June 29, 2010

Launching Of My New Photography Blog.

Hello! I wanna welcome you to my new Photography Blog. itz called MYNJAYZPHOTOS. Nothing much to brag about actually. It's more like a place for me to post up all my photos collections/videos and whatever comes in between. I've Flickr but im lazy to pay. I've Photobucket for photo uploader but it's such a mess right now. Thus, this shall be my new portfolio!

Click Click http://mynjayzphotos.blogspot.com/ NOW !

with a print screen below how does it looks like.

I will update this blog very frequent, even more frequent than my mynjayz.com blog. Link me if you want. Thank you for your visit and my NEW Photography Blog launching is done! Cheers.


June 28, 2010

KPOP - B2ST (BEAST) Showcase, KL Live Centre Malaysia

Korean pop group BEAST (also known as B2ST or 비스트) rocked KL Live, and Advertlets Bloggers were there to cover the showcase! B2ST consisting of Yoon Doo Joon, Jang Hyun Seung, Yong Jun Hyung,Yang Yo Seob, Lee Gi Kwang & Son Dong Woon, BEAST performed their hit singles “Shock”, “Bad Girl”, “Special” and more. Over 2000 people attended the recent showcase on the 26th of June 2010 at KL Live, with some queuing up as early as 6AM (the concert was at 6PM!)

Thanks to Universal Music Malaysia. We, the Advertlets Bloggers got to not only skip the massive queue, but also get exclusive photographer/Media passes as well as the opportunity to cover the press conference. How awesome is that!

Thanks to Universal Music Malaysia. These passes are for all the B2ST (BEAST) Fans out there.

It was my first Korean KPOP concert/showcase I've ever been. To be honest, I don't even know them when I was there. But when the show ended, I've become one of their fans already. Quite addictive their songs. Especially songs like “Shock”, “Bad Girl” and “Special”.

Here are some photos taken that night. The BEST part was, I was right in the middle & standing right in front of the stage :)

Attended the Press Conference of B2ST @ Nikko Hotel before the showcase at KL Live.

They can speak Mandarin. All of them. But only one speaks fluent Mandarin.

Our B2ST free album from Universal. Jamie, Me, Azreen and Yumi.

Advertlets Joshlim with the crowd. Look at that. Very crowded !

BEAST fans, spot yourself if you come across to my blog.

Guess who's signature on B2ST poster? itz mynjayz.com yao!

With Our Media/Photographer pass.

Thanks everyone for coming. The Advertlets bloggers was there!

Check it out inside KL Live ! Full house. Didn't know Beast was that well known and famous among young Malaysians.

Beast huge fans with B2ST T shirts get to go in first.

Beast in da house yao!

Who can dance "SHOCK" get's a photo with Beast. She's the lucky girl.

Their dance move was not bad. Their songs was not bad.


Every day I shock (shock) Every night I shock (shock)
I'm sorry jebal naege dasi dol-awa jullae
Every day I shock (shock) Every night I shock (shock)
nan neo ttaemun-e amugeosdo hal su eobsneunde oh
Come to me oh oh oh tonight so so crazy

Lucky girl who got called up for A song & photo with Beast.

Favourite photo of the night. For the girls. Nice Abs bro. LOL

Autograph session after the showcase.

Here A Video I took with my D300s. This is their hit singles “Shock” performance @ KL Live. Enjoy.

Once again, Thanks again to Universal Music for making this happen. Of cause, not to forget, Adverlets.com I Certainly had fun that night!

More close up photos, videos of B2ST (BEAST) coming up in the next post #PART2. Make sure you visit back to watch HD video compilation I've compile. I'm Officially KPOP-ED!

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June 25, 2010

National Geographic Store Launch, Lot 10 KL

Just so you know, National Geographic opened their first National Geographic store in Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on April 7th. It's the second store in Asia and fourth in the world. And which, I was invited to attend the grand launching of the store happening last week on the 22th of June 2010. YB. Dato' Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen was there to officialize the store alongside with Tan Sri Francis Yeoh and Ruth Yeoh, the Director of Investments for YTL Corp Bhd.

This National Geographic Store in Lot 10 was inspired based on National Geographic’s 120-year heritage of getting people to care about the environment. Anyway, Here how the store look like.

Very nicely done. My friend, Wilson said it was better compared to the outlet in Singapore.

Press conference was held outside Lot 10. At the entrance.

