June 30, 2008

Rocket science food for health conscious

Smoked salmon being prepared in a petri dish using nitrogen and served with tea leaf and basil seed caviar.
Smoked salmon being prepared in a petri dish using nitrogen and served with tea leaf and basil seed caviar.

CHOCOLATE cake with half the calories? Yes, it does exist. Molecular cuisine, the ‘marriage’ of kitchen and the science lab, lets you feast on the foods you hate to love, minus the guilt. AUDREY VIJAINDREN gets a taste of this ‘magic’ food.

  Suresh Isaac Oliver says cocktails and other beverages can also be concocted using this method
Suresh Isaac Oliver says cocktails and other beverages can also be concocted using this method
No butter. No cream. And no need to dab your prawn fritters on a paper napkin anymore. This is the promise of a new "magical" cuisine that is concocted using new techniques and substances that are only seen in science labs.

"Molecular gastronomy is spreading like wildfire in Europe and is fast catching on among health-conscious Malaysians.

"In the next few years, it will become a popular low-calorie diet," says KDU College's culinary arts department head Suresh Isaac Oliver.

A molecular cuisine dish, he says, has about half the calories of the same dish cooked using traditional methods.

"Instead of using oil to fry food, it uses liquid nitrogen. It is a healthy option for those who frequently dine out, because it is not as greasy as traditionally cooked dishes."

Oliver says molecular cooking is also a great way to entertain and impress guests.
"It has the 'wow' factor. The presentation of this cuisine is out of this world. Food is served in test tubes and other science lab equipment.

"Cooking time is also shortened. Gourmet dishes like smoked salmon can be prepared within minutes. Usually, it takes days. It is simply magic."

So, how is this trick performed?
Foods are prepared at very high or low temperatures, cooked in a vacuum, put through a centrifugal separator, dehydrated or crushed to the smallest particles. Ingredients such as liquid nitrogen and calcium chloride are used in this cooking process. High tech gadgets are needed for carbonation (injection of CO2 into food), emulsification (combining insoluble products), oil spherification (using an agar solution in cold oil to create liquid spheres of various sizes), spherification (using an alginate solution in a calcified bath to create liquid spheres) and vacuum distillation (using a vacuum to separate different elements from a solution). Does it sounds like rocket science? That's because it is not very different.

"Molecular cooking involves precision and various scientific processes," says Oliver.

"It needs to be approached with caution, especially the choosing of ingredients.

"Only the best quality products are allowed into the 'cooking pot'.

"It is not like traditional cooking which allows you to add a dash of salt at the very last minute. Molecular cooking has very specific measurements and ingredients that must be followed exactly."

So, is it as tasty as it looks?
The taste of molecular dishes, Oliver says, is a matter of preference.

"Some people like molecular dishes because they are lighter in flavour and taste.

"But because we grew up recognising a particular taste for certain foods, we expect that same taste.

"So the first time you dig into a molecular roast chicken, you might be disappointed. It will not have that yummy greasy taste that you have grown accustomed to."

Oliver says molecular cooking is not limited to food. Cocktails and other beverages can also be concocted using this method.
Unfortunately, local dishes like nasi lemak and roti canai have not been added to molecular recipe books yet.

"We hope as more local chefs master the art of molecular gastronomy, we will be able to modify dishes to cater to local taste. Soon, you might be feasting on molecular nasi goreng and stirred-fried chicken," he says.

When can you cook your first molecular meal at home? Unfortunately, not anytime soon.
Molecular cooking involves very expensive gadgets and most of the ingredients are not readily available in Malaysia. As for now, the only way to enjoy this magical experience is in a fine dining restaurant with a good glass of wine.

KDU COLLEGE leads the way
KDU College's School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary arts will be the first college worldwide to offer molecular cooking as part of its diploma course. The module will be available from April and next year.

