March 31, 2008

What is plagiarism?

I've learned this word from my lecturer in college last week orientation day, Mrs.Teh. She mentioned about this word "plagiarism". What is plagiarism?!

For those who are new in college, you should read this article. It's very useful.

The word plagiarism comes from a Latin word for kidnapping. You know that kidnapping is stealing a person. Plagiarism is when you use someone else's words or ideas and pass them off as your own. It's not allowed in school, college, institute or beyond, so it's a good idea to learn the proper way to use resources, such as websites, books, and magazines.

An example, James just found some good source on the Web for his college report about physiology. He highlights a paragraph that found out very useful and kinda related to his report he is doing. So, James copies it and pastes it into his report. He quickly changes the font so it matches the rest of the report and continues his research.
And TA-DA, James just made a very big mistake. Do you know what he did? He committed plagiarism. Plagiarism is when you use someone else's words or ideas and pass them off as your own. It's strictly not allowed in school neither in college. So it's a good idea to learn the proper way to use resources, such as websites, books, and magazines.

Plagiarism is a form of cheating, but it's a little complicated so a kid might do it without understanding that it's wrong. James should have given the author and the website credit for the information. Why? Because James didn't know this information before he came to the website. These aren't his thoughts or ideas.

What should James have done? He should have written down the name of the website and the name of the person who wrote the article. Then he could have added it and given credit to the source. Teachers have different rules on how you list sources. Sometimes, you provide a list at the end of a report. Other times, a teacher might want you to list the source immediately after the information you took from that source. Or you might just make it part of the sentence.
All this shouldn't make you nervous to use websites, books, and other sources. It's great that you can get information from experts on stuff you don't know much about. You just have to make sure to show where the information came from. If you do that, you're in the clear.

It's not always easy to tell what's plagiarism and what's not. Sometimes, it's accidental - you really intended to do your own work, but instead ended up with some sentences that sound just like something you've read. You might not be doing it intentionally, but if you don't identify the original source, you're risking a lot of trouble. So even if you put the information into your own words, you still should list the source. Ask yourself, "Would I know this if I hadn't read it on that website or in that book?" If the answer is no, list the source.

Plagiarism Is Lazy

Though plagiarism can be accidental, it's sometimes done on purpose and that's just being lazy. By copying whole paragraphs from different places, this fella doesn't have to spend the time thinking about the subject, gathering his or her own thoughts about it, and then putting it into original words. Cut, paste, and you're done.
But this is a shortcut that will probably catch up with this fella, even if he or she doesn't get caught for plagiarism. It's important for students to be able to research a subject, think about it, and then come up with something interesting to say. This skill is important in elementary school, middle school, high school, college, and beyond.

Ask yourself, "Am I using this to avoid doing my own work? Is it easier just to copy this?" If the answer is yes, beware. You just might be plagiarizing.

What Happens if I Plagiarize?

Most college are pretty strict about plagiarism. If you're caught, you can wind up suspended or worse. At the very least, you're probably going to fail the assignment. When you're older and in college, some schools will expel students who plagiarize. To be expelled means to be kicked out. And when you're kicked out of one college, it can be hard to get into another.
Also, when you apply for a job someday you want to be able to say, "I graduated from Supersmart University College in 2020." You don't want to have to explain how Supersmart University kicked you out!

Avoiding Plagiarism

To be on the safe side, always make it clear where the information comes from. Your teacher will tell you how to do this. Sometimes, teachers ask students to write a bibliography. That's a list of the sources you used for a project or report. To do that, you'll need to know the author, the title, and the date it was published.

For instance, if you did a report on giraffes, you could give credit to an author this way:

Lebron, James. "All About Basketball." 2003.

Steven Dowshen, MD "What is Plagirism" September 2005

March 30, 2008

My New Car

Finally, I've got a new car in the house. The new SAGA came in 2 days ago. Now, I've got more chance to use my old SAGA known as the Proton Iswara. Not much chance to use the new SAGA. More to my mum. So it's not my new car. It's hers. Ended up not so exited about it. Nothing much more to describe but I think the new SAGA looks quite fierce and elegant. Guess it's the best looking proton car I suppose.
Front View
Rear View

P/S : I am still dreaming of wanting the Toyota Camry 2.4 CC. May be considering of the new Toyota Corolla Altis. Looks so CHUNTED. with the Toyota Vios and Toyota Camry design in front and the Toyota Altis design at the back of it.

