December 29, 2008

Announcement : Inner Circle

NOTE: This event is STRICTLY 18 and above! Open to inner circle friends and the closest ONLY! If you think you're one or deserve to be one, come talk to us! We'd be glad to hear from you.

Everyone MUST Drink and Go Wasted!

Time and Place
Start Time :
Wednesday, December 31, 2008 at 8:00pm
End Time :
Thursday, January 1, 2009 at 10:00am
Location :
Suet Mei's Crib!
Street :
Sri Baiduri Apartment Bukit Indah
City/Town :
Ampang Resettlement, Malaysia

It's a sleepover by the way but I doubt if anyone's going to dreamland on a New Year countdown! With all the blasting musics all night long, you shouldn't miss by anything by any second of it!

Food ranged from Italian to Mexican and Western, i think? Beverage ranged from Sky Juice to Carbonated Drinks, to Margaritas, to Beers, to Liquors and Spirits! Games ranged from TWISTER, Truth or Dare to I DARE You and to Dare DEVIL and more ....

And as for who's coming, show up and come see for yourself! Arrival of Guests 8PM and we shall blast of some musics and together we escape 2008!

Throw it away, forget yesterday, we'll make the great escape, won't hear a word they say, don't know what's it anyway! Let it burn, watch it die, coz' we are finally FREE tonight!

For further information regarding accommodations, transportations, locations or any doubts, please contact Jason or me, Suet Mei with the numbers provided below! (:

Jason : +6016-9081990
Suet Mei : +6012-9137003

Click here
as well for the event in Facebook.

My Church Year End Gathering !

Time and Place
Date :

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Time :
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location :
Church Of Christ, Kuala Lumpur
Street :
79 Jalan Perhentian Off Jalan Ipoh 51100, Kuala Lumpur

A year had passed and now it has come to an end ! As usual the Church Of Christ, Kuala Lumpur will be coordinating an event called year End Gathering. The purpose of this gathering is to gather everyone and to have fellowship while we spend our last moment on the year 2008 together as Christians. Food ranged will be specially catered that night. Plus, we will be having singing, devotion, slide show, quiz, games, gift exchange, and more ! So what you need is just to bring is yourself here. Also, Bring along a friend if possible.

IMPORTANT : Please prepare RM 10 or below or RM 5 above to qualify yourself in playing the gift exchange.

For further information regarding about the locations or any doubts u have, please contact Me the admin. +6016-9081990.

We extend to you a warm welcome to our event. Hope you will have lots of fun and see you there !

Click Here as well for the event in Facebook.

December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve Countdown

Bonjour people ! I Don't know why I am so semangat wanna blog today ! lol.

Anyway, how did you guys spent your Christmas eve? I did spent mine at The Curve/ Cineleisure. We had lots of fun there. Well starting off from.. Yeah Milton fetch me from Ampang at 6pm and then off to The Curve. With me is Julius and my new friend Alice. Erm It was jam all the way from Ampang. MRR2 was superbly jam. We took around 2 hour to reach there. Once we reach The Curve, most dulan part. Finding parking also takes us 1 hour ++ So in the end we reach there at 9pm something. Wah we only managed to have 3 hours long there. So first thing we did is we ate ! and then only continue our exploration.

Half way through, feeling kinda lifeless walking in the human traffic at that moment. But in the end I thought my Christmas wasn't that bad afterall. I met my daryl Karena there ! woots. get to know a couple of new friends there too. HAP people. Also met up with my KDU kaki there as well at Laundry bar. We berheboh to the max ! Well as for now, Photos speaks a thousand words.

I shall start of with a Belated wish that I still owe my readers !

haha look at my muka potong face. Caroling moments at great eastern mall.

Oh yeah man we finally arrived ! finally.

My church friends with Alice. That Julius on the left and Milton on the right.

Yeah our reflections ! nice ain't it?

A portrait photo of them. Oh too bad im not in ! Always forced to be the photographer.

HAHA those are not what you think. We just being forced to do so. I guess Alice was the one who suggested it.

