August 31, 2008

Malaysia 51th Independance Day

Happy 51th independence day, Malaysia!

This year it seems that the feeling of patriotism is not that strong after the previous 50th Merdeka that was on last year. Last year merdeka was a blast! Cause it's the 50th. I don't know whats the reason our desire towards patriotism this year is no longer in us where by we are more exited for MIFC at Putrajaya, Avril Lavigne's concert, 4th myJAYsian anniversary rather than looking forward on our own 51th Merdeka day? Totally no idea. LOL. Last year, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of mistakes that the nations had done by choosing the wrong political base party ruling that is based on race, color and religion. This year, 51 mark the new beginning for Malaysia. This year is going to change…! Malaysia will strive towards civilization, humanity and equality! Woots.


Happy 51th Independence day, Malaysia. Still proud to be one. Am looking forward for Malaysia's 100th Independence day. Where I will be 67 years old by then. lol.

To the malays. Selamat meyambut hari kemerdekaan yang ke 51 dan selamat meyambut ramadhan. LOL.

August 29, 2008

Menu For This Week !

Another week had passed. So, I am here again to post up some foods, etc. All those food below was done by me and my classmates in college. Some of em of cause from our lecturer. lol. and please don't lick the computer screen aite. Enjoy !

Gardemanger is a French term for the cool, well-ventilated pantry area (usually in hotels and large restaurants) where cold buffet dishes are prepared and other foods are stored in refrigerated units. Some of the items prepared in a gardemanger are cold salads, pâtés, chaud-froids and other decorative dishes.

Cheesy cheese cream dip with choice of veggies.

Puff pastry in the making. Just came out freshly from the oven.

A bowl of heavy and rich flavorful green pea soup.

A huge generous amount of lamb shank braise and slow cooked in own juices, comes together with brown sauce serve with risotto rice and pre-grilled veggies.

We sold the appetizer soup and the main course just for RM 8.00 ! outside you can at least pay about RM30++ for those.

Hungry by now ??!!

I will give 2 thumb's up !! What about YOU ?


Oh ya by the way............

Avril Lavigne's Concert in Malaysia !


It explains everything. I FFK-ed her and YES, I sold off the tickets and also didn't manage to go to the fireworks finale either at Putrajaya. VERY much Disappointed. What a lazy Friday. Ended up yum cha session at oldtown with my kaki's. Sigh.

August 26, 2008

Misoka's 18th !

It's Misoka's 18th Birthday. Celebrated at Delicious. Firstly, Xiow Wei and I was late for the celebration ! We can't find exactly where Delicious restaurant is located. So they waited and waited and waited.

All of a sudden, Misoka gone hungry. lol.

Waited for almost 30 minutes. At last, We arrived.

Attendees of the day. Sorry I didn't have Xiowei's photo ! lol.

He was forced to wear the afro clown wig for the whole night until the clock strikes 12am. lol

Speechless for this photo.

After dining, we went for our second half at the Eye On Malaysia. Located at Titiwangsa lake. So we camwhored in the lift on our way to the car park ! lol. Parking ticket cost 10 bucks for just an hour +

(Photo credits to suetmei !)

FYI, they are the usual kaki lepak. lol

I love this photo! and ya, suetmei is missing.

lol. =P

Next destination, Eye On Malaysia. More photos! Just let the photos do the talking. lol.

Taken with the worse compact camera ever, Olympus FE-280. LOL.

Too heavy, I can't jump anymore....

=_______= Speechless....

I'll leave it to your imagination. Quoted by Misoka.

Once I said it's my 1st and the last riding the eye, but in the end also been forced to sit another time. Which is my second time. Everyone was so scared of the height. Omg, and I have no feelings up there. =___=

After the ride. We had a group photo with the eye. Smiles..... The eye is gonna move to Malacca next year !

Lastly, The photo of the day....


Woots, Finally come to an end. Hope Misoka is happy with his NEW ipod.
Where everyone jealous about it. lol. Once again Happy 18th Birthday, Miso. Sorry, it's BELATED already.

More photos coming up @ Misoka's and Suetmei's blog. Stay Tune ~

The End.

August 24, 2008

mynjayz Crap Post !

Crap Post 1 :

People say that it's good to bring me out for breakfast, lunch or dinner with them. Or maybe supper. The question in your head is WHY must be me?!

Well, The photo explains everything.
LOL. Known as the DBKL. (Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur ) =___=

Crap Post 2 :

Perodua had launched a new Myvi in Malaysia recently on the 22th of August. It comes with a better exterior and interior look and more various choices of color to choose.

