February 24, 2010

Studio C Live

Ever heard of Studio C? NO? Well, It’s a live music event that has been ongoing since January and will be ending next month.

The likes of Pop Shuvit, Bunkface, One Buck Short, Estranged, and many other local & international bands had performed/will be performing in the regional Studio C event! Awesome ain't it?

Studio C event

Interested? Come for the next one!

It will be at Hard Rock Cafe KL (25th February 2010) featuring…

Hard Rock Cafe KL

The Applicants, Disagree and Pesawat

If you think 25th February is too soon, not to worry… Make yourself free on the 6th March 2010 and join us at KL Live, Life Centre KL! (Yes i’ll be there!)

KL Live Life Centre

Pop Shuvit, Sundays Record and Moving Units will be playing on that day! As well as…

An Honest Mistake band

An Honest Mistake playing as the special guest band of the night! Personally I love AHM's ganre of music. With all the head banging and all. The shouting in the end of certain songs, the feel is there. Emo punk kinda songs rock my socks. If you LOVE local music band, it's certainly worth attending Studio C !

So if you’re interested to join us, let me know yeah. ALL are invited young or old. So I shall See you on 6th March 2010 @ KL Live! Let's party, people.

PS : I wish i were in a band as well. As a lead singer. but oh well................

visit http://www.mystudioc.com/ for more info.

February 22, 2010

Revive Rev-Up Party #2

Sorry for being MIA a lot recently. 1 thing i need most now is get more REST + SLEEP !

Oh well, this is the final post for Revive Rev-Up Party. Rev-Up Revive Isotonic finalist party happening at Euphoria MOS, Sunway. Since Advertlets was the advertising partner for Rev-Up, so we all gave them a support to drop by and have fun to party with them. Photos taken that night.

Hanie, Juliana and friend posing with da background.

HanieHidayah and Juliana Evens.

Marketing represent, Amy, puffgirl mascot and myself.

Group Shot snap snap !

Hitzfm EAN, MYfm i forgot what's her name and Myself.

Lovely couple HANSEMEVO, Selena and myself.

Another group shot before we head home.

Revive Rev-Up Party #2 http://mynjayz.com/2010/02/revive-rev-up-party.html

That's all for now. More pending post coming up!


February 19, 2010

Vinic's Day + RAWR-ing CNY

Short post. Reason : damn busy! Anyway, you would wonder, why always MAISON!? lol. Yeap, Maison photos again. And my answer would be : Im becoming a regular there every Thursday these days. I dunno why.

So yes, it's Vinic's Birthday and we wont miss out the pictures. I know its boring, but i know you will still read. I mean browse through the photos.

The usual came for Vinic's Bday. Chris, Yirui, Scott, Vinic, Wayne, Steven and Chris.

Vinic's friends.

Me and the B'da Girl. lol

Bump into Adelechow when da club ends. She bite me damn pain cause I never ajak her go maison. ish.

If you remember the malaysian tv series, "so you think you can dance" Ya, she's the winner for the contest. Cecilia Yong. lol.

Collage damn nice I like.

Next up ! Another CNY post. Stay tune.

FYI, lately busy collecting these

And this ! Lou Sang. CNY CNY fever.

MONDAY back to college. oh nosss so fast !


February 18, 2010

Titanic 2 Teaser

This is a short and random post. It's the Titanic 2 Teaser. Featuring Haniehidayah.com They're so in love and Nothing on earth could stop between them. ROLF LOL

Nice right! Thanks pOp for the photo. It was Rev-UP event. So happen Advertlets was the adv partner for it, we manage to get featured in Unseen.TV just a lil while towards the end of the clip.

Sorry guys been MIA quite a lot. Plans always fail for me to attend CNY outings, takei outing, painin outing and so forth. NO worries, I will be back.

Twitter updates @ http://twitter.com/mynjayz


February 17, 2010


Happy CNY people! Gong Xi FA Chai. How did you celebrate your new year? I bet it was fun. Well same goes to me. As usual, went back to hometown, Malacca for reunion dinner with the relatives. Then to Johor and now im back to KL.

Here are a few sneak peak photos for CNY post. More to come soon soon !

My grandmother cooked all the dishes.

Reunion dinner with the cousins !

Camho. Chris, Kellie, Kim, Shan, Karyn and myself.

Extra. CNY Photoshoot session.

This year's Vday falls exactly the same day as CNY so I'm not able to celebrate it with anyone. Same goes to the rest of the Cina people I guess. But I manage to watch the MOVIE "Valentines Day" on the premiere screening earlier. It was fairly nice. Not to say da bomb. not gonna do a review here. So it's better for you to watch it yourself. I rate 7 /10.

CNY updates. More to come soon ! Stay tune.


February 12, 2010

Party Day & Night

This is a Random post! I lazy to post those long post. A short one will do for today before the CNY Starts! Clubbing outing with the gang @ Maison Heritage Row. Happenings. Some of our friends seriously dance for their 1st time which they told me they wont dance at. Watching them dance so wildly gives me a good laugh on them. happy to know. For now I guess they love going to clubs. LOL Here are some pictures.

