February 29, 2008

Xcon function at Genting

This Xcon function happened last Sunday and I manage to get the photo today, so ended up posting it here. And guess what this is my first time went up to Genting alone by myself. All the way up by just using public transport. This shows I am free to do anything I want by now.

Anyway just wanna update this cause I am lack of idea what else should I post. My main purpose going up there is to attend my company's first time ever function up there and most probably the largest function ever for them. Many people attended. Can say about 1.5 thousand people attended. The theme for the function was the 60's. So everyone will be wearing 60's costumes. I didn't manage to wear those kinda costumes cause I don't wanna fool myself with that. LOL.

Here are some photos for viewing...

Wooohooo, Chicks!! I mean show girls...

From left. Guo Li, Mr.Eric, Alex, Mr.Anderson and Myself. I am so proud to be in the photo. Cause they are damn rich peoples. Business peoples.

Look at the carved ice behind, Xcon. A photo with the sexay show girl.

Anyway did you observe I look FAT already? damn...

That's all much photo I've got form my partner. Not much i got but some are nice photos. Haha. Anyway the photos with the show girls is just for fun anyway.
Who wanna join me?

February 28, 2008

Birthday Dedication

This is specially just for you...

She once told me that on the 28th of February is a very special day and today is indeed the day and a it's a special day for this special person that I've never met nor talk to for so long. She is non and only, Ann Teh. I'm here just to wish you a happy 17th birthday. Hope you are kinda happy with my this special birthday dedication post for you. All the best in what ever you do in life. God bless. And of course, play well in this 2 weeks basketball competition.

Happy 17th birthday to you, Ann...
You're still one special friend to me.

with love, Jason

February 27, 2008

Zon Keramat basketball competition

Yesterday, the zon keramat basketball competition was on and it was organize by my ex- school SMK Seri Ampang. It's a boy school. Rich school had gone to. XD

Nothing much to say and they called me back to be the referee for the competition. Being a referee isn't that easy as you will get scolded by the coaches when you did some mistakes in judging and also you need to be really focus when the game is on. Didn't even look at the surroundings much who was there though. Anyway refereeing is damn tiring. I got tan by then. sucks. One thing is nice that is only the salary! =P That's why I came back.

Here are some very random photos.. XD

Puteri Titiwangsa doing some free throws practice..

Ming in action..

Official booth..

Scoreboard booth..

Lame photos. I am not so free to take photos by the way....

Anyway all the best to all ampangian's players...
Puteri and Seri Ampang can strive to get into the Willayah competition.

I know I am the referee but I still I will be fair and square... LOL!

February 26, 2008

SPM results ?!

Heard many rumor's from everyone saying that SPM results is coming out this week on the 28th of February? Yeah, that's what everyone said. All are getting nervous about it as another 2 more days, they are going to face their greatest fear for what they have been studied for the pass 2 years, weather their results paid off for all the hard work they've done or not. XD

Anyway, for the ones who are really on pressure that SPM results are coming out on this week, better catch your breath cause SPM results is coming out next month on the 12th-17th of March. Probably after election week.

CONFIRM DATE, 12th-17th of March SPM results is coming out. Middle of march. Around there la. *Analyse and discussed with my ex school koko and class teacher.

Believe it or not that's up to you. It's 27th of February today and impossible it's coming out tomorrow without any news from the government right. So should be relief a bit at least. LOL. stupid 3 words.

EDIT : Yeah indeed
it's *In denial*

February 22, 2008

Random Weekly Updates

Photo of the week, adapted from suetmei's
Seriously speaking, wad is DISS ?!

Anyway, it's been a while I didn't show up for updates. Must be feeling frustrated when ever you enter my blog, you'll see the valentines card. Again and again. But it's precious to me I can say. Since then I am really busy, dealing with college stuff, events and work. At least this photo can consider as an update for the week. More to come soon. KDU updates? Well, depends.

Man, college is excruciating, deadly happening...

February 12, 2008

CNY is so over

and what have I done??

Actually im kinda lazy to blog rite now. Seriously, Very lazy.
and of cause I am getting fatter! That's what makes me so lazy..

Here's my shory summary, Ok I went to Johor Bahru. Met my 4 pretty cousins + my only handsome cousin + Grandparents + Uncle and Auntie + Kylie!!

You must be curious who is kylie...

This is Kylie laa.... the female dog ; my new friend

Anyway I Had fun with them! I stayed at a huge big semi detach house. Is the best among all these years CNY reunion. "seriously" FUN. Thx's to my cousin's parents..

We are so in Bionic women that time and we was like watching non stop.. and here it goes, some get bored.... haha..this photo is so " weird " all sitting in 1 row... My handsome cousin hiding at the back.. saw him??

handsome cousin... guess how old is he?!

Precious memories.....