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June 29, 2008

Daughtry in Malaysia


Well I'm glad to hear that the famous ex American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry who is in a band called
" Daughtry " is coming to Malaysia for the first time ever. Well I have been waiting for this moments for quite a while to be frank cause I'm ma HUGE Daughtry fan. People around me knows that I guess. And it's exclusively for the Sony Ericsson Traffic Jam street party. It is claim that
the street party is an exclusive event for 3,000 party goers and the tickets are NOT FOR SALE !! wtf....

To get the tickets you need to purchase the selected Sony Ericsson Walkman phones - W350, W580 & W910.
( Original phones not AP's ) Upon purchase you will receive a pair of tickets FREE and be in the running for the Meet & Greet with Daughtry.
SE has officially launched the promotion and the SE Traffic Jam event will be held at 1 Utama, Central Park Avenue. Along the street outside 1 Utama Shopping Centre. It's on Sat, 26th July 2008.

Sadly we need to purchase a phone first only we are able to meet him. Was really disappointed about the system they did about this showcase. Chis Daughtry is my all time favourite singer wei ! Who wants to join me buy SE phone? Buy the cheapest wan will do larr. I am serious.

June 28, 2008

Feedback for SJI I.U day


Honest feedback for SJI I.U day was just average for me. Some performance such as opening act, Korean dance, movie presentation ( I think I love you ) and Fashion show were the best ones among all and I really enjoyed it. Those performance really deserve a credit. Others are just an acceptable average performance for me. Quite boring. Opps. =X. Anyway, I heard the PA system and the lightings was expensive according to Julius. 4 thousand bucks just for that. But it worth the money lar. Nice lightings. All in all they did a great job though managing everything and make the event a successful one.

P/S : The Snow White girl was so beautiful......

June 26, 2008

Metrobus terror

25 June 2008 - Jalan Ampang near China embassy. On the 11.20 a.m, a terror incident just happened in Metrobus (Public bus in K.L) where I was sitting beside an American lady who was been pick pocked by 5 Indonesian people. They was doing it together tho to get the American lady's wallet. At first, I was starring outside the widow peacefully, on my way to college. All in a sudden, some noise came behind me, I turned my head over, the American lady's shoulder have a big portion of saliva spitted by one of the Indonesian fella. While so, the indon fella asked the lady to take a piece of tissue to wipe off the stain. The lady then took out the tissue bag from her handbag where she whipped off the stain on her shoulder, while she was wiping it, the indon fella was like helping her to wipe but she insisted. While that process is on, without realizing, another indon fella took her purse in the lady's bag just like that. and job done! look how easy that was. Even me, I didn't realise it cause I was looking at the incident of the wiping thingy on the lady's shoulder. cause it's damn disgusting.

Suddenly, it's the climax part. One Chinese man who's age around 25. On his way to work. He did saw the incident where those indons attempt to picked pocked the lady's purse. Why he realised it? Because the incident before the lady was being picked pocket, those indons were aiming on that Chinese guy. They tried on him before but the Chinese man suspected something so he did avoid it by standing in the front area of the bus. And he was carrying a PDA phone. After that that Chinese man shouted " Pickpocket !! Pickpocket!! buka pintu suruh mereka turun !! " Everyone was stunned.
After that Chinese man shouted, those 5 indon fellas was disappointed cause he disturb them in their process. So what they did 3 of the indon fella belasah him! Punched, slap, and hit! right on the Chinese man face. A totally silence and terror incident happened and no one could manage to help that Chinese man.

The driver and co-drive cant do anything much. Even me, I wanted to help but I was defenseless. I can't be fighting them 1 on 5, right? Although I got my knife set inside my bag for my class later but I don't dare to do so. What if I killed someone? I would not want to commit a crime okayy. I all I can do is just sit and watch.

My full set knife set.

Ones everything finished, the bus stopped and they all get down and everything was like never happened. The lady beside me was in her tears, she is a lady for God sake. She can't even fight them. So, I was telling her about all these picked pocket stuff in Malaysia, often happened here. Asked he to be extra be careful next time because I experienced it before and I really not gonna let this happen again. Cause I was careless last time. And I asked her to log a police report nearby police station at City Square and told her that those Indons won't be going far away. So I gave her 10bucks in case of anything emergency. That's all I can give.