So we walk around the place and see whats going on and so we stop by this small event organized by LG where we see people dancing. lol. FYI the uncle in white won the new LG phone for being the winner. Got entertained a while but still. BORING.

Hey did I said that my Christmas wasn't that bad afterall? yeah and guess what after that I met Karena ! It wasn't on luck but on purpose. We agreed to meet there actually. It took me quite a while to find her. Seriously the human traffic there. Horrible ! So once I found her, what we did first was a lil chat and we off go camwhore. her favourite.

Photos with her Nikon D60 !

Oh more portrait photos ! lol. Oh im taller ! Before this she claim that we were almost the same height.

Oh and I met Karena's human, Julien and Jeremy. Nice people !

Oh a group photo before we go in our separate ways. Forgot to mention that Julius join me to meet em as well

Went back to the KDU kaki's table at Laundry bar and we camwhored.

After which, I looked at the time. it is 11.45pm ! the moment is near. So we went outside and get ourself ready as well. haha. Look at the crowd. All getting set and ready.


Before the war started, and it was like 2 minutes before 12am. Our expression was like "LETS GO PARTY"



And so for the final 10 seconds, everyone was shouting. 10 till 1. So when the moment clock strikes 12, guess what happen? lol I'll let the photos do the talking. Luckily I did manage to capture some of the moments. But sadly I got my DSLR soaking wet. damn stupid spray.

Look at that fella with the spray ! I see snow. Woots.

Look at all the people ! they can syok sendiri spray people wan lorh.

Even Liza is having much fun spraying people too. haha. Her expression damn cute can?

Haithal and Louis after the spray war.

Photo taken from Karena's. Look at that ! People nowadays so irresponsible. You spray me, I spray you and the bottle litter just like that and bye bye. Kesian those workers need to clean up all their mess. I wonder weather those workers all got paid triple on that night. hurmm.

Driving back home was a disaster as well as everyone rushing back home. but I had pretty much fun that night though. As for now, I am looking forward for the last event of the year that is new years eve booze party !

PS : I miss her......

December 26, 2008

Vivian's 18th Bday # Part 2

Sorry i am a bit lazy now so I just let photos do all the talking. Vivian's 18th Bday # Part 2 continues. Still once again thanks those who attended her party on that night. Serra, Elaine, Cheng Wen, Suetmei, Vivian, Bryan, Joshua, Jason, Eway, Paul and myself. Without you all I guess it wasn't that HAP at all. =)

Chivas obsession !

birthday girl with the girls...

Now with the guys...

Went back to our apartment suite for some booze session. We had true and dare etc. FUN !

A group photo who attended her party ! I never had even this small group of party before. =(

HAHA. Lastly combination of Joshua Yap got wasted ! Serra lagi worst ! haha. Don't have her photo.

PS : I am looking forward to new years eve booze party.

Anyway Merry belated Christmas to all my readers ! sorry a bit late. Enjoying Christmas till I have no time to update my blog. haha. Till then people !

December 24, 2008

Cousin Aftermath # Part 1

My holidays with cousins from south Johor ! Our Destination will start from Midvalley, Pavilion, One Utama and lastly Sunway Pyramid. Woah! Burning petrol away like hell with 6 persons in the car. Anyway I'll just make it a short post where the photos all are combine together to avoid slow loading.

Mid Valley Christmas Deco.

Mid Valley and One Utama

We are in Pavillion. With them.... angels !

Pavilion and in Sunway Lagoon ! Memories.

Really had a great time with their presence around. Running to all the malls in KL and Selangor area in within 3 days wasn't that easy. phew ! Anyway up next. stay tuned Cousin aftermath # Part 2 !

December 23, 2008

Vivian's 18th Bday # Part 1

Finally im back. and it was Vivian's 18th Birthday 3 days ago. And what we did was we decide to give her a surprise ! and it turn out quite a successful one. We celebrate it at Aeon Setiawangsa, Izzi. Yes again. Because it's cheap for 12 people ! Well, before that, I wanna thanks those who attended her party on that night. Serra, Elaine, Cheng Wen, Suetmei, Vivian, Bryan, Joshua, Jason, Eway, Paul and myself. Without you all I guess it wasn't that HAP at all.

