December 28, 2007

I Have Something To Share

and it's something about life...
So what I can conclude about life is that many things happend through out the whole year as many bitter sweet moments we had encounter are priceless! But the only thing we need to know is that we should live a life that matters. That's the only thing I could surely say about life. That's why I chose it to be my blog title.

We need to face many challenges in life, This phrase " Thing are easy to say but hard to perform " Yeah, many people got this attitude inside them. They temp to say thing as if they could do it very easilly. but in the end, it's not as easy as how they said. So, What for doing that?

Ready or not, someday it will all come to an end. There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours, or days anymore. All the things you collected, whether treasured or forgotten, will pass to someone else. Your wealth, fame, and temporal power will be vanish away.

It will not matter what you owned or what you were owed. Your grudges, resentments, frustrations, and jealousies will finally disappear. So, too your hopes, ambitions, plans, and what to do or what to buy lists will expire.

The wins and losses that once seemed so important will fade away. It won't matter where you came from, or on what side of the tracks you lived, at the end. It won't matter whether you were beautiful or brilliant. Even your gender and skin color will be irrelevant.

So what will matter? How will the value of your days be measured?

  • What will matter is not what you bought, but what you built; not what you got, but what you gave.
  • What will matter is not your success, but your significance.
  • What will matter is not what you learned, but what you taught.
  • What will matter is every act of integrity, compassion, courage or sacrifice that enriched, empowered or encouraged others to emulate your example.
  • What will matter is not your competence, but your character.
  • What will matter is not how many people you knew, but how many will feel a lasting loss when you're gone.
  • What will matter is not your memories, but the memories that live in those who loved you.
  • What will matter is how long you will be remembered, by whom and for what.
  • Living a life that matters doesn't happen by accident. It's not a matter of circumstance but of choice.

So, What is your life for ? Think twice. Do live a life that really matters to you. Always live your life to the fullest. Enjoy every single moment to make it last. Cause you might not know what will happen tomorrow. Quoted by Elaine ; " Life is challenging. Life is unpredictable. Life is hard. Life is never perfect. " So............

Choose to live a life that matters.

December 25, 2007

Specially for a friend like you

Our 1st photo =)

Helluu~~ FaithfulAngel, this is a post specially for euu. See I budak baik kan? Just wanna wish euu a happy 15th bday, Angie... May all ur wishes come true. Erm, how was your present and bday card?! Hope u liked it. Don't like it also must act that as if u like it. kidding~~ LOL. Anyway the bday card was handmade by my own self without anyone helping me wan la. Don't believe izit? trust me it is. LOL. Kinda not like me larr.. Cant imagine I did that right? hahahaha...

Anyway it's Christmas and most importantly, ur bday! Hope u really enjoy yourself the whole day today with us! LOL. The carols and the fellowship was fun. Had lotsa fun being with u guys. Anyhow, PMR results are out very soon! and what I wanna say is no matter what results you get is all from God's guidance and also from ur hard work. Believe in him and pray, u can get good results to make ur parents proud of euu. God is always with u, amen.

Good Luck & All the best, Angie =)

December 24, 2007

Spread The Joy @ HGC

Who wanna join me attend HGC Christmas party? NN invited me so I must give face to her. LOL ! For those who got no Plans this Christmas eve? Please call me if your interested. Cause I am all alone there. Fear I'll get bored.
After the party........
After visiting the Christmas party @ HGC, I found out it's not too bad. I had fun though.. Luckily Avalyn is there to accompany me. lol. But the best thing is I made a lot of new friends there. although I seen them before. Well here it goes, some photos. Anyway thanks NN for the invitation. much appreciate! ur skit was nice, well planned. good job!

NN and Myself... =)

So long and now finally can see you.
Err, when wanna exchange phone?

Anyhow, It's Christmas Day Everyone....

December 22, 2007

Which is the best Christmas deco?

The Curve



Mid Valley

Times Square

1 Utama

Christmas day is just around the corner and I got the chance to go all over KL's 6 best Christmas deco in just 1 day to take a photo of their Christmas decoration and compare which is the best among all. Since this year's Christmas is the most happening Christmas because of Malaysian 50th years Independence. Well I guess so. LOL !

You may think why I am so weird post this kinda silly thing here. Maybe you may think that I am too free nothing to do and posted this? or what? Well frankly it is because I love Christmas the most! It brings me lots of happiness, joy and fun with my all my church friends. It is something special. non like others. believe me.

