September 30, 2009

Pork Mee Snowflakes

Warning : Non HALAL post !

Last Tuesday we organize a bloggers outing since we all on Raya holidays the Cina's nothing to do at home stoning. Instead of stoning at home, we went to ss15 to try out the famous Pork Mee & Snowflakes there. Bloggers includes SmashpOp, SimonSo, EwinEe, Suetmei, Kimwei, AdeleChow, Candy were there with me.

The Blogger Boys. Simon, Jason O, Jason G and Ewin

Our PORK bowls !

We can't miss out camwhoring session with our bowls !

Slurpppp you drooling already ?

The pork mee is superb ! the soup is rather sweeter den salty. 1 huge bowl for me is not enough seriously. The location is opposite fong fong restaurant in SS15. Near Taylor's business department. haven tried ? is a MUST to try.

Beeping UFO will light up and vibrate when our order comes.

Me and the model Adelechow

A group photo on the stairs @ SS15 Snowflakes

For Snowflakes, it a famous desert place originality came from Taiwan. Erm the bestseller is the famous one there with taro balls which most find it annoying and not nice to chew. But I rather find it nice. Plenty variates of desserts to choose from. Check out snowflakes today opposite Asia Cafe SS15.

Photos credits to SmashpOp and EwinEe. and that's all for Pork Mee Snowflakes post !

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September 26, 2009

Arthur's Day Celebration

Arthur’s Day celebration concert happening at Sunway Surf Beach featuring the Black Eyed Peas yesterday ! Many people was there in BLACK ! For Arthur. And of cause we are there to get nice spot and nice photos, eventually we can't get nice spot and we can't bring in our DSLR as well. And only left our digital camera with us. Some of them manage to sneak in their DSLR but got caught inside by the RELA securities. sucks.

Anyway, just to summarize it, it was totally an awesome night. Pretty much enjoyed especially when Black Eyed Peas came out. For those who didn't manage be there, don't worry. You'll get to watch the HD video compilation I've made for you all.

I got a feeling, wuuhoo, that tonight's gonna be a good good night !

A big group shot from smashpOp's DSLR before we went in.

The Stage. Oh well definitely not a nice spot.

Group shot who I hang out with. Jason, Aaron, Joshua, Kimhan, Suetmei, Aaron, Nigel's finger and missing Caren. Ewin and Onn yee pak toh behind.

Here's the Arthur's Day Celebration Featuring Black Eyed Peas HD video compilation.

Wait for it to load, cause it's worth the wait.

I got a feeling, that tonight has been a good night, that tonight has been a good good night.


I forgot to pose a photo with Guinness beer. Oh well, To Arthur !

The End


September 25, 2009

An Honest Mistake

It was yesterday night. I was at Laundry Bar with the Advertlets bloggers mostly for the GIG to support my friend Leonard Chua in a band called "An Honest Mistake"

This is their first song single called "THIS SONG IS SO RANDOM, I DON'T KNOW WHY"

They performed like 4 songs last night and I would say it was awesome shit. Honestly I LOVE it a lot. First time I enjoyed watching Malaysian local act jamming. They shake, they jumped, they jammed, totally rocked the house down.

Leonard, Eve, Darren, Kevin and Joel. An Honest Mistake band preforming on stage.

Lead singer Darren Teh in the house yo.

with our very own Amanda Choe for being the Emcee.

Ellie missyCheerio and myself

Leonard Chua and The boss Josh Lim

Long time no see Adeline and myself.

Brotherly love Leonard. All the way from Ampang to support him.

Ellie and Alvin came to support Leonard as well.

JonYKT going wrong the SPM boy was there too. with Missycherio and Mynjayz

Group shot of Leonard friends.

More photos in Facebook ! Check em out.