Members of the media/press and VIP's was there. Eventually, It was quite grand and attracted passer by visitors to drop by as well.

After the Press Conference, all of us walked up to check out the store. On our way up, we get to see lots of people dress in costumes OR dress up in different themes from various of countries.

These guys are from Africa I guess.

Oh hey, im pretty sure they're from Mongolia.

YB. Dato' Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen posing for the camera. Promoting some health drink it seems.

YB. Dato' Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen, Tan Sri Francis Yeoh and Ruth Yeoh giving a talk to the press.

In a way, we can also say that this store is an ideal one-stop shop for picking out gifts, hobby and interest as well. Attractive coffee-table books such as photography collections and atlases are readily stocked in the decorative bookcases. Not to mention adventure bags, collectible toys, magazines, T shirts etc. Worth it for adventurous individuals to drop by.

Let's have a look what they have there in the store.

Oh did I mentioned that they served us food and beverages as well! A concept from wide range of countries as well. America, Spain, China, England, Italian and Malaysia ! How wonderful.

Customers can also drop by to visit their in-store Café. A great place to hang out after your visit to the store. It highlights delicious treats ala Pinchos (a traditional Spanish way of eating small portions of food-on-sticks) within a Mediterranean-like ambiance.

Josh & Hanie are enjoying their iced kiwi !

Belnie was there as well. As a VIP Guest.

Very sweet Maya Karin was there also. Dress up very matching with the launch.

Daphnie Iking and Will Kuah signing their name on the backdrop.

Not to forget Advertlets boss, Pimping Josh Lim.

Was busy snapping photos and covering the event. Didn't get myself in the photo. Thank God Khairul was there to help me took this photo!

Advertlets team with the African boys! Our facial expressions, EPIC!

Well, it’s nice to see that we have our own National Geographic store in Malaysia. One day I must go there and pay another visit. Have a drink at the cafe and check out the store in more detail.

National Geographic Store Address:
T 16-17, Level 3,
Lot 10 Shopping Center
Tel: 03-21448288

Check out more: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/


June 24, 2010

Celcom XPlay Party, Opera Sunway

Last Saturday, I was invited to this event called Xplay Party @ Opera in Sunway with a few bloggers friends! It's organized from Celcom. And I got to know that the lineups for the DJ's spinning. Totally Awesome cause I love LAPSAP a lot. Not to mention, DJ Jessica and DJ Yasmine the 2 female DJ's was HOT ! from Indonesia.

It was freeflow event babe! VIP style. with the amount of voucher I have to redeem beers or liquors. Not to mention they supply us foods as well. tidbits and finger foods to fill our stomach.

If you guys weren't there that night. Wasted lorh! By the way, im in purple + black as well. Very appropriate to match the event!

The event was quite happening I would say. Also open to the public as well. But we've got VIP passes so we would have gotten all the nice privilege to stay upstairs and enjoy the freeflow drinks and foods!

There's booth outside as well to promote some of the Celcom plans/broadband/promotions etc.

Celcom promoters!

Randoms girls with the backdrop!

Very packed inside. Because DJ Lapsap and DJ Yasmine/Jessica is spinning.

Tidbits and finger foods for us VIP guest!

Hanie and Naomi ! Nice to see you again girl. :)

Invited Cindrew and friends to join us as well :)

Watch out the guy in the middle with a bunch of ladies. He is Josh Lim. The usual pimp for any happening events in town.

Hiphop dance performance before getting the party started!

Lets get PARTY Started! This is Altimet, the rapper starting the show. with the 2 Female DJ's. Not to mention Beatboxer ShawnLee was there as well to perform.

DJ Yasmine and Jessica!

Oh look! They smiled at my camera :) sweeettt.

DJ LAPSAP in the house yo. They seems like the Malaysian version of LMFAO to me. Don't you think so?

It's electro! and look how many electro fans out there. Including myself. HARDCORE Electro fan!

A photo of me and Naomi all the way from Sarawak for this :)

After that, DJ Ono take over for the rest of the night with R&B hits all the way. I redeem all my vouchers and enjoy the beers all night long!

So what's next for Xplay you ask?
Xplay party happening in Cabana, Johor Bahru tomorrow, 25 June 2010 from 9.30pm onwards! Register yourself at our Xplay Tab on our FB page to get your invite to the hottest party to hit JB. Catch DJs Leonard and Ray Rox as they spin it off on the decks.

Make sure you check out http://www.facebook.com/xpaxfb

Got X Got it all !