May 31, 2008

Kobe Drives Lakers to The Finals

Kobe Bryant #24 and Lamar Odom #7 of the Los Angeles Lakers slap hands while taking on the San Antonio Spurs in Game Five of the Western Conference Finals.

YES!!! The Lakers are headed back to The Finals for the first time in four years. The defending champs San Antonio Spurs didn’t have enough to hold on to a 17-point advantage as Kobe Bryant erupted for 17 of his 39 points in the fourth quarter to dethrone the Spurs, 100-92, on Thursday and send the Lakers to The Finals for the first time since 2004, when Kobe is with big Shaq at that moment.

Well, After taking the Western Conference Finals 4-1, the Lakers now await the winner of the Pistons-Celtics series. They are in 3-2 currently. Celtics is leading by winning 3 games whereby Pistons leading winning games by 2 matches. The NBA Finals tip off June 5 at 9 p.m.

And I am proudly to present you the Western Conference Champion, Lakers!

P/S : Elaine Chong, you must be very happy about Lakers entering the finals!!

Finally, back for updates?

Erm, I don't know why but I felt very tired these days. Despite of being busy, was kinda addicted to Facebook. Why? Cause my friends often asked me to buy them as favorite pets! told me to be active in my Facebook account. where I am not active at all since I registered as a member. Also, one of the reason I start playing due to applications overwhelming. So all these while I was just on Facebook. Wasn't as committed as previous week blogging FOODS!? lol. Well basically need to be even in both sides. lol.

By the way, damn I think I gonna need to lessen my post updates here due to exams approaching. Should be in a month time. Plus project and assignments are not done yet! Thus, doing much revision is vital for my upcoming exams. It is practical exam to be exact. Also as usual, Malaysian Studies which is in the LAN subjects, was extreme bored and sleepy when sitting in the lecture hall for 3 hours plus listening to politics. Again?! Yeah and I was shivering with a jacket on. Screw it! No longer gonna attend anymore.

Oh man, this post seems a lot of words. Gonna cut down. I know no one is gonna read it! Mostly only Malaysians readers. Malaysian style, "tengok" but don't "baca". Get what I mean? lol. But no worries, just some updates to make my blog alive! But most probably I'll will not be back for long till my 1st semester exams are over. We'll see.

Lastly, Photo of the day
A new PSP?! lol. Currently set to be my new accompanier. This gadget Rocks!

P/S : Anyone out there still got some PSP games to share with me? I need em' Seriously.

May 30, 2008

Gastronomic Tourism Conference 2008


Erm, recently my college
had organized the very first dining tourism conference at KDU College’s School of Hospitality and Tourism in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by our celebrity chef Zamzani Abdul Wahab, popularly known as “Chef Zam,”. He is the senior chef there. The 2008 Gastronomic Tourism Conference will highlight molecular gastronomy, a method of cooking using scientific principles. Presenting chefs include Heiko Antoniewicz, a German chef who has created menus for Prince Harald of Norway and the U.K.’s Queen Elizabeth and author of “Finger Foods. And it will be shown in AFC ( Asian Food Channel ) sooner or later I suppose. Cause it is sponsored by AFC based on what I saw from the sponsorship section in KDU college. So, I assume I will be spotted on TV if it's really on AFC. lol.

May 25, 2008

Transformation !

Damn, look at me last time! Super slim and super fair right? Can't accept the fact how I look like right now. Lots of comments people commented on the difference of how I look like 2 years ago from now. A super HUGE transformation. Right? Compare to now, you can see how chubby and plum am I. You know what, I have limited shirts to wear right now. Why? Expend already. Shirts can't fit me anymore. Just being honest here cause I think I shouldn't be ashamed on how my physical appearance look like.

The photo beside is not edited, it's original. Can you believe that's me?! Besides, Suetmei actually did her part. She was really serious about her diet though. She lost around more den 8 kilos already in just a week or two. Me, still almost the same. Can't see much difference. In fact, I'm getting even broader and broader.

Man, I need to seriously go on for a tight diet.

P/S : Anyone has some diet tips to share?

May 24, 2008

Sea foods wallups !

Warning ! Tempting sea foods dishes is about to appear...

We did all these simple basic sea food dishes in college earlier this week. They are quite tempting, So erm, just a reminder before you proceed, please la don't lick the screen monitor alright?! lol.

Fresh Oyster served with lemon.

The chinese called it lala... Stir fried Chinese style.

We killed the live crab and this is the product, Black pepper crab...

Grilled prawn with special filling topped with cheddar cheese.

Sweet and sour slippers lobsters..

Grilled muscles stuffed with beef bacon topped with garlic and cheese.

5 different sea food dishes platter. Amazing!

WOAH!! Does it look tempting to you?! I'm sure it does. Believe me, it taste like heaven. But opps, I miss out lobster ! damn..... Never mind, next time I will post more. It's all about the flavour man. Woots, I'm lovin' it.