Well, not long later I had reached KLCC. I was confronting the Chinese man, asked him what he did saw and discuss about logging a report together but I have to rush to class at 1p.m. Then the Chinese man said never mind, let it be la. He was rushing to work also actually. I said to him, your such a brave man and sorry about ur face. his face damn superbly RED!! Ouch... We went our separate ways then. That's what had happened in Metrobus !!


Just a reminder before I end here and to everyone who is reading this. Yes, especially the girls. Very dangerous if you were alone being sardine squeeze in Metrobus. Choose a lesser people bus. A safer bus would be Rapid KL la but even Rapid KL bus also happened such cases, but seldom. So, better to be extra careful what ever bus you are riding. If see any suspicious people, especially the Indonesians people, better get off from that area. It never happened to you now but you'll never know later on.
Metrobus is a really dangerous bus to ride on. Take your own risk when you are about to ride on it. Even the bus conductor, look at his finger nails. Uhh man. It's a Gengster? Indon shit? Maybe. Well, we never know.

Beware people.....

June 25, 2008

St.John's International Understanding Day

St.John's International Understanding Day Flayer. All are invited!

Correction : It's this saturday. 28th of June 08.

Well, I was just helping I.U director, Eu Sam and President, Julius to promote it here. He said I will get a free entrance fee by doing this. So, posted it lor. According to Julius there will be Korean and Japanese chicks coming and we can get to know them in person. Unsure weather itz the truth or not. Anyway they also did hire a Japanese chef for refreshments ! But I finally found out where that Japanese chef will be a Malaysian. Chinese chef who looks like a japanese. haha. Truths reveals.

Well, I think most probably I will be going. Although I have classes on that day but still I choose to go for St.John's I.U. But, No one is accompanying me ! I need someone. Anyone interested ?

June 22, 2008

Cat poison !

My current obsession, Cat !

Yes, it's a meow meow cat. Gone crazy for cats. They are cute aren't they? Though is not like what you think but I LOVE " this " cat so much ! Some of you may understand what is this post all about ! Seriously got cat poison !

June 21, 2008

Movie marathon


Obviously you can see that I have nothing better to do. Please accept that. Anyway, all the above movies are already showing in cinemas now but I haven't get a chance to watch even one of them. One day I gotta movie marathon ALL 4 movies in a day! LOL. Anyone wanna join me?

We Love Pastry !

Well, these are a part of my group mates! Super Kao crazy and Horny! Being in the kitchen is identical with the feeling you're in the jungle! No joke! Yes, we are indeed playful, but we are serious when comes to doing the cooking, etc. In the end, the product and the results are superb and probably could the best in March intake, culinary arts ! They are my crazy yet professional group mates! In pastry class.

Those are the ones who I am mentioning about a moment ago.

Oh my, We need an electric shaver ! LOL. What's weird is the seniors are watching us posing this.

Everything looks nice when itz a cake! First time doing a cake, great experience.

They called it "Camwhore". Doing it with the cake! Got spoiler behind me but who cares.

Anyhow, We love Pastry class !

June 20, 2008

I'm bored.....

This is what I usually do when I have nothing better to do in college !

Ooi Tong, your blog appeared. feeling proud?

iPOD touch . PSP . what else? I need a DSLR too !

June 16, 2008

Tag from Suetmei.

1.What do you want the most now?
Apple iPHONE, DSLR !

2.Who is the person you trust the most?

One and only, God.

3. Are you in love?

For now, Yes. but............. itz a long story*

4.If you have a dream come true..
One of the best chef in Malaysia? good enough for me.

5.Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?

As if I care when there's a rainbow comes out.

6.What's your goal for this year?

Pass all my exams in my first year in diploma.

7.Do you believe in eternity?

YES, i do believe.

8.Have you ever broken a person's heart that he/she wanted to commit suicide?

Nope, haven reach to that extend yet.

