July 31, 2008

Specially for you, Suetmei

Don't miss understood ! She's my 14 years buddy. Some people may miss understood tho. eg lisha. aherm.

Here you go. Happy 18th Birthday, Suetmei !

Hope you like the "present" that Haithal and I got for you. Everyone *jaw drop* and also the b'day card!! my longest production in my entire life. Well, although yesterday's plan failed, blame Elaine Chong who bocorkan the plan. lol. but anyway it doesn't really matter as long as we throw you a good one, right? lol. Thanks to everyone who attended. Especially En.Yusfaizal who came all the way from work at Sungai Buluh. The b'day planner Viv and I. The unexpected ones Paul and Joshua. Sadly Misoka wasn't there.

Well, the Climax part is, birthday girl got smack cake on the face & head ! Everyone *Jaw drop* as well. haha. Too bad we didn't take a video of it. But we have photos ! haha. Stay tune for all the photos people ~

P/S : Suetmei, Doesn't mean you turn 18 already den you can start talking about going to Barcelona, clubbing etc. LOL. cause Viv and Misoka haven reach 18 yet.

July 30, 2008

Yeah ! we only lost 2-0 ?

SHAH ALAM, July 29 – The national selection team lost 2-0 to Chelsea in a friendly match at the Shah Alam Stadium yesterday night. Although I did not for the match go but my friend who went update me about the match. Anyway it's Malaysia's sweet defeat. Compare to Chelsea vs China team 3 days ago. it was freaking 7-0. LOL. Well at least Malaysia did their best. But honnestly I am expecting more form Chelsea to perform better than that. anyway, whatever la, im not a Chelsea fan at all I wont be bragging so much about them... lol

Full time : Malaysia 0 Chelsea 2

Scorers: Chelsea: Nicholes Anelka (30th minute) , Ashley Cole (52nd minute)

This photo was in my previous blog before. Yes, my prediction was right! Malaysia lost only 2-0 to Chelsea. Is it Chelsea putting water or what ? lol. Or maybe Philipe Scolari sucks in coaching them ?! no idea...

LOL. See, I told you so....

Malaysia still boleh !!

July 28, 2008

ARBS I.U Day 2008

Time for ARBS I.U day updates. Their IU was okay for me la to be frank. But I can see that they put a lot of effort in the exhibition part and the booklet. Very nice. But not many turn out because of the time so we can't blame them. But they did quite a good job la. I Love the dance performance tho.

Here are some of the photos. But mostly are stolen from suetmei .
My CS3 have not installed in my pc yet that's why photo editing real sucks. but whtever la..

damn nice can their booklet? impressed.

Wilson's car and my car did actually participate in the ugly cars contest. swt. Both P driver.

This beautiful dark gorgeous yet sexy babe belongs to Misoka's. Jealous sial. Another P driver.

This 2 are the only 3x senior from ARBS who came. Chris and Wayne. Both are extreme Camwhore dudes.

Kakilang.... woots. suetmei, myself and misoka.

Oh ya I tried to imitate smashpOp jump but failed. Nevermind. practise makes perfect.

Okay do not follow this person footsteps. Police says NO !! 160km/h in highway. WTF.

I didn't take much photos. Blame the boss of that 400D, Wilson. He went back home early. Well, that concludes ARBS I.U day post.

Daughtry : Part 3

Okay, Part 3 is here and hopefully it's the final part. Don't want to drag again la. Cause I am waiting for my friend to send to me nicer photos of Daughtry. Reason is because she was standing just rite in front of the stage. Damn, such a lucky girl but nevermind la. Hate procrastinating.

As I said before no cameras and videocam are allowed. But amazingly, we did brought our camera in. we escaped from the scan thinggy. So exited about it but in the end also photos ain't that good cause we are so far behind. Wanted to sardine push ourself in front but only manage to get further up front a bit only.

This photo was taken at chilies balcony. Kinda nice view but seems to be quite far. and the photo quality not so good. don't blame me, life without SLR is lidat.

