January 31, 2010

Hennessy Artistry Finale #2

Hennessy Artistry Finale #2 is finally up. It's been almost 5 months blog post pending. Consider this is an outdated post. Even Boys Like Girls came here to Malaysia for their 3rd time already. In #Nokiacomeswithmusic Event @ Bukit Kiara. So just to get my pending post done, here are are the rest of the photos taken that night @ Quattro.

Us all posing outside with da backdrop.

Hsiao Hung Jen

Paul Freeman


Its lead singer from the Boys Like Girls, Martin Johnson

The placed was packed because of them. Plus the place is small. OMG.

I dunno this dude name. I only know Martin. Sorry Dila.

Cheers with the crowd. Free slow of Hennessy. Awesome night.

All of a sudden, Martin jumped into the crowd and look at Nigel's face. Striving to get a nice shot of him. In the end guess what happened? His camera dropped because of Martin. LOL.

Here are some compilation I did. Spot yourself if you're inside. That's all of the photos with me.

Photos unedited. lazy to edit. Anyway, photos taken with Sony A200 & Canon 40D.

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January 30, 2010

M.C ASIA Music Factory - The Creation

It was last Saturday, there's this Music Conference Asia happening @ KL Live Centre. I went there to rave with a few friends. Thanks to Jon Yalkult for the passes. lol. It was Richard Durand and Sean Tyas doing their thing as a DJ. Very well known DJ's. Overall, the night was very happening. The place was fully packed. It was a sucessful event.

Registering counter.

Samantha and Myself.

It's DJ Richard Durand !

Look at the crowd. Awesome ! but too packed.

Woo someone's recording it ! I did tried recording it with my D300s as well ! Check it out at the end of this post.

It's Jonykt the one who took all these shots. He's a big fan it seems.

the 2 girl beside Jonykt is his FANS. LOL

Adil's and his friends.

Previous M.C Asia event. Amanda and Tracy and friends.

Tracy Siow. I always see her in M.C Asia. Never fail.

Anyway this is my 1st ever video I posted using my D300s. The sound was quite bursting because I was too near the speaker.

Sean Tyas on stage.

Up next, pictures of the MagicWok Restaurant continues.


January 29, 2010

The MagicWok Restaurant

It was a food tasting session with the Advertlets bloggers yesterday @ The Magic Wok Restaurant. (Beside Atria) Same row with the famous dim sum restaurant in DJ ss22/25. Yeah, I was there together with my guest, Justine Ong! Woots. along with the usual ones. You know who.

The Magic Wok Restaurant. It was a family business by SoonWei's family. Who is HE? The "Soh Hen Sem" guy. If you still remember him, he is one of the guy who acted for the Brylcreem advertisement. Still dont know? I will show you his face later. So we were invited by him to taste how nice was the food there and write a food review of it.

The MagicWok Philosophy

The Magic Wok restaurant is a concept that combines traditional Chinese cooking with a touch of contemporary Asian flavors, all served in a comfortable, friendly and elegant restaurant that will make you feel at home. We are poised to bring to you the best food at the most reasonable prices to make your every experience at Magic Wok, comfortable and memorable. We take pride in making simple dishes and occasions, rich in details and flavors for our customers.

Check it out the main entrance.

Well, Magic Wok had been operating for 9 years already and what can I say. The interior looks are really well maintained. It looks like NEW.

Had my first Lou Sang in advance for Chinese New Year with them! All the wishes which was quite impossible came out.

Ewin : Free iphone/DSLR from Advertlets. OMG.

Anyway, they served like 12 dishes in total for us to try and today I will just post up the first 6 dishes they served. Prices/Photos/Dishes names as below.

Raw Mango Yee Sang - Rm26/36

Stir Fried Lotus root with olive leaves RM18/25

The Claypot Tilapia with white pepper soup RM40/50

Herbal roast duck RM42.

Ming Har with dried prawns paste (2 style prawns) RM25/40/60

Oriental braised beef RM18

Group photo of us inside MagicWok. Spot SoonWei in PINK.

Rames, Justine, Ewin, Rebecca, Jason, SoonWei, Simon, Michelle, Myself, Josh, Bryan, Ellie and Chris.

The Magic Wok Restaurant
32, Jalan SS22/25,
Damansara Jaya,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Tel:03-7729 2288/ 012-393 6928
Website : www.magicwok.com.my

Add them in Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/TheMagicWok
Follow them on Twitter! : www.twitter.com/magicwok365

More updates & photos this Saturday ! Stay Tune.