9.What feeling do you love the most?

Blow job-ing? LOL itz just a joke!!

10.What are the requirements for your other half?

Optimistic, cheerful, fun, understanding, naughty?

11.What kind of feeling do you hate the most?

Having fat tires on the side of my body where I can't fit all my cloths anymore!

12.Do you cherish every friendship of yours?

Sometimes, No. too many of them at times. Mostly, YES.

13.What do you want to do in the future?

Something good that could help the poor.

14.What is the most important thing in your life?

My health.

15. How did you feel last night?

Very High! naughty?

16.Who do you hope to be always there for you?

God, family, friends.

17.When do you think the world will end?

Probably tomorrow. who knows. only God knows.

18.The world ends tomorrow. What will you do?

Have my last meal to satisfy myself as a chef.

19.What do you think of the person that tagged you?

Suetmei? She's really complicated. enough said. That proves everything. haha.

20.What do you want to know right now?

Check weather I suffer for any sickness such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Okay, Finally, itz done!

June 14, 2008

Retro. Blast to the past ?

Firstly, LIMBO? Seriously not my thing. I suck!

To : Interact Club of ARGS 07/08, you all really deserve a credit because your I.U Day is one of the best I.U's I have ever attended, to be frank. For 10bucks I guess it's worth the money paying. It was funny and entertaining. Can make you burst out to laughter! Got free 1 whole BOX of pizza, entrance fee, 2 bottles of retro coca-cola for me some more. Look at all the privileges I got? lol. All thanks to Angie for it.

The youth nowadays have a really creative mind. For an age of 15-17, are able to handle everything themselves to make this event happening and successful, without anyone helping them.
What else can I say ? Bravo!

Lastly, Congrats to all new B.O.D.

P/S : Blow job!? I didn't know blow job is a blast to a past thingy. lol. Itz a joke!

June 12, 2008


Referring to the above title, I was wondering about it a couple of times. Thinking which one is better. Cause I need to choose 1 language among this two option. Purpose is for my language class that I am gonna learn next semester. Either German language or French language.

My Academic adviser brain washed all my course mate to choose German language. But I disagree of his opinion where German language is better if you want to work in overseas as in European country. He have his reason lar. Where French emphasize more in the U.K and Malaysia itself. Based on him. I was like wtf !

Any opinion about which language is better ?!

Leave some comment alright. I wanna know.

June 9, 2008

ARGS International Understanding Day

Actually, I am helping Ann Teh, the ( President ) to promote her I.U Day as I promised. So, I suppose I will get a free entrance fee? lol. Maybe YES maybe NOT. Leave it to the president to decide. Okay, what is this I.U day is all about you must be wondering. If you really interested to know, why not let yourself avaliable this Saturday and come to experience it yourself. It's an life time opportunity, grab it.

Below are the details of the event, check it out.


Does it Look interesting to you?!

Take Note.

  • This is a event where we can actually bring old friends whom you've lost contact with back together and have a good time of fellowship and interaction to closen up relationship and also know some new peoples!
  • Come with your best RETRO outfit you have from your closet. If you haven got yours yet, shop for a suitable ones this week!
  • Digital Cameras, DSLR, Video Cam, Phone camera, Whatever you have, Vital !
  • Guarenteed satisfactory money back guarenteed? Well, I am not sure about this. lol. Judge it yourself.

Do come and have fun people!
Seriously I am looking forward to see some unexpected people there. Hope so lar.

P/S : Not to forget I can't believe that I am an Ex- I.U Director before. Think back now I also can't do such happening event. LOL.

June 7, 2008

A Whole New Thing For Me

Guess what? My family not used to the way I look in my Chef uniform. Because they didn't involve in this kind of field before. So they said they can't imagine what they saw. Bugger them. especially my brothers. They say I look "noob" in my uniform. As if I will care what they all say. Well this is a whole new thing for me to be used to. Learning to be a professional chef. Although some of you guys may think this course does not need to use lots of brain works, and why I choose this course despite I am a pure science student previously in the high school times. Well, everyone has our own hobbies or profession wannabe in the future. It is not necessary we need to continue in science for our whole life. Right?

