark punishment weii. Classic !

Aww She's the BEST music teacher in Chung Hwa ! Steven and Jinn's mom.

Oh this is Madam Quek. LOL. Aging already. But still young in heart.

HAHA Mr. Ho remember ? I believe he inject something to make him look young.

Cute kids buying ice cream outside the school gate.

Oh ya this is Steven the-korean-boy-look-like-rain and Jinny the graphic designer ! They are my companion that day. =)

Steven with his SUPERMAN jump.

finally a group photo of us.

There's much more photos but too many to be posted up. All these will do. So any one of you still misses Chong Hwa school, please do go back and visit. HAHA the school is much more better without that former principle.

That's all for now.

February 20, 2009

V Day '09

How's your Valentines I ask. Hope you did enjoyed. As for me, not too much a surprise. I did spend my valentines with a bunch of friends, almost 15 of them @ the apartment, the curve. We had quite a lot of fun sharing problems, discussing stuff concerning about Love, relationships etc.

Here are a group photo all of us who attended. Thanks Bryan for the Photos.


"Why couples celebrate Valentine's when it's Valentines day to them everyday? As for singles, they should celebrate it to remind them that they are still single."

PS : My DSLR failed and disappoint me on Valentines day, so no photos from me.

But you can read more from these bloggers below. Click em.
Bryan | Suetmei | Xiowei | Elaine | Jaecent

To that someone if you're reading this. although I did celebrate v-day this year without you, but I hope soon enough, v-day is everyday to us. you know who you are. =)

February 18, 2009

Twilight Teaser

Last Saturday, I went back to my old primary school, Chung Hwa with some of my friends. Took a lot of photos there. Reminds me back those days when I was small. And I did manage to took this shot outside the school gate when the Ice-cream man with his motorcycle came.


Wah the girl damn cute and the boy is sole handsome. This is Twilight Teaser kids version. NICE ?

More primary school, Chung Hwa photos coming up !

February 17, 2009

Boring Life

Hi, how's everyone? Doing fine after Valentine's Day? I guess most attached guys wouldn't be doing fine because they just spent some bucks on Valentine's Day. I'm having the exact condition, no money to eat now. =(

Anyway, just to post up an outdoor model shot again. I want more outdoor portrait shooting session!! Who want to join as model or as photographer?

Sunset with Model

You can look for me at E Way Photography k?! just leave a message at the cbox saying you want some portrait session then we'll do it together! xD

February 15, 2009

Wadss Diss Weyhh ?


Wadss Diss Weyhh ? What a miserably life I'm living in right now. On V'day I can't even take photos with my camera. I don't know why there's something inside my lens went missing. Observe the lens where there's a big hole compare to the other one. I didn't realize that something dropped when the moment I changed my lens. damn sad.

I need to send my lens for service tomorrow ! Hope I can get exactly a new replacement lens from SONY. Since my camera and lens is still on warranty. Cause I think it's un-fixable.

This sucks !

February 14, 2009

Valentines Is Here


LOVE is in the air ! I can feel it coming... Woots Valentines Day is Here !

For those who is in a relationship, Have fun tonight. Or perhaps you had already celebrate yesterday night. Good for you ! For those who are still single , find someone to be your 1 day boyfriend / girlfriend. That's what I did. It's fun and exiting. Try it !

" Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart. "

Be the special one to catch his/ her heart ! Happy Blessed Valentines day to all of you !

February 12, 2009

W's Masterpiece.

Remember some of the previous twins photos I've posted ? well here comes more ! Took these shots in within the CNY week. Ohhh looks who's there ?

The 3 identical twins ! This is amazing. Almost flawless.

As usual, the vain Wayne ? LOL.

Amaze ?

Credits : Photos taken by yours sincerely. Edited By Wayne.

February 11, 2009

Happy Childhood

Helo! E Way is back with his photography update in mynjayz.com.


Panning was used here. Photo was not so sharp but I still like the effect and the kid's happy expression on the face.

How's your childhood memories? As happy as that too? =)
Have a nice day!
Greetings from E Way Photography.

February 10, 2009

Bye Bye CNY

Oh well 15th day of Chinese New Year had finally came to an end. Everything will be back in square one from today onwards. This year CNY consider is my BEST CNY so far. Had a lot of house visitation and of cause receive a lot of ang pao as well. I had pretty much enjoyed everything.

These are some MONEY I've collected this year.


Few hundred only not much. lol.

Here are some photos of the open house I've gone to. Some of the houses didn't manage to take photo cause too busy gambling ? Let the photo speaks.

Lou Sang with my Heroes Teaser friends nearby KLCC.

With my church friends in Church.

In Serra's house. went there twice !

At gandparents house for reunion dinner with my cousins.

Elaine and myself at Suetmei's crib.

Gambling session at Mojosh's crib. Smashpop was there !

Visiting Xiowei's place with so-long-didn't see, Michelle Low.

Group shot with part of the church members at Dim Sum Restaurant.

Huge CNY open House at hong Lian's Crib. Met a lot of new people there.

The recent one at Vivian's House. Damn happening can ? lol. Finally met Wendy for real.

Ewww someone is gay-ing in the photo. lolol.

Okay that's all for my CNY updates. CNY '09 ROCKS !

February 9, 2009

Look! Who's here?!


If you're wondering why is this guy acting cute here, let me tell you that this cute poser is going to join in the mynjayz.com corporation and start contributing blog posts together with Jason Ong in mynjayz.com. What do you think now?

Okok. Let me do a short introduction of myself k? My name is E Way, previously was at eway-mylife.blogspot.com then suddenly stopped blogging there for no reason and jumped into mynjayz.com for partnership blogging.LOL. Don't misunderstand the relationship between me and Jason k, we're not gay because I help him to update his blog! xD but I'm here for fun for no reason again....

Beach Model Shooting

Ok, the guy above is not me. It's just a masterpiece that I've taken yesterday in Sepang Gold Coast. Oh, I'm a photography enthusiast too for your information! So this blog will flood with more photographs in the future. I'm doing this post in conjunction with my launching of my new pure photography blog today, so I would like to introduce to you all my personal photography blogspot. E Way Photography

Road Side Singer

These photographs are some of my masterpiece and you can view more by browsing my blog. Don't worry, I'm not a salesman, promoting my blog to you all. I will update some of my photographs in mynjayz.com in the future too.

Outdoor Model Shooting

Nice to meet you all mynjayz.com readers!
Enjoy and have fun! =D

February 7, 2009

Heroes Teaser Continues


Finally, the Heroes Teaser members unites. LOL