My Birthday Present for her 18th Legal Birthday. A bottle of Chivas. LOL.

Special thanks also to Jason Theng, Serra, Eway, Haithal, Joshua, and Suetmei. I will mention what they did. Izzi dinner bill was on Jason Theng. Serra for sponsoring the birthday cake and the mixer. Eway who sponsor petrol, and lunch for the driver. Haithal for the night aftermath foods and drinks at 7-Eleven. Joshua for the beer and lastly Suetmei for sponsoring the apartment suite for us to stay over and some other chip in she gave!

Did I mentioned that we ALL stayed over at Suetmei's suite for some session after the celebration?! LOL. Well Stay Tuned for Vivian's 18th Bday # Part 2.

December 19, 2008

Foods ! Heaven.

Did you know Aeon is a new mall ? and it's situated at Setiawangsa AU2 Keramat. lol. So we went there for dinner long time ago probably 3 weeks ago with Suetmei, Elaine, Serra. Check it out HERE for our exploration. There were lots of restaurant we can dine in to ! Check it out yourself if you wanna know. I might just list them down a lil just to give you some idea. They have Starbucks, Sushi king, Wendys, Big Apple Donuts, Aunty Lim, Izzi, Secret Recipe, KFC, Kenny Rogers, Subway, Old town, Baskin Robins, Laksa Shack, Jonnys, Pizza Hut and so on. You name it.

We can't decide whereto eat and so we choose Izzi. We had dirt cheap and good food ! Plus, they offer free wifi service. So I was thinking, surely I will come here back again ! lol.

Oh now are you getting attracted to the price? lol.

Did you have that feeling before ordering food from the menu without looking at the price?! The feeling was nice. Let's say usually we are at Chilies or some expensive restuarant, we never fail to look at the price first before even looking at the menu. How is that! lol.

And yes, I did came back again to Izzi with my cousins for the pass few days ago with Wayne the outsider. We came in 9 people with the price of 7 ! So you can roughly count how cheap was that ! No tax, no service charge ! wonderful.

Appart from that, my cousins came by and we had these too for our lunch and dinner. at Mid Valley, Nandos and Sunway, Kenny Rogers.

Awhhhh man. and this is what we call HEAVEN !!

Totally Sinful ! More foods photos awaiting ! More cousin post awaiting ! Stay Tuned people.

December 18, 2008

Welcome Back !

Yeah finally I'm back in action.

Firstly, I had changed my blog header. It's simple yet nicee. Got the inspiration from my cousin blog. Credits to her, Kellie. She even taught me damn lots of basic Photoshop skills. Hurm, speaking of my cousins, lol. They came by my place and stay over for like almost 1 week ! 5 days to be precise. And believe it or not, we covered every single shopping mall in the Klang Valley and Selangor in within that period. Same goes to my Rm300. Burned off just like that. Take note. It's all spend on food and leisure ! No shopping at all !

Well in these 5 days, I really took a lotttttt of photos. Roughly about 1K photos? Guess there will be at least 10 pending post for me for now. Will slowly post it one by one soon. Anyway I had lotsa fun with them ! and this is what I call HOLIDAYS ! Oh ya Christmas is around the corner and lotsa plan coming in. ENDLESS ! money had become a major factor now.

And did I mentioned that I'm gonna start with my flickr photo stream soon ? yeah man. Finally I'm doing something useful here. Apart from just simply snapping around and stalking people with my 55-200mm lens. lol. HAHA. A compilation photo before I end this post. My lovely cousins.


Well that's all for today. Oh and my blog is still snowing ~ Good night folks.

December 17, 2008

I See Angels !

Last Sunday, I was in Pavilion shopping mall with my cousins. and I spotted many angels over there. As in super pretty and beautiful ones. With huge wings and costumes. Totally turn me on to get a photo of them for my collection. Here are two of them. Wahhhh im seeing angels ! Heavenly...