January 25, 2010

FHM Girl Next Door 2010

Woots its been a while since I blogged. So hard to find time to blog. Seriously. I admit, Imma slacker. lol. Hurm. As I promised, my next blog post is gonna be full of chicks. So I will separate, FHM Girls Next Door 2010 into 2-3 parts. This is the first part.

FHM Girls Next Door 2010 happened last 2 weeks ago @ Euphoria MOS Sunway. Went there straight right after Kitchen Creatures dinner outing with da bloggers @ Bandar Utama. Was there with Josh lim and my Ampang gangs. But met a lottttt of similar faces on the scene. Was pretty an awesome night for me. Why ? Read on.

I was there late. Once I entered, it was already gonna END. the winner is about to announce.

And didn't realize they was just beside me when i was taking photos. Shermaine and Laura.

The event ended and poll dancers doing their thing after that.

Met the Adv pron star Evo as well. He's busy snapping pictures of all the FHM chicks. Shit my dimples look so obvious wei.

Joshlim and 2 hot chicks. Faye oh long time no see!

My Ampang Gang who came all the way for me. Woots. Vivian, Vicky, Foong and Kuan.

Chicks. I forgot their names already. Im not good at remembering names.

Yes them as well. Faye's friendssss yo. nice to meet cha.

New Friend. Jacy Wong and Friend.

This banner looks like her real LIVE michelle. almost the same height as her.

Yes, Michelle Lee was one of the contestant. She didn't made it to the finals but we still love you aite.

And this is the winner of FHM Girl Next Door 2010 im talking about. Yvonne Sim.

I'm happy that Yvonne was the winner. at least the one I know in the competition was the winner so at least going there wasn't a waste. Congratulations to her for being the HOT chick for 2010. I wonder weather the guy beside is the FHM guy next door. LOL.

Okay part 1 done. More photos on FHM Girl Next Door 2010 this Wednesday ! Do stay tune. That's all for now.


January 20, 2010

KL Dragons Vs Singapore Slingers

Last weekend, I manage to get myself into an indoor basketball court for the first time in my life @ Maba Stadium though me myself was a basketball player before. A brief history of mine, I played basketball outdoor till I was in form 1 till form 5. I was a shooting guard for my school team FYI. A great 3 point shooter. Till now, I totally STOPPED playing basketball. That's why you can see me CHUBBY/FAT now. But my passion towards basketball hasn't fade. I went to get trained to be a basketball referee. Funny ain't it ?

But still, I get paid to be a referee on highschool basketball matches. RM10 per game.

And yes, I went to watch this Asean Basketball League match anyway with Boss Joshlim, Rebecca, AmandaChoe, JerineLay and SamanthaKong! It was the KL Dragons Vs Singapore Slingers. I was there to support KL Dragons. Though this was my first time knowing that KL Dragons existed, still im proud to be a Malaysian to support them.

Jerine SAID : "In the beginning I didn't know which team to support. Later it turns out, the Dragons played better than the Slingers, so I supported the Dragons." ISH.

The Slingers jersey look like Lebron's team away jersey, Cleveland Cavaliers. Right ?

There's 2 imported blacks in the Dragons. That's why they played so well in terms on defensive / offensive part. Rebound, Center, Power Forward both blacks. Sure win larhhhh. While the Singaporeans, not much imported guys. All from Singapore. They did not played very well compared to the Dragons. Their 3 point shooters are da BOMB, they can really score in critical situations.

Joshlim was so obsessed with those cheerleaders who came out every break time form each teams. LOL.

The Crowd. Spot Amandachoe, Joshlim, Jerine and Samantha.

One of the imported blacks in the Dragons in action.

NO. 20 dude was the best 3 pointer shooter for that day from the Dragons. He scored almost more than 5-7 times personally.

AS you can see, the Dragon players love to take risk, chances to cut in the basket and score. Even the Slingers can't get to defend well. The Slingers, they're also quite clumsy, one of the player fell down three times while dribbling the ball. Aiks. LOL

KL Dragons FTW. They won the Slingers by 7 points. Final Score 78-71.

Met Daphne Iking as well. after the game.

I was a Houston Rockets and Lakers supporters in NBA. lol. This time, damn semangat supporting the Dragons. LOL

Camwhore first before we head home.

HAHA the moment of truth. This is ME when I was in form 5 playing @ St.John's.

OMGG Damn SLIM right ?! I miss the old me. Seriously wei.