All waving up hands and jumping like crazy people. LOL but i still cant see Chris well.

Okay finally I went in and this is a better view from far. OMG it's Daughtry ! Observe everyone holding their phones only.

Close up photo from audience view . A better one.

This photo is from a friend blog actually, Justine. I must acknowledge you. lol. This is the best. itz Chris Daughtry !!! arghhhhh.

Chris with his electric guitar. Singing the song that mean so much to me. It's HOME .

LOL. Look at that !! That's the girl Anna who reserve the tix for me. Spotted her banner at youtube videoclip! funny. She even got a photo with Chris Daughtry! all girls out there who is a big fan of him sure jealous rite now.

Okay, If you all miss the show that night? Watch this !! lol

That's all about Daughtry. Sorry no nice photos. But the feeling being there was great. Daughtry gave us a great show. You will know if you were there. =)

July 27, 2008

Daughtry : Part 2

Okay chill, I know u all have been waiting for this but what can I post when you see this photo ?!


There stated no cameras and videocam is allowed in there. WTF right?! Everyone who brought their cam all kena rampas at the entrance. Got scan, body check and stuff. I kesian those peeps who brought SLR cam. All cannot bring in. Only hand phones are allowed. See what kinda rule is this?! Phone also got camera and video wad. Very disappointed lor.

OMG is this the end of the road? well I hope not! Stay tune for more updates aite. I felt super lazy to update my blog now. Too tired yesterday I guess. I could even slept in church this morning. Snoring some more. swt.

Stay tune peeps~

Daughtry : Part 1

Ohh gosh it's 2am and I just came back from Daughtry traffic jam street party @ 1Utama. Dude, they seriously ROCKS! But 1 thing bad about the event is that Daughtry appear only at 11pm! Where the time starts stated at the tickets is 7pm. Basically we just waste our 4 hours standing there lor. Listening to those local acts and DJ songs before the arrival of Daughtry. Well, all those are craps. Anyway Daughtry, ROCKS !!

Here are some sneak preview.

7pm - MIDNIGHT ?! wtf. I should come at 11pm... Where it really starts.

Yeah Daughty wristband. To prove i was there jumping like crazy people with them. lol.

Exited? lol. Well, too bad I am very tired rite now and I need rest. Daughtry traffic jam street party Part 2 continues. Stay tune~

July 24, 2008

Roti Empat Segi ?

Well this is for you before you leave to Singapore. Take that !

What ! Roti Empat Segi ? lol.

Okay, truth reveales. Some of my friends keep wondering what roti empat segi is all about. Some even can say it's a pad?! wtf. haha. Well it's just an updated version of roti canai kosong. The roti empat segi tastes fresher, nicer, crispier and has a square shape! Compare to the normal one, quite boring for me already. Well, roti telur also has the same characteristic but it doesn't called " Empat Segi ".

I went for mamak for many years and it has been my lifeline since then. What comes in my mind when there's no food in the house is MAMAK. Every week at least 5 times must be there. It has become my favourite place to chill. and guess what I don't even know Roti Empat Segi exist ! I've tried every single shit in the mamak you name it but not this ! lol. Thanks to the founder. You know who you are. Since then, ordering roti empat segi never been boring anymore plus it always reminds me of her...... farny~

Oh shit, this is seriously a crappy post !

Hey you, empat segi. My job is done. lol. Suprise? I don't think so. and and, im not BULAT okayy. lol. Anyway, be safe to Singapore tomorrow and enjoy your sem break holiday. Buy something for me from Singapore larrhhh.

July 23, 2008

Syok Sendiri !

Yea, I was bored the whole day today. Nothing much for me to do other then just sit in front of the computer and waste my time there. Well since Joshua said the movie Dark Night was extremely nice that he would over rate the movie to 10/5 ! wtf ?! Said that I need to watch it ASAP ! Eventually I did went and watch that movie, ALONE ! I can't seem to find anyone who is free to teman cause all have classes. While my exam finals is already over. and I bought it for... err 5 bucks?! Cheap cause it's Wednesday!