Front View

Rear View

Compare the Proton SAGA with Toyota Corolla Altis. such a Big difference.

First thing when comes to dreaming stuff, we think of buying a new car. That's how cars made human so crazy of it.

March 26, 2008


Announcing that I just got my college 1st semester time table today and it's SUCKS big time. I am gonna struggle for it cause the earliest class is at 7am in the morning and the latest class will end at 7pm. Guess it's gonna be a hell time for me to travel either from Ampang to KDU college or the opposite way in such time. Freaking Shit!!! Can't believe this is happening.

And also, I guess there will be 2 guys named JASON ONG in my course next week when the class starts! and add in January intake JASON THENG. 3 guys named Jason in the same course. damn. Thought I will be peace studying there. Mana tau this lame thing also can so coincidence happen. There's always an obstacle where ever we go. So need to bare it for the whole freaking year.

SHIT!!!! sorry for being "rude"
it's just a normal human reaction.

March 25, 2008

KDU Orientation day

It was my first day officially going college and I was late for the KDU Orientation day for half an hour long. Can't blame I am from Ampang. Heading to Damansara Utama take a hell of time to reach there. Especially taking public transport. Anyway one exiting thing I wanna say about my first day at college that is I knew many new peoples there. Either happening ones or boring ones. Every single one in my course. Not all maybe but most of them.

Seriously, I saw many pretty and sexy chicks there in KDU! Seniors and juniors. LOL. I don't care much about that just want to mention it out. Many types of culture peeps around the college. And I found out the Orientation day was kinda boring la. as usual, telling us all about the college rules and stuff. Also introducing what clubs is available in the college and things like that. But the fellowship with the new peeps was fun and interesting.

Also, I found out something special in this college that is they can smoke in the college! They provided a smoking area for students and the staff workers to smoke. Usually most of the college in around the Malaysia doesn't allow this. So, I can say is like freedom to do anything in here. And also, KDU college is filthy freaking RICH. Their computer lab, library and kitchens is da bomb. The outer look of the college looks old but inner looks really GOOD, seriously.

College life is fun without exams ya know...
Students really struggle when it comes to examination or assignments. LOL.

March 24, 2008

F1 Race day

F1 experience to me is priceless. I finally had the real feeling seeing those cars drove across me. Usually I watched in front of the TV for 9 years long already and finally the 10th year, get to go there. So, I am not regretting going there although I am extremely tired being out there from 8am till 6pm. With around 70K of people! LOL. was kinda disappointed cause we cant bring our food inside where they want us to buy their food sold there with their " CHEAP " price.

Anyway nothing much to describe about it, let the photo do the talking.

Crazy skybus peeps shouting for customers...

Convincing them, "forcing" them to take skybus service.

Elaine and I....

100Bucks Hillstand. Pity them umbrella is their roof.

200bucks Hillstand will roof. still they went down to get a clearer view.

Some even take off their shirts. " bersantai " this ain't beach here.

Oh ya I came with these 3 girls. Vivian "FFK" me... =C

My company peeps. They seriously cover up 1/3 of the Hillstand.

Look at the price listings. " Vomit Blood "

Why there is a "PAS" flag at Sepang F1 circuit?!

F1 Drivers waving to the fans...

Team Ferarri, Kimi Raikonen and Felipe Massa

All cars in track....

Lastly, Kimi Raikonen shines for ferarri

1. K.Raikonen

2. R. Kubica

3. H. Kovalainen

The End. All went back with a wide smile on their face. Felt extreme tired but still worth going. Although It may not have been the most entertaining of races for the fans, but for Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari his dominant Malaysian Grand Prix victory is just what he needed following the disappointment in Melbourne a week ago.


March 22, 2008

Moment of truth

To Kenny Sia : Firstly, just wanna say sorry cause the tickets are all already sold out. If you are early then you could have got it. As now, it's kinda late to buy tickets already cause last minute booking doesn't really work.