3 more days!!
It's Christmas and someone's special day too !

P/S : Don't forget to vote which is the best Christmas deco.....

December 21, 2007

Shocking Discovery

Be extremely ready for this...

OMG, Guess who is She??!!

You may wonder who is she. Her name is Angie Yong... leng leng photo right?! better than the previous wan right? LOL you know why I posted this post? because you posted me at your blog. haha.. thanks anyway. Since you like to kenakan me, so now it's my turn. Too free maybe. Anyhow, It's been a small world huh that your family was my neighbour last time in the 90's. Big shocking discovery? haha. Well it is. and now after over 14 years, only I get the chance to know you.

Here is a photo I want to share with ya'll. Taken on 12th of April 1992. 15 years ago. Guess it was be belated birthday..
because I was born on the 8th of April.

Saw Uncle Allan with the red shirt?! He look so young that time.
and that's me the birthday boy.

Angie, you haven't born yet I guess. but your sister Anna was there.

Now it is shocking or what???!! LOL...

AGC Youth Christmas Party '07

20th December @ AGC Christmas party. It's kinda fun night though. A lot of unexpected peeps attended this party and seems like the best part of the night was watching the movie clip acted by Pang as the main character and Calvin, Michelle, Jeeyan as the supporting actor. lol. All of us burst out of laughter and of cause the sketch section from Yvonne, Joy, Keng Lik, Sweet May and Ooi Tong known as Ah Wong. quite a funny sketch and that Ah Wong is a good actor although I dun understand much the storyline. lol. after which is the gift exchange. Too bad due to a huge number of gift to be exchange, so they change the rules and it wasn't that fun as it should be. The singing session, quiz and others as well is fun!
Some of the Photos

Main entrance decoration.

Look at the crowd. unexpected amount of peeps attended.

MC of the day ; Joanne and Andy

Uncle Allan giving a speech

Gift exchange section

Michelle got my F1 car! swt....
Merry Christmas !! LOL

Our Group photo =)

The ladies doing weird poses

Lastly, the food was nice! and an enjoyable Christmas party. We laugh, we play till we sot. and I was pointed by Uncle Allan to become the photographer of this event. Charm. I am a Guest. But it's okay la. I am also part of their family. Anyway join them this 25th December on their Adult Christmas party @ Rain Tree Club. 10am in the morning. and the best thing is the entrance ; free of charge!! Just bring yourself there...

Oh ya one more thing before I leave, once I entered the church auditorium, I heard someone shouted my name loudly at a high pitch and guess who? Petrina Lim shouted at me.... LOL I was shocked* cause you know la she is so famous right. budden didn't get the chance to talk to her though. Sure will some other time.

Merry Christmas in advance!!!

December 16, 2007

AGC Youth Camp '07 !

Attention, I need your 15 minutes to read this whole post ! Will ya? It's something about Christianity. Since my viewers are all non muslim, I guess there is no problem. Okay hope you'll can be patient.

Finally, I blog this long post about the camp. I was so lazy when I uploaded all the photos. Took me about 45 minutes for those photos. I don't mind actually because all of them wanted to read this post. Cause only I got all the photo's from the camera man, John Kit. lol. Others didn't get the chance to get it from him. Well, I'm smart, brought my pendrive along the camp. lol. I post this for ya'll. You all can grab all the photos from here la.

1stly, I wanna thank Soul for bringing me and the gang to his church camp as we didn't expect it could be so much fun and yet an unforgettable camp for me. The theme of this youth camp is MAD Make A Difference. Is organize by Uncle Allan and Aunty Veronica. The place was located at Jeram Besu, Pahang. It took about 3 hours for us to reach there. Pang was our driver on our journey there. He drives like one hell of a ride. I was terrified of his driving skills. lol. But also kinda fun though. Good job man.

Okay, the best thing about this trip is that I really made a lot of new friends! mayb the whole church camp, every single one of them. even all those kids. they are so active and willing to join all the activities. I've met some very happening and cool guys there and they are in my group! example, Calvin Ngai and Jee Yann. They both are the one who made me talk a lot! I was first kinda quiet on the 1st day. haha. okay, my group was named Silas. the 1st group among the 4 groups. The other 3 group was Barnabhas, Timothy and Pauloss.