Seriously, WHAT IS THIS????!!

I look so retard with kim's specs on me = =

Seriously, sorry for this short post for like 1 week CNY holiday. haha. As I said im so lazy to blog. apologise. and yeah, I miss them a lot.... and of cause Johor Bahru "ROXX".... ^ ^

February 5, 2008

All about Chinese New Year

WOoohhhh!! Chinese New Year is just around the corner! and its the rat year.. dunno it symbolize what also. What to do this CNY? Today I went for my last minute shopping for new year cloths and tomorrow off I go to Johor Baharu to celebrate CNY and reunion dinner with family and relatives. Will be coming back this Sunday.

Oh ya before I precede, sorry for the late Genting outing post!! Haven collect all the photos yet... haha.. gonna post that probally after coming back.

This morning I was watching at my mum preparing those cookies transfering it into plastic containers, gonna give away to so many people. For neighbours is the most! dunno for what buy so many den give away just like that. What a waste!

If me I would have eaten slowly till I expend my waist line wider! It's just irresistible, how could I live without food. Esp on CNY festive season. But for the sake of being strict of my diet now, so I must control all those tempting cookies! I've gone down 5 kilos already and I ain't gonna gain back 10 kilos when I come back from JOHOR!
Once I eat, I'll sure grow FAT fast. Total Madness!

Anyway this year CNY probaly is not as HAPPENING as few years back ago. Not much the feeling of celebrating it. But one thing i know I'll sure enjoy the fire crackers at night and the lion dance of cause! always happen in my hometown.... Yea, I bought some fire crackers for myself to enjoy as well..

But.... But.... Why..... ??

What?! haram fire crackers from China, Beijing??!

Ok chill, then how about this!! Red packets..... *elaine's favourite*

Red packets known as Ang Pows!! The most fun part in CNY where small little children love to collect ang pows to extend their money collection. Somehow ang pows also are getting lower and lower in value. Normally is RM2, then slowly I accepted before RM 1. haha... That's how the economy had affected the value of money in red packets. I dunno how about you all. Thats from what I observed..

Yeah here comes the terrible part, the North-South Expressway is even MAD every year ... Everyone " balik kampung ".. What ever festive season also the same. Gonna try to push off at 5am in the morning is the best! dad was always complain about traffic jam but why are we involve in the traffic? get what I mean? if you do, you'll know. Even if not also, some accident happens, then everyone will slow down and watch the incident and slow up the traffic, worst the opposite traffic also wanna watch. haha. Malaysian stlye. apa pun nak "tengok"

In addition, just for your info, I don't gamble! Maybe of my religion la. If you ask me to gamble in your CNY open house, I might be sitting at the corner watching ya'll. So prepare something for me to play rather den gamble. I am available if it's playing for Fun! That's all about it.

How can i left out Chinese words in Chinese New Year?! haha....
im still not fully banana yet !

Lastly, I wanna wish all my readers

and a prosperous Chinese New Year !!

February 4, 2008

Lace again your shoes !

I was browsing on the web and I found this! Quite interesting so I might wanna share this with you all. It's Mr. Ian Fieggen know as the Professor Shoelace who brought me a whole new perception on those boring routine we usually lace our shoelace. XD

Here are some lace people usually lace their shoelace.

Amazing isn't it? Haha. So far I only know 1 type that is the classic type ppl usually lace. According to him, there are 33 different types of method to lace shoes. Here are just 4 types shown. Wanna know more?

Click here to find out more methods ^^

So what cha waiting for, have a try and lace again your shoes !

Genting Updates

About my previous post, haha. Kinda creepy to post something like that. Anyway the Genting post will be posted later on cause want to collect photos from other camera. One thing I really enjoy about being at Genting other than friends around, is that we can shout as loud as we can there. I seriously lost my voice cause of excessive SHOUTING !! madness...

Isn't SHOUTING fun like crap......??? XD

February 3, 2008

What ?! Ghost in Genting ?

Warning!!! =X
Okay, Seriously you may wonder what's with the title of this post. About ghost in genting? Don't ya'll freak out or what ever when you read this. For precaution, if those who don't want to read this post, then I advise you better don't read okay. Might affect you later after you read it. haha. Some of you may think I am out of my mind by saying that later. But just want to share something for ya'll who dare to read or those who is not scare of ghost.

Ghost?! haha. why ghost? And why is it in genting? Anyway that's just the title. And yea, I just come back from genting yesterday and it was one of the most fun trips ever since I went up there. Why? haha. No need to know la as long as I have fun. Will post photo after I collect all from my friends. XD

Firstly, before the night I was going to genting, I thought of something about genting. GHOST... People always tell me ghost stories that happen in genting. Many horror things happen there and I wonder is all of that true anot cause it's just a rumors from people told them and you have not even seen your own eye by itself. And there is this question always in my mind, is ghost for real? Does ghost really exist in this world? It might be real and it might be just a false statement from ppl's believe. Or maybe just illusions?