What colour they have? there you go.


The dashboard is redesigned with new trimmed centre cluster and meter combi. The radio and music player now handles MP3/WMA. It also has USB and bluetooth connectivity.

New meter look ? Suppose so.

Spot the difference? New bumper with new reflectors and new LED combination tail lights.

Want to know more? Click Here !

Crap Post 3 :

Yeah Avril's concert is back on ! Officially on the 29th Of August. Bryan Lim must be happy rite now. LOL. I buy your tickets can anot? since u got a pair of em.

Yeah, 10,000 tickets are sold, why not just put on the concert for the fans ?

Avril's concert organizers, Galaxy have commented that the punk princess Avril Lavigne will dress accordingly during her performance here in Malaysia.
Also said that the show would not have any "negative elements." Malaysia requires performers to be covered from chest to knees and avoid clothes that feature obscene or drug-related images, as well as eschewing any jumping, shouting, hugging and kissing on stage.

mynjayz :" Covered from chest to knee ? " WTF.... But at least we are happy that the government had approved Avril's concert to be on this 29th of August. lol. We vote for BN next year !

Avril Lavigne : Take that ! lol.

I'm seriously going without tickets. lol. But I want to buy your another ticket, Bryan Lim !

Crap Post 4 :

Olympic Beijing 2008 had come to an end with China having the most Gold medals in hand dominated the medal tally against the United States Of America by a mile. I was certainly amaze by the Chinese athletes that dominated the GOLD medals in this year Olympic where all the previous Olympic were dominated by the Americans. Bravo for the Chinese!
And also not to forget our own country Malaysia, with the only silver medal in hand by badminton player Chong Wei Lee who had been given the "DATUK" name a couple days ago by the government.

mynjayz : The Chinese citizen in Malaysia surely happy about it. At least another chinese with a "DATUK" name. lol. We vote for BN next year !


Bye bye Beijing and Hello London in another 4 years time ! lol.

Crap Post 5 :

Finally, Decrease in petrol price !

Petrol price of RON97 would drop by 15 sen from RM2.70 per litre to RM2.55 per litre from today onwards. Woots. At least I can save a lil by now. Long term wise.

August 23, 2008

Menu For This Week !

Well, I've decided to blog at least 1 post about food every week once. It's kinda weird where I cook but you don't see me post anything about food here instead I posted more about photography and stuff. lol.

Okay, the menu for this week is Chinese style stir fried clams. But did I mix a bit of thai style in it too. This was done at my friends house. Did saw some cheap clams sold at Giant store so I grab some of those and ta-daa~ The results.

It tasted superbly nice.

damn hungry liao?

Want Ingredients and procedure? ask me personally. Lazy to type out one whole list of it. LOL. Chill.


Stay tune for Misoka Haithal's Birthday celebration and Eye on Malaysia outing post soon ! Need to grab the photos from the owner of the 400D.

August 21, 2008

Avril Lavigne concert Cancelled ?


WTF. Avril's concert cancelled? Can't you believe it? Avril Lavigne concert was called off and was canceled 3 days ago according to the news media press saying that it may taint the Muslim-majority country's independence day celebrations on the 31th of August and could not be held on 29th of August, which is two days ahead of Malaysia independence day.

The Islamic opposition also did slammed her show as being "too sexy" saying the singer's "prancing" performances were not suitable for locals. According to the opposition Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS), saying the young pop-punk star's loud shows were not in line with local culture.

Said Herman Samsudeen. "This show is not suitable for our local culture, our independence month should be marked by respect and not remembered by inviting the off springs of colonists who will teach our children how to become modern monkeys, prancing around without any purpose. We don't want our people, our teenagers, influenced by their performance. We want clean artists, artists that are good role models."

mynjayz says : How clean you want?! Avril in tudung and jeans singing when you're gone? Seriously, WTF !

Too sexy? Or is it because how the Malaysians thinks?

Oh ya, about half the concert tickets had already been sold off. How are they gonna deal with it? My friend had 5 tickets in hand, looking forward and was exited about the concert but then... sigh.

Okay lets see what other same cases in the past had happened before in Malaysia.
  • Meriah Carey had a concert here in Malaysia before and forced to wear jeans.
  • Pussycat dolls was fined 10,000 Ringgit due to inappropriate dressing.
  • Beyonce's concert at Malaysia was canceled too. Instead she went to Indonesia.
  • Christina Aguilera skipped visiting Malaysia on an Asian tour after a controversy over a dress code problem.
  • Gwen Stefani wearing slim cut and tight jeans also kena diao (hantam)?
Haih.... I wonder why all these controversy of "dressing" could even happen in Malaysia. I heard the organizers went for an appeal today. But 29th of August is 2 days earlier of Malaysia independence day. Thus, they need to prepare for the decor and rehearse thinggy there. So i think less possibilities they will approve lor. I really hope she can come. Even though without tickets, I would willing to stand outside the stadium and jump like a mad person just to hear her voice.