May 22, 2008

American Idol shoking results

It's was early in the morning after watching the UEFA Champions League. Then I rememberd that there is American Idol results show today. So, 8am I was watching amrican Idol results show LIVE in Starworld with my sleepy eyes and my dead body. The whole morning didn't get any sleep though.

While I was watching den i was like WTF!!! what's really shocking was that ~~


won the freakin' American Idol.

Based on their performance, I agreed with the judges that David Archuleta deserve to win the American Idol. It's was a 3-0 knockout performance round for David Archuleta. But unfortunately, David Cook has the most vote compared to David Archuleta. After a record breaking more than 97 million votes, America crowned the new American Idol!
Is that SHOCKING or what ??!!

I was super suprise and shocked like what happen this early morning between the match Manchester United and Chelsea. Was like totally lost hope at first cause I thought David Archuleta was obviously the winner. Then ended up david Cook was the winner. Woahh, it's my double happiness today! Manchester United won the UEFA Champions League cup + David Cook won the American Idol. Wooohoo !!

Below is the winning song from David Cook. Entitle : Time of my life.

Anyhow, David Archuleta is not that bad after all. He deserve a credit too.

P/S : For Chelsea fans and David Archulet's fans in the same shot at once, I am so so SORRY about it. lol.

The King of Europe

Man Utd
1-1 Chelsea
: Incredible penalty spot kick drama

" Manchester United became kings of Europe for the third time on a night of high drama and emotion in Moscow as they beat Chelsea 6-5 on penalties after a 1-1 draw after extra time. "

Cristiano Ronaldo scores the first goal before Frank Lampard scores the equalizer before half time. As the second half is on, in terms of possession and shots chances on goal attempt, I shall say Chelsea won both of it. With the shot chances from
Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard hit the bar twice as they struggle through to the extra time, then penalty shoot out.

Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar was the hero with a penalty save to deny Nicolas Anelka after Chelsea captain John Terry had missed the chance to win the Blues the trophy by firing his own spot-kick hit the post. I was hoping Chelsea to miss the penalty when Cristiano Ronaldo miss the 3rd penalty spot. and surprisingly, John Terry indeed missed the penalty. lol.

As now I'm speechless and was too exited so I will let the photos to the talkings.

<span class=
The Luzhniki Stadium prepares to welcome two English teams for the first time in Champions League final history.

<span class=
The Champions League trophy waits expectantly to be won again, having been handed back by last year's winners AC Milan.

<span class=
An on-fire Cristiano Ronaldo leapt highest to score his 42nd goal of the season, but it would be in vain as Frank Lampard made it 1-1 before half-time.

<span class=
LUCKY LAMPARD? Can consider as a lucky shot for Frank Lampard.

<span class=
Drogba sees red?!! He was sent off for a pointless, stupid and useless slap on Nemanja Vidic face at the end of extra-time. Crappy isn't he.

<span class=
Ronaldo misses in the penalty shoot-out, but he wouldn't be made to pay for it.

<span class=
Chelsea skipper John Terry lies on the turf after missing the penalty which would have given Chelsea the Cup. Thanks to him that Man Utd wins the title.

<span class=
Edwin Van der Sar celebrates as he dived to save Nicolas Anelka's penalty, giving Man Utd a famous win in Moscow. Wooohooo!!

<span class=
Finally, the celebration. Manchester United are the Champions of Europe and the Champions of England too. They are the greatest in the globe. beat that!

John Terry, don't cry. We all thank you and salute you! Try again next season. Without you, I think I wont be posting this anyway. lol.

Me . Man Utd . for LIFE

May 21, 2008

UEFA Champions League Final 2008

The Moment of truth...

It's gonna be early in the morning 22nd of March at Moscow, kick off 3.00am live in Malaysia time. Where the English giants, Manchester United are going against Chelsea in the finals. So everyone must not miss this match. Is a MUST that Manchester United is winning the Champions League title. They are in great form right now but Chelsea are not. So, I hope luck is on Manchester United's side.

UEFA Champions League Cup trophy...

Chelsea Manchester United are going to be legends by tomorrow morning. Are you wearing in blue red later?
Is a must if you are supporting Chelsea Man Utd. lol. To show spirit!

Me . Man Utd
. for LIFE .

May 19, 2008

Both David's are in the finals

Both David's are in the finals. Both of them are super talented. They can totally swoon-worthy, and both are totally capable of making the audience goes crazy of them. David Cook and David Archuleta, who will win? For my personal choice, I think David Cook will win the American Idol. lol. Although there is more Archuleta fans out there but I got the feeling Cook still will win it.

and I am a David COOK fan...

To the americans, do vote for David Cook alright!

May 18, 2008

College Crap post...

Damn, it's Saturday and I still need to go to college for Malaysian studies subject. Plus I gotta go there super early today due to my lil small girl wanted to go college to do some unfinished assignments and projects with her group mates. So i fetch her and bla bla bla 4 hours gone, In the end still remain the same. lol.