As this what I LOVE to do since small is to cook. A simple hobby started when I was small, growing up in the kitchen with my mum. Grown up often cooking in the kitchen till now, decided to continue this passion of mine in cooking to a step further ahead. Though this is not familiar to most of you all. But hey, this is ME. Enough said. Most of you haven't know this yet I guess. And yes, there you go.

Yesterday, is my first time in chef uniform. Not used much to it but sooner or later, I will. Feeling exited? Of cause need to take some shots with "groupmates".

My Groupmates! Part of the Guys. Azim, Arif, Jason, Imran and Ian. Me, camera man.

My twin brother who is also called Jason Ong! For all the name. LOL. look alike? So coincidence.

Looks nice? Look! there's KDU logo on it.

Wonderfully done pineapple tarts on the go. Does it look weird to u? Still not pro yet tho.

Well, you will be amaze of this. A dough made swan stuffed with whipped pastry cream.

All the swans are done. Nice? Well, Pastry class to me is the toughest!

That's all for now. Like it or not it's up to you! But, Im LOVIN it.

June 5, 2008

Recently. What Happened?

Recently, I felt that Im ma FACEBOOK addicts !!


This game called FFS ( Friend For Sale ) is getting famous among the people around me and it's seems to be fun! Everybody suddenly crazy about this application. They can even stay there 24 hours to keep on updating for every half an hour. Updating as in buying pets. Why pets? The concept of this game is like owning a friend of yours as your pet and it's of cause for sale. They worth a amount of money and we need to buy them in order to own them. Many controversy happened where pets were snatched here and there. Somehow it's kinda interesting game though. This game is just for own desire for satisfactory purposes only. Not as if the money is for real.

P/S : For those who haven start playing it in facebook, try it. It's up to you to decide weather it's nice or not.

Petrol issues

Malaysia's petrol price will rise 40 percent to 2.70 ringgit a litre from Thursday as controls are removed under a revamped subsidy system, the prime minister said. WTF. It is Effective from tomorrow onwards, 5 June 2008, the price of petrol will be raised by 78 sen and the price of diesel will be raised by 1.00 ringgit,"

Today as I came back from college, at that moment Suetmei text me saying that I should go pump full tank before 12am today. So I was telling her that I am going out NOW. Then she called, asked me not to go now cause the petrol station everywhere is PACK and JAM like hell. All queuing to pump before the price rise. So, I said nevermind la. I got time. So this is what happen outside there.

All queuing up for petrol. I waited for 25 minutes for it. worth it tho!

Full tank! Weee....... Chill, small car only.

And guess what funny thing happened? I pumped until petrol spill out of the hole. cannto blame, Imma super greedy fella. LOL.

Considering that Malaysia won’t be having much petroleum resources left, probably finished in a decade or two without new findings. Our government need to be proactive in finding new energy resources like solar power, oil, etc. I wish petrol can be replaced by water. Man, we really need a better public transport system to start with, it’s a pain to travel in Malaysia without a car. Aiseh.

P/S : Damn ! I think from now onwards can stop dreaming about owning a car already. Oh man, Toyota Camry !!!

June 1, 2008

New Kits for EPL 08/09

I've done a research about the new kits for EPL next season and here are the top 4 English clubs kits for year 08/09. was totally different and turn out to be just fine to me. Not to say I am amazed about it but I found out that last season kit was better than the new ones though. So here you go...

New Arsenal Kits 08/09. They Change their sponsor to Adidas instead of Nike.
Manchester United kits are still the same. Still got a year contract to go they only will change.

New Liverpool kits for year 08/09. Damn ugly right? like back to the old times.

New Chelsea 08/09 Kit. I guess this kits you all already familiar with it already.

P/S: EURO 08 is coming very soon! Although England squad is not qualified but my other choice of country I gonna support is Portugal !!