Maybe there's still a chance the concert will be on this 29th of August. But I think most probably it will be postpone to another day. Had a strong feelings about that.

August 19, 2008

Back To Basics


Back to basics. It's the start of my 2nd semester yesterday ! Woots. Will be having classes everyday from Monday to Saturday except Friday. Wont be blogging that often but I will update from time to time. Alright folks, gotta go !

August 18, 2008

Lin Dan's Triumph

Chinese International World No.1 Lin Dan claimed the Men's Singles title at the Beijing Olympics on Sunday, beating Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia 21-12, 21-8 in the finals. I was totally right about it. I started to lost hope on Chong Wei after a 10 point lead by Lin Dan in the 2nd set of the match. Sigh.

Chong wei was totally not in his form yesterday ! He played terribly. Not even a tight match and points are not even close! Seriously, not entertaining at all. Thus, Congrats to Lin Dan for his victory.

Photos adapted from

Damn perasan sial. and and and, did you spot something? lol. He is too exited I think. Potong Steam.

I told you so. Lin Dan deserve it but non was standing on my side. lol.

P/ S :
Despite the tame loss, Chong Wei will receive only RM300,000 instead of RM1,000,000 from the government for securing the silver medal. He will also enjoy a reward of RM3,000 monthly under the Olympic incentive scheme.

Chong Wei was so close yet so far. But he did his very best. I guess Malaysia will try their luck again for GOLD in London Olympics in another four years time. lol.

August 15, 2008

Malaysian Only Hope !

Malaysia World No.2 badminton athlete Lee Chong Wei who represent Malaysia for badminton in Beijing Olympic tournament is Malaysian ONLY hope to get a medal back home. He had his place in the finals against Lee Hyun-il of the Republic of Korea beating him 21-18, 13-21, 21-13 in the semifinals of the Men's Singles competition this evening.

P/ S : Yes, Malaysian badminton women singles Wong Mew Choo is Lee Chong Wei's girlfriend. lol.


On the other hand, Lin Dan from the China defeating his teammate also from China Chen Jin by 21-12, 21-18 in he Men's Singles competition this evening.

So the final match will be the World No.1 Lin Dan against the World No.2 Chong Wei. It's on Sunday. Is a MUST to watch. Im gonna be in RED ! lol
. Well, Im not being an obedient Malaysian citizen who doesn't supports Malaysia ! Instead I support the World No.1 Lin Dan. lol.

Being a truly Malaysian, I prefer to SHOUT : Yay! Chong Wei enters into the final for the SILVER medal !

Why me say so? Reason cause if Chong Wei really happen to lose in the finals, I wont be that sad and disappointed about it. And, if Chong Wei happens to win in the finals againts Lin Dan, den I would be happier cause I did aim low for a SILVER. I bet Chong Wei himself doesn't even hope anything but to give his very best in the finals to make Malaysia proud. We dunno cause anything might happen!

Malaysian national swimmer Daniel Bego and Lin Khoo Chai. Both lost in action @ Beijing Olympics 2008. Sadly.

P/ S :

August 14, 2008

Typical Ah Lians !

Typical Ah Lians ? People call it the lalas. Where you can find them? Well I think ONLY in Malaysia. And you may wonder what is the definition of Ah Lians. Basically, Ah Lians are ppl who have no fashion sense and still go into the streets thinking that they look perfectly beautiful and charming dressing up in an over-accessorized, over-colourful, 'kawaii' manner.

Now let us proceed on to identifying them. The physical characteristics of an Ah Lian varies greatly. In layman's terms, got some pretty and some not-so lah! Ah Lians typically have long rebounded straight hair. Some hair is like kena BOOM. In their poses in pictures, It's true that they can't take pictures after you chop off their fingers.
They seriously think that they look cute when they strike a pose with the 'peace' sign or when they press their index finger against their cheek? Surely their lips must look somehow like a pig. Also, their pictures are ALWAYS taken at a 45 degree angle. GAWD ! and they wear leg warmers in MALAYSIA ! Their favourite haunts include Sungei Wang Plaza, and now Times Square. They tend to frequent boutiques that sell cute outfits. And their English is like WTF. They speak a loose mix of mandarin, hokkien, cantonese and broken english.