I found out that this camp is really an amazing camp. You can see the excitement of all the faces and the population of the member of the church. Made me feel like joining again once more next year. The youth in this church has quite a big number. As you know that my church got only a few youth. less than 15 peoples. Where our youth camp was like just an normal outing. no fun, not challenging at all. But AGC youth camp is one of a different experience for me! I really enjoyed a lot in this camp and it is the best camp i've ever attended. Oh ya and the songs session was the most soulful moment I've ever experience. The songs were nice and everyone sing it with expressions and emotions. very encouraging. always refer to the bible on every single song. I love to sing all the songs and the music as well is wonderful. the guitarist Jeeyan, the pianist Alvin and others. thanks for the song lead as well.

About the highlights of the team building sessions, We got dirty and nasty on the mud! freaking mud all over our body. 1st time experience it also. and the rules is who got the last place is gonna get penalty for cleaning all the chairs. Group Pauloss got the last place. Our group Silas got second out of the 4 team. Barnabhas won but they kena isolated and bullied by all 3 groups. Because of their cheering have many kinds. So annoying and yet arrogant kinda feeling. Once you listen, you'll feel bengang for sure. lol. So the 2nd, 3rd place group helped out pauloss group wash the chairs and group Barnabhas is still cheering like no ones business. said they are the singaporeans. damn kiasu. so noisy. can see Ngai, Pang and Kevin are bullying them kao kao. haha. have a border and you all not allow to join us having fun with the water. I found out that's the most funniest moment of the camp. But what I think was winning the competition or not is not that important, what most important is we finish the competition. We all are winners. This what we experience in our life, there will always be ups and downs in life.

Actually I was expected some outdoor activities on the water and so on but then due to the concern of the rain and flood that made the water level rises and became uncertain, we are strictly not allow to do any outdoor activities from the 1st day onwards. I was kinda disappointed but who cares, I come here to make new friends, fellowship to one another, sing songs, study God's word and praise his name to make a difference for Jesus but not for the sake of having fun and filling my boring time at home. This camp really encourage me a lot. I was once a sinner while I am a Christian too. Even now. I still do bad things, I still lie. Once I've seen the video clip entitle a letter from god. it's has made me wanna share the gospel more to the non Christians and those who are fading away from Christianity, encourage them and let them inspire rather than to keep it all to myself without telling them about Christ. Now I wanna learn how to encourage more people to hear the word of god, share the gospel without feeling ashamed and make a difference in peoples lives. I wanna show a good testimony to others and get my relationship with God even closer.

When I was watching the video when jesus is been torture, wipped and beaten by the guards, in a sudden I really felt so down when I was watching it. Everyone was with tears in their eyes, even myself. Beside me was Michelle, I can feel her that she was so so sad about it as well. I felt so sad and I can feel the pain inside me. Jesus had sacrifies his life and die for us for our sins. Even though if we sins againts thee, do not worry, ask for forgiveness and god will wash away our sins. God has a plan for us and he has a purpose for us living in this world. devil spirit will always surround us no matter where we go. But only the the lord will lead us the right path of direction. Trust in the lord, he will guide you through, holding you closely to his side and he will lead you to heaven. Where we can find eternal life with him.

Okay I think I will stop here cause you guys will feel bored if I continue writing. haha. will get bored. lol. Okay guessed you all tired reading, now is photo viewing time! haha..

Day 1

My dorm!

Day 2
Team building activity...

This is ME!! da*n nice la this photo...

Day 3
Pahang Flooded but we still can enjoy!!

Credits to them! the camera man...

Who are the most happening group?!

Happening Silas peeps! Ngai and Jeeyan.

Ladies from group Silas!!

Buat muka only.

Proud to say we saw KFC at Bentong town.

Crazy MAD nigga Sam

My closest sister in the camp! love ya Mich.

This is a Short Clip for ya'll to enjoy!!

Uncle Allan doing some magic tricks

Day 4
On our way back home and we visited the Bentong peanut factory....

We are so into Smashpop!!

One Big Family.
All are MAD 4 Jesus.

AGC youth camp group photo !

I'm bless that I knew God. This song In Christ alone reminds me of How God Loves Us. God is really good. Sometimes God is just wanting to test our faith, just be strong because God really cares for us and no matter what he will always be beside you! Believe and have more faith cause he will never fail you.

At last I wanna tell Ooi Tong that I am glad that you believe in Christ. This camp really touches our hearts. Continue to learn more about the word of God and believe that Jesus is the son of God. Believe, confess, repent and be baptized. Join our family of God and let us make a difference, bringing hope to our land for Jesus, amen.

Let us spread the word of God...
Till then guys.. miss you guys so much......


Yours truely,