Well, the movie was kinda okay for me la. Not that bad either. I would rate 7/10. Cause it has no happy ending. Dark night is being haunted in the end. But one thing I like about dark night is the posters ! You can find lots of them. All of them are super nice. Here are some of those.

Woahhh, Damn nice can ?! lol.
This movie is nice! haven't watch? Must go watch.
Don't blame me. Im just wasting my time for updates.

July 22, 2008

I LOVE Daughtry

Wooooootttts! Exam is over and Im sick of Daughtry. I mean sick as in crazy of them ! These few days keep listening the song Home over and over again. Urgh. wtf. Plus other of his songs as well la. Anyway who is going for Daughtry traffic jam street party @ 1Utama this Saturday ?!! Hurm, as far as I know that Daughtry will perform all of their album songs for the whole night! It's party babeeh. Who's joining? Mojosh are u going?

Anyway thanks to my friend, Anna for winning those tickets from hitz.fm. Without her, I will be watching Daughtry concert with a binoculars distance! ( Referring to the free zone for non tickets ). Now, no fuss on purchasing a new Sony phone and also no worries for not getting a nice spot for Daughtry's concert.

P/ S : I guess after that traffic jam party onwards, I will be loving traffic jams. Being stuck in the traffic jam will never be boring again.

July 21, 2008

Arbs I.U Day


Take Note
Please take note for the time changes of their I.U day. Since this Saturday turn out to be a schooling day according to the goverment, so they couldn't make it in the morning. They gonna postpone the time from 10.00am - 1.30pm to 4.00pm - 6.30pm. This is a last minute changes, please update your time schedule.

Do come and show your support to those kids who worked so hard to prepare this I.U day, alright?

P/ S : For those who don't feel like paying for the entrance fee cause you don't know weather it's worth it paying 10 bucks or not, do come and find me personally. I will turn your 10 bucks to free entrance! lol.

Weng Khuan if you see this, don't be mad at me, im just trying to help promoting.

July 20, 2008

Finally, 18 !

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yeash ! Xiowei had finally turned 18 years young TODAY ! She is thinking of going clubbing already wth? Well, you love the suprise? love the cake? love the B'day card? love us all? haha. leave you to tell us everything u felt.

So, Happy 18th Birthday, young women.

Hey, you are not a small girl anymore right? Photo caption seriously gone wrong. Blame that ROTI EMAPT SEGI for still treating you so small. Anyway, May all your wishes come true and all the best in everything you do ! Good luck in your "College Life" If you know what I mean. LOL.

P/ S : Grow Taller & Try Harder !

160cm ?! not a problem....

July 17, 2008

Amateur culinary product

Asparagus serve in Hollandaise sauce. Best serve with a good glass of white wine.

How was it ? You do the rating !

July 16, 2008

What the hell ?!

What the hell ?! Haha. I was browsing all my photo collections earlier this morning since I never viewed it for so long already and booom I found this ! Vivian and myself. It was roughly about 2 years ago @ Dome, KLCC. A joint birthday party for Saf, Mich and Viv. Haha I was like Wooahhh..... Such a huge difference ! Vivian, agree ?

Anyway peeps who often sees me nowadays only can differentiate. Crawp! I look like a girl last time, don't I ? Vivian looks so......... erm I think I leave u all to judge. hahaha.

P/S : Don't misunderstood. She is my KDU kaki punya friend. Also the founder of roti empat segi !

Seriously guys, should I quit culinary arts course and take up Mass Comm? lol.

July 15, 2008

Sign of relief

Guess what? I Passed all my practical exams !!!

Pastry, butchery. Especially larder exam. About out of 60 people who is taking the exams, around 20 people are the ones who passed. I'm one of the 20 people! Well, just a sign of relief towards this exam because if u happen to fail, you need to resit by paying 100 bucks. Resit and fail again? bye bye. You'll be forced to retake the whole semester again. How sucks is that gonna be. That's why I often see people changing course all the time.