Okay, Moment of truth. I've got the 5 tickets already and that cost freaking 1k for it, LOL was just a joke. It's RM25 each and the free T-shirts and caps are coming tomorrow delivered to my house. Hope it's kinda ''yeng" la. So it's all set for the raceday this Sunday. It's my first time though. XD million thanks to my company sponsorship tickets.

P/S: Hope KIMI Raikonen wins the Sepang Grand Prix this Sunday.
P/S: and who is going with me, please remember to wear red colour shirt.

March 21, 2008

Sepang F1 circuit race day, Malaysia

Any of you guys here are a HUGE fan of Formula 1 ? I guess there is. As you know F1 is happening in Malaysia at Sepang circuit this coming weekends. and the race day is on Sunday. But you can't manage to go cause the ticket price was too expensive?

Don't worry. I've got a real deal promotion for you.

Well guess what, you can get F1 ticket price for just only RM 25 to get to sit the front seat that is initially around RM 200 at first but it's been sponsored by my company (Vteam) more than 50%!! So, you only have to pay RM 25 for it. Plus there is a free limited edition cap and t-shirt free exclusive for you guys. Anyway It's around the C2 area from the diagram below.

Description : The C2 Hillstands provides good viewing of turns 9, 10 & 11, starting with Turn 9 a tight left-hander which is very slow, followed by hard acceleration up to Turn 10, a long right hander. Turn 10 exits directly into the Turn 11 turn-in area, another but tighter right-hander. This is a very tricky part of the circuit, because one corner leads immediately into another, so it's quite difficult to get the right line. C2 is the only covered Hillstand on the track and provides really good value for money.

Most likely the best seats for you for such cheap prices. Anyway I've already bought 5 tickets. So, what are you waiting for? It's an golden opportunity and it only happen once in a year. why not experience it?

Interested? contact me ASAP to reserve the ticket from me.

First come first serve basis

P/S : About the transport problem, we'll take public transport all the way to Sepang. I am pretty sure how to go there so don't worry. =D

March 19, 2008

It's all about decision making

Decision making? What I can say about decision making is that some of us find it hard of making a decision. either is a simple decision or a tough decision.

I came across a scenario where you are about to enter a restaurant, and once you got your seat, the menu comes and sometimes we will like " Eh dude what to eat ar?! I can't decide what to eat. how?! ". A waiter or a waitress came and was waiting and keep waiting. Then after a period of time scratching heads about ordering what to eat. Was asking for another 5 minutes time to look through again the menu. Then comes " eh why not we just go MC'D eat larr, better ma no need to choose or decide. all also burgers." Yeah, and why we wanna move our ass off out of that place to MC'D since we are already in there? Don't we feel so not right on doing that? Just so you know.

And there's another case where all the SPM results takers took their result on result day. I was observing the peoples who scored well in SPM, no matter how many A's they got. I can see the delighted and relief sign on their faces. Well I know I didn't do well in my SPM but I was curious and wondering weather this SPM results actually can lead us to our future or not. Without hesitation I approached some of them who got good results in their SPM. I was asking, " Hey congrats. So, what's next for you? What course you wanna study? " Then amazingly i heard many of them, saying " I do not know about my future, I dunno what I wanna study. seriously. I thought of form 6 but scare after that can't choose what course I wanna study. I am messed up " So obvious they just studied for the sake of the results not for the future. They actually never thought about it. It's that not a decision making? still it is...

Some of them even worst, they always have doubts of what they wanna study in college. They was sure about it that they are entering coll and planned what to study. At first, thought of scholarship. But SPM screwed up their plan. Then thought of other course, after that, another one again. Plan often changed. All sorts of thoughts in them and still can't decide. College is gonna start not long more and they still have the time to put up all sorts of doubts in them weather they should study this and that or not. Surprisingly, they even could disagree the thinking of others where else they them self can't even make a right decision yet. I can say that they are totally LOST...

LOL. In relationships, somehow we do make wrong decisions too. and that's why we can see many of them broke up after a period of time. Even in marriage people will make wrong decision of marring to a wrong person. They commit adultery after their marriage. How bad is that gonna be. In return, that's why there are so many "perempuan simpanan" thing something like that in this world happened.