I don't know much about this, that's why I was curious to know. So I went to find some of the stories in the web where ppl posted in the forums that ghost really exist in genting. Because they really involve in that situation where they really saw the ghost before, so I read la.... for fun! There are many articles on the web. Keep searching and I found this.. It’s not all ghost but horror thing happened in genting.

First story
it started out as a group of high school friends decided to make Genting Highland as one of their holiday’s destination. Genting Highland’s hotel, was after all one of the most affordable-ly priced hotel with its location easily accessed (buses and cable car is one of the most widely used mode of transportation for students that do not own a car)To make the holidays affordable for everyone, this group of high school friends decided to cram into a single bedroom which has 2 single beds. There were about 5-6 people sharing the room and with the cost of a RM300 or less a night, it was a reasonable price. Happily, the 5 friends joked and hanged out at the room. When noon came, they even visited the indoor and outdoor theme parks and had a great time enjoying themselves. As night approached, they were really tired and decided to call the day off.

Discussing how 5 people could sleep comfortably in 2 single beds, they decided to pull off both the mattresses so 2 single beds could turn to 4 instead (the remaining person would have to bunk in with another friend). As 2 of the friends pulled the upper mattress, they were shocked to find a dead body of a woman beneath the mattress. Horrified, they called the security and hotel management to explain the situation.

The story goes that because the management did not want negative press and rumors spreading around the hotel, they paid each of the friends a considerable amount of money as fees to “console” their un-happy visit. The condition was also not to publish their experience to any newspaper agencies or re-tell their experiences to other friends and relatives (apparently if this is true, someone must have talked or this story would not end up in this blog!)

Now, some told me that after this incident, Genting Highland has an unspoken rule that one MUST NOT pull the upper mattress.

Second Story
Years and years back, my family and I went up to Genting highland for few days vacation - our Indonesian maid had told us many times that she has the tendency to encounter spiritual experience, and she had many times growing up! Genting highland is the one and only casino in Malaysia - a lot of peoples committed suicide because of compulsive gambling and huge huge debts they got themselves into. If you have a chance to go up there you will notice you can't open the windows in every hotel more than 5 inches.

We rented an apartment suite in this old hotel which is built with floor-to-ceiling windows. We were cold thus we shut all the windows and watched TV in the living room. My sister was sitting with her back against the window next to the curtain - and suddenly the curtain moved a little bit as though there was this breeze blew through it. My sister looked and commented: "all the windows are closed, how those breeze could get through them?"

After the few days vacation when we returned home - our maid told us what she saw on the other side, she saw an white floating object outside the window and it stuck its hand through the glass and flip those curtain. She didn't want to tell us there and then because it would have scared us.

I don't know how much do you believe in this but I know she would not tell a lie.

Third story
This story is told from my mum's friend daughter. A true story that really happened and was saw by her own eyes. It was that day where she and her friends went to Genting. They took the cable car up there cause want to save the cost. Once they are in the cable car, on the way up to genting. On that time she was looking and the cable cars moving.

After that, suddenly, she was the cable car in front of her that was going back down at the opposite side fell down. And it was for real by her own eyes. She was stunned and shocked after watching that incident. And after that, They were told that not to tell anyone of this thing to anyone cause when people know about this, they will never sit the cable car anymore. So what they dis is the genting company gave the victim's family an amount of money for covering up this story of the death of their family members in the falling cable car. Because of this, they all were afraid to sit the cable car already.

I was told that every month there is always at least a person will die at genting either due to suicide cause of lost lot money in gambling at casino or either accident happens at genting. Always such thing happen, just didn’t come up in the news paper. If not, no one will ever go to genting anymore.

Actually my main reason about this post is to find out weather ghost really does exist in this world. Not just in genting. I was wondering weather I would meet the ghost yesterday when I was in genting. Because I really don't believe ghost exist in this world. I heard many people tell ghost stories but when I asked them how does ghost look like and the said it's a women with long black hair and long white dress floating on the sky. Some of them didn’t get to explain the exact look of a ghost.

The question now is it ghost is just an illusion of a person believe or just how ppl think of ghost? Or it’s from the religion believes that ghost exist. For me, I really want to meet the ghost and look how its look likes. Somehow some of you may believe in ghost but I don't.

If a person doesn’t believe that ghost really exist, he may not be seeing ghost in that person’s life. But if you believe, and you'll think that ghost do really exist, den you'll have a high chance of seeing a ghost in this world not just in genting. Maybe the ghost temp to attack ppl who is week and scare of ghost. I don’t know weather my statement is true anot but that's what I think.

What you guys think?
Does ghost really exist in this world?