Seriously, I did felt like Im working in a real restaurant yesterday cause we have limited time to finish up our products. 3 products to be exact. We have been given 1 hour to finish up everything and I've been pressured by time. It's my first time though and it's a sign of relief I manage to finish it on time and a pass for it. With my whole body sweating like bathing sweat. My hard work paid off.

Big Jason quote :
PCT4 Group F for the win.
One for all, All for one. One succeed, all succeed ! One die, leave him to rot !

Practical exam done ! Theory exam on the go...

July 14, 2008

Sorak Sorak 2008 !

No suprises, I went for the Cheer 2008 on 13th of July at the Putra Indoor Stadium in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. For the first time went for this kinda thingy. Not so fancy of cheer leading but its quite enjoyable la. Admission is free so it's worth it coming.

Anyway I just took a few photos only cause my camera sucks can't zoom that far like those DSLR lens. lol.

Once I came it's already full house!

Crowd no. 1 Xavier supporters. I was sitting with them though.


Crowd no. 2 Look at that! ants....


Jian was the host for the Cheer 2008 and he was just standing in front of me. I was going to say to him u look like Kelvin Loh ! lol. Right?! for those who realise it den good! Below are the results for Cheer 2008.

- SMK Seri Bintang Utara

1st Runner Up
Dynamitez - SMK Damansara Jaya

2nd Runner Up
Stunners All Boys Team - Sri KDU

3rd Runner Up
Titans - AMC Ipoh

4th Runner Up
Xavier - Convent Bukit Nanas

Best Showmanship
SMK Seri Bintang Utara

Best Cheer
SMK Puteri Titiwangsa

Best Supporter
SMK Convent Bukit Nanas

Best Newcomer
SMK Cochrane (All Boys Team)

Silkygirl Merit Award
SMK Seri Bintang Utara

Anyway SEGi College is the co-sponsor for the Cheer 2008 event. SBU ( Seri bintang Utara ) are the winners and every single one of them got a full 100% scholarship either in diploma or degree courses from SEGI !

Damn siao can?

July 12, 2008

Anything and whatever !

Anything and Whatever!? Yes, I tried both of it today and it's already on market in Malaysia.

Anything is carbonated and is made up in six flavours : Cola, Cola with Lemon, Apple, Fizz Up, Cloudy Lemon and Root Beer.
Whatever is non-carbonated and is made in six flavours as iced tea : Ice Lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, White Grape Tea, Apple Tea and Chrysanthemum Tea.

The drinks have a unique packaging concept such that every beverage has a generic design, with no way of telling what flavour is contained in the can. This prevents the consumers from being aware of the flavour of the purchased beverage until they drink it. I found it quite fun, so I went to wallup them.

Believe me, I bought one dozen of them ! Damn siao can?

P/S : Well, an observant drinker can, however, make an educated guess by looking at the ingredients specification on the side of the can. But it's better to just simply drink what you get without looking at it.

Farewell Yuhan

One of our friend are going to study overseas ! lol. Well not gonna be that fast yet. Who? is Yuhan. An old friend of mine since standard 1? Till now and still counting. He's going to kampar, Ipoh. I think so. Studying petroleum engineering in some University Petronas Malaysia. damn geng can? Correct me if I'm mistaken. Though yesterday was our last day reunion at @ Nandos Amapng Point branch to gather everyone to throw him a simple farewell party. Surprisingly everyone came. Quite a numbers of us came. Yuhan must be happy. Well, that's all about it. Good luck in Ipoh and all the best dude.

I guess i will see you in the next 2 weeks, you'll be coming back for ARBS I.U day anyway. =.=

Photo of the day... Look at Kelvin's expression, damn siao can?

P/S : Yuhan, Do bring back home with a girl alright? Ipoh is the place where pretty and smart girls are born. lol.

July 9, 2008

Get more sleep people !

Well, I found this article somewhere and wanna share with ya'll. To those who always sleeps less den 5 hours a day, this article is useful for you. I never thought those facts were true. But people wont post it if it's Craps rite?