In life, if we can't make wise decision, or not to say "wise" cause we sometimes make wrong decision. But at least a firm or a clear decision at least could make things easier for yourself and others as well. Also, not everything is needed to be according to your way to run something in an organisation or a small problem that needed a solution to solve it. I might say it wrongly but common DOGG, give me a break.

It's all about decision making, dude.

March 18, 2008

Life is beautiful

Back to basics, well in life, there are moments when you miss someone so much that you would only fulfill your dreams by holding that person tight in your arms. When a door of the happiness is closed, another opens, but us, we continue to look at the closed door and we do not attach importance to that which we have just opened.

Do not trust appearances, they are often false. Do not interest yourself in the wealth, it will disappear. Seek somebody who communicates with you in laughters, because one laughter could turn a sad day into a joyful day. Dream whatever you desire to dream. Go wherever you wish. Seek whatever you desire. Because life is unique by how you shape it.

The lucky ones, inevitably do not have best of the best. They seek simply the best of what they see on their journey. agree?

The most beautiful future, will always depend on the need for forgetting the past. You will not be able to go from the past in life as long as you will not have overcome the errors of the past and all that hurt you.

Live a life that matters, and always smile in spite of difficult times. Share this, To those who mark your life. To those who made you laugh. To those who show you Encouragement when you are down. To your friends. To those who just passed by you. To those who look up to you for encouragement. To those who need you at their side. Never loose the opportunity to give sunshine to the day of a person who needs a few encouraging words.

Life does not amount in breathings, but to the moments which cut you the breath. May every moment of your life be filled with joy.

Life is beautiful when we know how to make use of it.

March 17, 2008

Tag #

Instructions: Remove ONE question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

1. Who is your all-time inspiration?
My very very successful Chairperson of my company Mr. Sathi.

2. Have you given your first kiss away?
You believe if I say NO? LOL.

3. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you? Why?
XWei - she is one who will keep the situation goes noisy, crazy.
Elaine - Always the middle person that solve in what ever problem.
James - Use his intelligent to help us out at the island.

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
France. yeah.

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
Being the most famous and well known chef in the whole wide world.

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?

7. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
my girl, my personal model. XD

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Invest it and get more den 1 million. Then I can do anything I want from it. Being honest, 1 million is not enough cause we tempt to spend more in such big amount. Of cause we want more than a million don't we?

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
Yeah. as if I will NOT.

10.List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Kimberley: Happy, stylish, pretty and smart =)

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
Being in any relationship, sometimes we need to understand the person even more so that we can know his character or attitude before we get into a intermediate relationship with him/her.

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
Emo peoples who always have no self control. Blaming, cursing, pointing people when ever there is a controversy.

13. What is your ambition?
Rich, famous, well known chef.

14. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
I rather they keep quiet. LOL.

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
God comes first, people who are important to me comes after him.

16. Are you a shopaholic or not?
Not really but I will when I am rich.

17. Find a word to describe the person who tagged you.
Kimberley - intelligent

18. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
Yeah, laziness.

19. Whats the last shocking thing you've seen or heard?
Many peeps failed up hill test in driving. repay Rm150 is heartbreaking.

20. What makes you feel happy?
Listening to music and being with the ones who is important to me.

i am tagging :
1. xiow wei
2. elaine
3. james
4. pei wern
5. misoka
6. chaos
7. yu han
8. vivian

March 15, 2008

If we never meet again

It's time when in life, in a certain age, we'll be separating into different ways and direction of life. We'll meet new peoples, facing new things in life, new challenges, everything does changes. New friends come and the old ones are forgotten. My buddy was so worried we will never meet again or what so ever. Then she said, must sms, must msn, must call or what ever she said is a MUST!! LOL. I wonder if I will let go all my old friends when ever I've got new friends. LOL. Guess I'm not that evil laaa. So not to worry.