Not only that! Ah Lians are also prominent on social networking websites, namely Friendster. Not yet happened in Facebook and I hope they wont spoil it like they did in Friendster. You can identify them by their screen names, which tend to be super-cute. Some people consider these plain annoying or stupid. But I myself consider them unique in a Malaysian way :)

Eg. MILKster PINKy baobei Pinkalicious missiprincess kawaii dolli CoCo LaLa xiaokeaiix. Note that they tend to name their pets similarly. DAMN.

In their Friendster profiles, (above) they include strange details about themselves, namely their height, weight and pet names. They also tend to add friends indiscriminately, necessitating the creation of several accounts. The more friends they have, the more secure they feel. They have a distinct vocabulary, with liberal use of "wOr" "nEhz" 'kEkEx' "mAhz" and usually TyPE LiKe tHis as they regard this as cute. Ah Lians are notable camwhores, and together with socialites account for more than half of all camwhores in Friendster. They try their best to make their profile photos as cute as possible. Some edit their photos with Microsoft Paint and the more demure ones tend to use Jay Chou, Lee Hom or some other celebrity as their profile picture. Lastly,

READ THIS : " HarlOox.. Pls StoP add ThiS acc.. I verY Hate la.. Pls add my 7th acc.. acc FULL ad. bla bla Thx! Wa.. So kawaii nehx.. MinD tO b3 my kai dai orhxx? or b3 frenzz? MiNd IntRo?
gOt MsN? All leng zai leng lui Dun FOrgEt Add me Orhx!! StAy Coolx orhhx. MuZzZ b3 hapPieNeZzZ 43vr oOrwh.. aNd ThXz FoR B3inG My FR3nx. TaK3 CarE OrhXxX!! "

lol WTF wei !!!!!
Seriously, I cannot tahan already.

P/ S : Some of you may disagree with me but certainly I dislike those lalas ! Not to say I hate em. CHill.

August 12, 2008

National Service Craze ?!

Oh well, students in their school uniforms yesterday was crazy talking about National Service stuff weather they are chosen or not. Seems that a lot of people around me got selected this year from what I observed. I don't know why lar maybe the population of people got chosen is increasing year by year?

To me, if think back to the pass. How I wish I would have been chosen for National Service last year.
I was so delighted last year when I know I am not the chosen one. But now, I regretted somehow. If not you will be seeing me with a nicer body figure. LOL. Some of my friends *form 5 even cried when they receive the news that they had been chosen. Well, people may say that National Service sucks but when the moment you're in the camp, you'll surely have a pretty much good memories there with those new friends you made.

Anyway, 1 Good thing about National Service to me is you got the opportunity of trying the M16.


Haih what a waste. What I can imagine holding a M16 is only through playing Counter Strike or COD. lol.

Well for those who kena chosen for National Service, don't feel bad about it. Go have a try and experience it yourself you'll surely have fun being in NS and of cause with more contacts in your phone list.

P/S : PLKN website damn congested.

August 10, 2008

The Sloppiest Burger in Malaysia

Sloppiest Burger in Malaysia? You may wonder why they call it sloppy. According to the dictionary Sloppy means marked by a lack of neatness or order, lack of care and precision, untidy, spotted or splashed with liquid. Yeah, now you may wonder if those terms applied in the burger. How could it turn out?

Well, recently this short film made by FriedChillies Media won the Best Super Short Film at the NYC Food Film Festival. Titled "The Sloppiest Burger in Malaysia", it was just a 2 minute video clip, showing a Burger stall in Ampang Jaya.

The exact location of that Om burger stall would be at Ampang Jaya beside SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and ISKL (International School Kuala Lumpur). Just opposite a 7-eleven store. It is claim that people all the way from Singapore, Johor, Seremban,
Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya are willing to come all the way here just for the sake of trying the Om burger known as the sloppiest burger in Malaysia.

I called it the Sloppy Joe. lol. Look, when I went there to grab one of those, some media people with VCR already there for video shooting session. wtf.

Check it out the menu and the pricing. Damn expensive can? But they are superbly generous for the amount of planta, mayonnaise, chili sauce and the vegetables they put into the burger.

Well, I got myself a Daging special with cheese. Look at that ! Even though by looking at it, it does look like heaven. lol.
It does look sloppy, doesn't it? For those Ramli burger lovers, go have a try and taste it yourself.

Here are some videos I got from youtube about "The Sloppiest Burger in Malaysia". Enjoy ~

Damn syok can?