Bleeding love....... Keep Bleeding !

So beautiful ain't she ?

Same goes to her. I wonder how much they pay them for doing this.

They seriously do look like sisters aren't they? But you say, which one is prettier ?

PS : I've got many post pending already... gah but I feel so tired to update these days. no worries, I will revive soon !

December 12, 2008

DSLR fanatic

Photography had been a very popular hobby among young adults these days. Because compact camera is never enough. Claim that the bigger the better ! Thus it looks more professional. And that makes people nowadays are getting crazy over it and wanting to own a DSLR themselves. lol. I've come across people saying : Photography ROCKS ! Photography is life ! until the extend that Pornography is bullshit to them. lol.

And once their mind set is totally on photography, they can come out till such ideas !


HAHA. Totally Mind Blasting !

You must be wondering who did this DSLR cake. lolol.

December 9, 2008

What I want for Christmas !

Christmas is just around the corner and what I want for Christmas is a new Car, a new external flash, a new battery grip, a new laptop, a new touch screen hand phone, new shoes, more socks, more shirts, more pants, a new oven, a new mixer, a new mini fridge, a new set of knifes, a new flat screen tv, a new 50mm lens, a new 18-135mm lens, a new camera bag, more EPL jerseys, a new waffle machine maker, a new 1 Terabyte HDD and lastly a new Girlfriend ! LOL.

am I asking too much? lol

I don't care. But Santa, please make all my wishes come true. Surprise me with a huge truck of lorry in front of my house on the 24th of December.

Anyway here are random photos. enjoy~

Sunday Sundae ! Just Rm2 only. am loving it !

I love this photo. i mean the effects. Don't you? and spot the mini tripod ! cute can?

French fries is bad for health ! but I still love it. Imagine dipping it in sundae ice-cream. Heaven !

Me at McD enjoying strawberry Sundae. Thanks Chris for the photo.

Im crapping! Totally randomness lately.

December 8, 2008

Friday Chilling Session

The good old days with the gang. My day will not be perfect without you guys ! As usual, it would be our casual Friday outings every week, and lately someone is so into drinking. I wonder who. and this time, Michelle Low joined us. I really miss her a lot. Anyway we all went to La Risata the Italian restaurant opposite Risda to dine in and it was just right beside AGC Church.

Friday night @ La Risata

Carbonara pasta. It tasted GREAT ! Of cause I can do better.

Some mushroom bacon Pizza.

Heineken ! Suetmei's favourite. She so gonna get beer bally soon !

This 3 always fight for their own camera brand. One say Nikon rocks, one Canon rules, one Sony like no other. wtf with all the slogan. LOL.

The Interior design of La Risata restaurant.

I brought my mini tripod and we manage to get a group shot before we leave !

The restaurant is a bit too expensive for that kinda place. but it's a good try though. Not to mention tables are small. Surroundings was more to like a family dining place. I see kids around shouting for ice-cream and stuff. We are the center attention that night. With 3 DSLR's shutterbug sound and flash flashing. Siao can ? We did dominate the whole place.

For more in details, suetmei and misoka blog !

Anyway after makan we decide to go up to look out point. damn the parking 2 bucks ! and we forgot to bring our tripod up. As in HUGE tripod. Wasted can't get any nice shots that night. But still we got some nice shots of cause. and damn it was a good exercise walking up there ! body sweating all over.

Breath taking view from Look out point ! Not bad eh?

One of the successful group shot. courtesy of Misoka.vox

HAHA just for laugh.

Went to Gasonline to chill and drink a little before we head home ! Misoka's blue soda.

Lastly, Suetmei the beer addict ! Cheeers !

I am wondering weather it is a good idea putting in Heineken in our dishes. I think it would taste great ! Gahhh and I miss meeting emmanuel stroobant the chef in black yesterday that used to be in AFC channel at Taylors College. I should have join suetmei. omg can ! Nevermind, I will go to Europe 1 day to meet all the famous chef !

PS : When are we gonna hunt for monkey shooting ?!