And not to forget for those who is going to National Service programme next Wednesday, wish ya'll good luck and all the best. Dun worry about getting bald for the guys, you'll look sexy like Shyne Ward. And no matter how far it is, some going to Sabah and Sarawak, you'll come back with great shape I'm sure about that. You'll absolutely look sexy with your tan skin. Or maybe for the guys, bring back a girl friend back from the camp. So long guys.

Friends, I'm wondering If we never meet again...... LOL

All also staying at KL only ma. I Need to chill myself up.

March 13, 2008

What's NEXT?!

This can't be happening to me, I thought it's just a dream. But I am living in a real cooperate world. I've seen most of all the visible things in this earth but I've failed to achieve a single thing of it. People are frustrated on me, disappointed. Question marks all over me but still can't figure anything out to overcome it. Guess it all up to me to decide. Many things are too competitive here where I am. Many are doing great, standing up high to the top shining brightly, where the failures are lost in sight. Sad to say that I am one of them. Often comparing myself to the ones who are good but that ain't something I wanted to feel in return. Cause I did it so badly, I wonder what's my next step in life after all these disaster?

Quoted by Mr. Sathi Senathirajah aka my team company Chairman,

"If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible"

We need some risks to face in life and I am afraid no more to take this next step. cause that's what I am currently doing.

March 12, 2008

Movie Recommendation

At first I was doubting about this movie " Ah Long Ptd Ltd ". But at last luckily I didn't go for vantage point. Kinda sucks I heard. But seriously, this movie is real funny. as people said, you can "LMAO" by watching this movie. Ya know it's a 18PL movie, so we was like saying those who haven't reach 18 years old who's watching it with us. And one of them was Big James, the one of them who is illegal there. People get it wrong by judging through his physical appearance.

Ah Long Pte Ltd is a so call black comedy about the triad world and the money-lending business. Instead of treating the subject of Ah Longs. seriously, the movie takes on a humorous and sarcastic treatment. It depicts how a young lady tries to restructure her money-lending triad into a professional and ‘loving’ triad that stands against the use of violence after she takes over from her triad leader who has retired. Her plans (which are no doubt very creative) bring out about hilarious results. Not to forget her " akua " husband (Mark Lee). The absolute joker.

Not to write a full synopsis here about the movie but you all must watch it on your own to know what's the story is all about. Highly recommended.

March 11, 2008


MAN, tomorrow is the big day. SPM results day. Suck day.

But no matter how suck it turn out, just chill. SPM is just a stepping stone to further ourself into higher education. Can't prove much how good are we. Even you got straight A's, So ?! I can't feel any secure-ness if i got straight A's in SPM. What we are talking about is our life in the future. Weather we can handle things or not in the society. Weather what we are doing is based on market and economical value or not. How to earn a better living. Not just study of the same syllabus as everyone does.

I see fresh graduates from the University, got a job in what they studied for and what they got paid is the same as someone who worked as a waiter in a higher rank restaurant or perhaps, a promoter at some butik shop. LOL.

Even though if we can't prove to our parents we are someone useful by making them proud of getting good grades in SPM, no hard feelings. Chill and think. We still can find our way in future. Many opportunities out there waithing, you'll grow and think maturely by realising how bad we did somehow.

P/S: Mayb you disagree with me, but certainly I am not those nerdy type.

Lucks to all SPM result takers TOMORROW !!

March 10, 2008

The perfect entertainment phone

The perfect entertainment phone? is it possible? You may doubt, is there any perfect phone? Well finally there is.. From my analyzing process, I present you N96 *currently the best phone ever in Nokia Nseries. I found out that it's absolutely seriously da bomb. Can consider as a perfect phone in short. Although it haven't out in the market in Malaysia but it's coming out real soon. Roughly it will cost about 2.5K when it's 1st release. Telecommunication technology is non stop expending and are getting more advance and advance. You will be shock of the phone specification.
Nokia N96 Specification
Date Announced : 2007, 1Q
Dimensions (mm) : 102.5 x 56 x 17.6
Weight (g) : 125
Display : Screen Size : 2.8 inch, 240 x 320
Screen Color : TFT 16 Million colors

Type : Slider
Antenna : Fixed Internal
Memory : Internal : 16GB / 128MB RAM, 256MB ROM
Expansion : MicroSD
Stand-by (hrs) : 220
TalkTime(min) : 220