These are the 5 surprising reasons to get more sleep !

It could make you thinner...

The less sleep you get, the higher your body mass index tends to be. Research showed that people who sleep five hours a night were found to have 15 per cent more ghrelin (a hormone that boosts hunger) in their bodies and 15 per cent less leptin (which suppresses it) than those sleeping eight hours.

It could boost your memory...

Sleep plays a key role in making new memories stick in the brain. A Harvard experiment showed that subjects taught complex finger movements such as a piano scale recalled them better after 12 hours’ sleep than 12 hours’ wakefulness.

It can fight colds, ulcers and even cancer...

Good sleep boosts the immune system. Melatonin, produced when you sleep, is a cancer-fighting antioxidant. Night-shift workers may have up to 70 times greater risk of breast cancer. Also, the chemical to repair damage to the stomach lining is secreted during sleep, so staying up all night regularly could raise your risk of ulcers.

It can slow down ageing...

Persistent sleep debt affects carbohydrate meta-bolism and hormone function in a way that may increase the severity of age-related chronic disorders. A large-scale study concluded that people who sleep six to seven hours a night lived longer than those sleeping less than 4.5 hours.

It could keep you orderly...

If you’re a child, that is. The depression and low self-esteem often associated with just being a teenager actually correlate with sleep shortage. Young kids who sleep poorly are more than twice as likely to take to drink and drugs in adolescence.

So those who always complain they got eyebags and black eyes cause lack of sleep, see now you know its important to get more sleep ! So people, do your thing.

July 8, 2008

Chelsea Asia Tour 2008 - Malaysia


Date : 29 July 2008 (Tuesday)

Team: Malaysian Selection vs Chelsea
Venue: Shah Alam Stadium

For more information,
click here.

Im looking forward to see Felipe Scolari coaching Chelsea for the first time. Hope they wont beat Malaysia a 8-0 knockout but giving them a little mercy so that the match will be interesting and competitive. At least let those truely Malaysian Football Fans feel that it's worth it watching.

LOL. See, I told you so....

As far as I know, it kinda like a lifetime opportunity, Chelsea football club ( The Blues ) is coming to Malaysia, so everyone will be interested. i GUESS. But not to those Manchester United Fans right?! lol. Well, Manchester United fans can just watch LIVE in Astro tho. Is kinda stressful going there with such huge crowd and coming back home late at night. When you're not a big fan of them, well you'll have this kind of reaction. Right?

Also, I found something crappy about the rules and regulation.

Students who purchase the RM23 tickets are required to wear their school uniform to the stadium. Those who fail to do so will not be granted entry.

Notice it ? Common this match will be at night 8.45pm. Those students won't wanna wear their school uniforms to the stadium that late right? Why don't just make it student price below 18. haha. Crappy.

Malaysia Boleh also la.....

July 3, 2008

Short Updates !

It's been few days I've not update my blog already due to exams is starting next week! Practical exam to be exact. The following week will be theory exam and Malaysian studies etc. Seriously I am in a pressured situation. Well, no matter what happen, I just hope I won't fail that's all. Private college is ain't cheap ya know. Resit a subject may cost 100 bucks! if you happen to fail twice, you will need to retake the whole semester again. Waste of time and money. That's why College rules and policy real suck. Pray hard I will get to pick an easy question for my practical exam.

Next up is a reminder or more to say a notice to all in case if ya'll are interested. SMK Seri Ampang ( ARBS ) I.U day will be on the 26th of July. (Confirm date) As i know the theme for their I.U will be "Greek". Well I am not too sure. For more info you can contact Weng Khuan (
Qian² ). Too bad I won't be attending my juniors I.U day since I got my exam happening on the same date and the same time. Well, too bad, exam is more important.

Anyway, Finally I got both of the Home and Away MU jersey by now !


Elaine Chong, don't be jealous, I know u do. After a long season only I manage to get them. Im happy for now.