The friends who came.

Maison. Thanks to Chris EE for giving me photographer pass for me to take photos in club. If not I wont have nice and clear photos.

The girls. Serra, Vivian, Tracy, Vicky and Elaine.

Oh partner in crime vavavroomvivian! oh nice pitcha.

DJ Doni G and MC Kraft in action.

They looked like twins ain't they ? Viviana and Vicky.

The old timers. Chris Ee, Tracy and myself.

Suddenly got addicted to Collage photo. lazy to post all photos so thought of doing this.

Oh ya itz jaecent Bday celebration that night. Happy B'day Jaecent. And YES Happy CNY people!

Up next, TITANIC 2 Teaser. Stay tune !


February 8, 2010

Zoe & Xiang's B'day Party

Last Saturday night. Went to Zoe & Xiang's B'day Party @ Cheras. Very big crowd turned up. Mostly all bloggers friends. Around 35 people in 1 house. Made me damn hot and sweaty. As usual, I was one of the last who came. But I didn't realize, is there any cake singing session?

Do spot B'day babes Zoe Yve in purple and Xiang in Grey. Happy B'day to them in advance !

All the photos. COLLAGE !

Xiangcool.com the B'day Boy with da girls. Vic, Sam, Angel and Sherry.

With da B'day girl Zoeyve. finally found someone with dimples to camho.

Group shot of the peeps who came.

It was a milkshake party but didn't get to try any milkshake. I see plenty of gassy drinks instead. Party served Domino's pizza and I realize when I ate the pizza, it was extra huge. Why so huge slice? I never seen such huge pizza before. lol randoms.

This is random as well. I present you, Jeffro. HAHAHA

Anyway It's just Monday and I can't wait for the weekends to come. CHINESE NEW YEAR is around the corner !


February 7, 2010

A Visit To Petrosains Muzika

Do you love music? Personally, I am a music freak. Certainly can't live without music! Well, speaking of Music, have you heard of the Science of Music before? Well, this post is all about the Science of Music @ Petrosains Muzika, KLCC.

A couple of weeks ago, Me and Ellie aka @MissyCheerio went out for a date. We went to the Petrosains Muzika, just to pay a visit for the Muzika section since I never been there before. But I did went to Petrosains for my 4th time already in total.

I remember Petrosains was already there since I was standard 2 or 3. It's about more than 10 years already. Been there for quite some time and it still rocks.

Ellie was getting very excited about it. She starts to get herself something to play once we got in.

The interior outlook when I walked in Petrosains Muzika. It is very spacious. There was around 24 different types of music exhibits for visitors to see, touch and learn from.

Songs about Us
This is how it’s done. Put on the headphones and run the device on the white dots. The songs will be played & from each dot that represent different countries on the globe you will learn a bit about the singers. There are some info given too about the community there.

It's a very interesting device & I was quite impress about this thing. I think I spend 30 mins just standing there with the earphones in my ear!

Ellie playing the HUGE round piano/keyboard.

Very nice musical symbols decorations above the songs about us device.

Air guitars – The gloves
Ellie loved this. You just have to put on the orange gloves provided and strum an imaginary air guitar. The computer software follows your actions. Then the sound is then produced by a computer system. Go try this and be a rock star for a few minutes! LOL.

When I was young I want to be disc jockey (DJ)! Well, that didn’t happen la. But I got to learn how to scratch the vinyl record on the turntable here at the Muzika! So by moving the record (disc) around clock or anti clock wise, different sounds are produced. In real life, this is how they do too! The sounds that is created is then recorded. The end result is an album. Of course in real life production is not that simple.

In conclusion, I think its worth to go in there and experience the muzika adventure. It's just RM6 per entry. There's more stuff to play from what you see here. You'll get to play with lots of music hands on stuff like this one called the giant panpipes! I did played a song 'twinkle twinkle lil star' with it. Video taken using D300s. Watch !

HAHAHA awesome aint it !

Also there's some contest for you to win some awesome prizes if you visit Petrosains Muzika! Yup, both exhibition and contest is running from 8th Jan to 31st March 2010. I’m thinking of visiting again with my brother once he is on school holidays together with my cousins from Ipoh & Penang during the Chinese New Year holidays!

Ok, first step, choose either to enter the Muzika Online Quiz or the Send To Friends contest.

For more information, log in to HERE.

Prizes are different, depending on how you take part in the contest.

But the quiz is pretty easy ;) so take the “harder” option and stand to win more prizes!

1 PS3 to be given away, and 2 Nintendo Wii! Also 3 iPod Touch & 5 iPod Nano!

And on top of the prize you win if you are announced as one of the winners, you will get additional 1 year PETROSAINS membership!

See the fees you save if you have a year’s membership!

Some benefits are like unlimited visits to Petrosains main exhibition area, discounts on special events & programs as well as Invitations to member previews or special promotions.

Admission hours and rates you needa know.

So what are you waiting, free time go pay a visit and experience yourself the Science of Music in Petrosains Muzika okay? haha.