Okay as Malaysian studies is on, I was half dead in the lecture hall. Was sleeping! cause they were discussing about politics stuff in Malaysia. Ya know, I am suck in it. So, I don't give much a damn to Malaysia politics. Not much interest in it. Bla Bla Bla 2 and a half hour gone! and we are going to One Utama to catch Narnia.

LOL. Now, I shall let the photos do the takings.

<span class=
We went for Narnia, Prince of Caspian. Nice or not? you judge.

<span class=
We went to Mac'd to tried up Mega Mac. Tried big mac chant but failed? LOL.

<span class=
Mega Mac with 4 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, onions, pickles on a sesame seed bun. Yeah, it's worth the money lahh ordering that...

When advertisement comes to reality. You don't actually get what you see in the advertisement.

How about this? But I prefer Carles Junior burgers and fries. More genuine.

The captions said it all. Seriously, this girl is our most perasan princess. lol.

See the way she finishes her burger also know la. Lettuce throw away, sauce all dropping, peeling off buns skin.

Princess and her ji mui U-jean.

The Laughter and the happy moments.

Ohh ya this is what we did in pastry classes last friday.

LOL. Does it Look tempting to you?

Oh that's all for today. Feeling suprise anot, Princess? Hope you don't really mind, just having fun ma right?

May 15, 2008

Updates : Marié Digby live in K.L

Here is the updates of yesterday's night Marié Digby open showcase @ One Utama. I tell you what, she definitely Rocks the night by singing 5 of her album debut songs for the crowd if I'm not mistaken. It was super crowded until we all pushing like sandwich just for the sake of taking videos and photos. Anyway, I thought I was going alone at first but in the end my brother accompanied me and few of his friends too. So, I won't be so lonely la.

Okay, here is my journey all along from 6.30pm-10.30pm. I think I can let the photos do the talking.

<span class=
Chilling up @ Starbucks before the event.

<span class=
6.50pm. The crowd from the first floor.

<span class=
Look the the white paper. For special zone passes only? damn pissed off, they were blocking me the whole night.

<span class=
The crowd is filling up the space.

<span class=
Backdrop of the event, with 2 acoustic guitar.

<span class=
MC of the night. Roshan and the girl dunno who. lol.

Marié Digby in action with the piano. Sorry, my cam is not good at zoom-ing. No DSLR that's why.

Guitar performance with song entitle ' Say it again '

Marié Digby and her guitar partner.

Who can sing like
Marié Digby? The small lil girl in green called Kimberley, she won the Yamaha acoustic guitar by singing the best among the rest.

Ma brother Chris and myself. To prove I was there la.

Posing with the poster. Insane of me...

Opps.. Here comes the end of the post. Overall, it's was quite satisfying for me. I got poster of hers and of cause her CD as well!!
See, this shows I am a huge fan of Marié Digby. lol.

If you guy don't know her yet, you can try to listen to her new album songs. Quite nice.

P/S : No videos uploaded here cause it takes a long time uploading it. So, I'll just keep it for myself la. lol.

May 13, 2008

Can you believe this ?

You know what, once after I came back from college today, I realised that my house door was wide opened. Didn't know what happen until I went in and there is one kind of smell all over in the house. Smells like Carbon + smoke all over the house. I was curious about it. I thought it was from my body cause I was doing butchery class cutting chicken this morning in college. Till I asked my mum why. She replied, house on fire earlier this afternoon.

I was like WHAT?! serious ar.....

Brother added in the conversation. Tole me that mum went out with him without turning off the stove fire while boiling a big pot of soup. While so, the soup evaporates to the air and left the pot empty. Then it starts to burn and smoke sign was noticed by my neighbour and they called the balai bomba ( fireman ). At the same time, my house alarm rang. Then the alarm notify all of our phones and mum suspected something either it was a fire scene happened or house broke in. She rushed back home and at the same time the fireman arrive.
Everyone was curious about it, all went surrounded my house and check what happened.

In the end, just a small fire burning happened, kitchen damaged a little and carbon smoke smell is all over my house now and I can't stand the smell, simply atrocious. Can you believe this is happening? You may think it's a small thing, what if no one cares + no alarm? I could have lost my kitchen home.

Anyway enough of that. Updates time. LOL

Why are they with us? vivian and suetmei sleeping behind while on our way back home.

Haithal is offically a KDU-ian from now. Taking Diploma in Mass Comm. Feeling grateful. got driver already.

Wah, sure anot ? car starts to shake already lor in that speed...

Vivian, nice anot this photo? Credits to Haithal's DSLR. =P

College stuff for viewing purposes only. lol.

This is called koughlof. This is nice. Isn't it?

Bun dough. Looks nice and shinny ehh?

That all for today. Stay tune updates for Marie Digby acoustic showcase @ One Utama tommorow.