Polyphonic : Yes
MP3 : Yes
A2DP : Yes
TV Receiver : DVB-H Class C, 470-750 MHz
FM Radio : Yes
Video Record : Yes, 30fps
Games : Support N-Gage Platform

SMS : Yes
MMS : Yes
EMS : No
Email : Yes

Bluetooth : Yes
3G : Yes
GPRS : Class 32
Infrared (IrDA) : Yes
USB Port : Yes
WIFI/WLAN : 802.11 g/b with UPnP support
Data Cable : microUSB

Java (J2ME) : Yes
WAP : Yes Ver 2.0
Platform / OS : Symbian OS - S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2.
Browser : XHTML/ HTML, RSS Reader
Predictive Text Entry : T9
Other Application : GPS (A-GPS), Document Viewers, Nokia Maps

Themes : Yes
Caller ID : Photo Caller ID
ProfileID : Yes

Lens Type : CMOS, Carl Zeiss Optics , 5.0 Megapixel
Digital zoom : Support optical zoom
Max. Resolution : 2592 x 1944 (secondary : VGA Camera)
Flash : Yes
Night Mode : Yes
Extra Features : Auto-focus, auto-exposure, Dual-LED camera flash
Photo Format
: Video Yes, 30fps
: Video Format 640 x 480

How was it? awesome huh. LOL.
In conclusion, i can say that N96 is better than then95 music edition 8GB.

P/S : It's everyone dream's phone. Man, I am dreaming again.

March 9, 2008

The pressure is on

Firstly, congrats to the opposition where they not letting BN to get 2/3. Although BN won already but still. LOL. Actually, I ain't politics here seriously, just happy to hear that's all. I mean everyone is happy. People around me, the Chinese and the Indians are just plain delighted. Can see from their faces.

Anyway days are passing by and the pressure is on... Although I don't care much, but it's kinda scary though. SPM results is out in another 2 more days. The feeling sucks big time. Nothing much I can do no more, have to face it.

On the other hand, I agree that my topic in blogging is limited now as I am out of topic what to blog. People will complain if it's crap, said : " Eh, you got nothing to do ar in the house?! " man i am kinda tired of everything already. What interest me now is MUSIC !!

Oh ya, this is serious shit man, anyone out there who love pop punk music genre? songs from Paramore totally Rockx! I am addicted to it. believe me you will do too.

Paramore is totally serious SHIT rockx !!! listen to it.....

March 5, 2008

The Champions

St.John vs Seri Titiwangsa
Champion U18 (Male) St.John

Puteri Titiwangsa vs Puteri Ampang
Champion U18 (Female) Puteri Ampang

Still got time to take some shots... the 1st photo nice right?

The basketball competition had finally over yesterday and congrats to those who won the gold medal for zon keramat basketball competition 2008. Lucks into the up coming zon willayah persekutuan. LOL. I also got my allowance on that final match itself. Currently gone rich a bit. This is what I got from getting roasted. Anyway, it's worth for becoming the referee though. =D

Once again the champions are St.John and ARGS ( Puteri Ampang ).

March 2, 2008

Roasted Jason ?

Hmm, Roasted Jason? You might not recognize me or may be thought I went to some sea side to get tan instantly directly from the sun or something. Seriously, I've been known as " Roasted Jason " recently. People start asking why am I suddenly turn into a tan and dark skinned fella. And you know what they said : " What's up with u last week la Jason, kena roasted arr? " I was like WHAT?!!

Due to the reason above, I kena sunburn from becoming the referee for the zon keramat basketball competition @ SMK Seri Ampang. My ex secondary school. This job ain't fun seriously. And I ended up becoming like this after a week of refereeing.

The skin colour difference of my hand and my thigh

It's like dark coffee and light cream colour. Believe it. and you may not wanna see how do I look now. Totally awful. So in conclusion, as James said, becoming a referee is harder than he thinks. That is for him la. But for me, I think becoming a referee is ain't fun for running under the hot afternoon sun for few hours. Even worst than the players. Sucks*

P/S : You can call me " Roasted Jason " if you want cause I do really look like one.