Support Malaysian local Act music ! Support "An Honest Mistake"


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September 24, 2009

Itz Arthur's Day


Hello People ! Did you know that Itz Arthur's Day this Friday ? Itz happening at Sunway Lagoon. Itz a Global celebration culminates in Kuala Lumpur. We are rocking it at Arthur's Day with the Black Eyed Peas plus other international and local acts.

and the BEST thing is, im going to Arthur's Day !

But all i care is meeting the Black Eyed Peas live in person !

Million thanks to the "cousin" Caren Ong for giving me 1 ticket to watch the concert.

Helped her to collect the tickets and I can't wait the day tomorrow to come !

Exited sial. For those who haven manage to get your tickets yet, click HERE.


Advertorial. Maison paid me for Advertising this.


Holla party junkies !

Come and take a dip while drinking @Maison SPLASH pool party this Saturday! 26th Sept 09.

You’ve heard it right; we are transforming our outdoor space into a pool area for a day just to make this happen! The beautiful, the tattooed, the rich, the famous, large and small—everyone gets down on SPLASH Saturday. We will be making waves with exhilarating dancers, grooviest music, live DJ, and drinks!

With live pumping music by DJ Kut Masta K, this evening will be splashing! We serve only the grooviest R&B, Hip-Hop on the platter!

We break the rules for you! Come ONLY in beach wear (t-shirts, shorts, towels, flip-flops, swimming attire, goggles, rubber ducky float if you really need to!) because you’re bound to get WET! Flash any of the relative item above and GET IN FREE ALL NIGHT LONG! Yes, you can flaunt your rubber ducky too. Dress at your own risk if you come in JEANS, SHIRT, and DRESS because we don’t say SPLASH for nothing.

By reading the details on top, it reminds me of this video.

SPLASH pool party. Exactly the same. Wanna experience it in a club, drop by maison !

Also, we are shamelessly having the BEST if not BESTEST bottle promotion in town!
BOTTLE PROMO RM418 1+1 (2 Bottles)

DEWAR'S 12yrs
BACARDI (limon, razz & apple)

For further info or RSVP, kindly contact 012-3971207 (Chris Ee)

Im going there too under Chris Ee, if you're planning to go, let me know too yeah !

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September 22, 2009

Victim A La Mode


Type : Causes - Fundraiser
Where : MIST Club, Bangsar
When : Saturday, September 19

HELP HMC & SML Fashion Academy presents Victim À la mode. Featuring :

-Giordano's latest Spring/Summer collection for both men and women.

-Rebellz's spicy latest collection to set the runway on fire; by designers Ju and Jean

-SML's band of talented designers to introduce their awesome looks.

2)Angelica Wai Hseang
3)Michael Loke
4)Kimmy Siow
5)Younghiang Lim
6)Ivy Wong

And a special showcase appearance by Julia Leong, who's collections bagged the Best Casual Designer MIFA '08, as well as making her a MODA Malaysia's Young Designer Competition Finalist, and also a Triumph Inspiration Award finalist. Also, a student from SML Fashion Academy.

Anyway just before I proceed, I am sorry I didn't take any photos form the fashion show walkway. I swear there were too many people in front and too many professionals taking for them. So I don't really see a need to take anymore. So what I thought is better cake camwhore photos ! hahah. Still, my favourite. Sorry Sandra Woo for not taking any photos.

For now, camwhore photos time.

I came with Kimhan and Caren. Missed out Joshua, Mojosh.

Emcee of the event, Denise Chan with Leonard and friend.

Simon, Zlwin, Leonard and myself.

CHICKS L-R : Estee , Aubrey, Candice, Jeannie, Elena Tan, Marcia Tan, Audrey Tan

Myself with all the girls... Marcia asked me to take this not my fault im innocent.

These girls getting horny. I was watching at the corner what are they doing. and once again, not my fault. Candice asked me to snap this.

Group shots of all the happening girlss in the house yo.

Audrey and myself. I found out that we are da same college kaki.

King Qn, Audrey and myself. Candid shot ! Thanks Daley.

Marcia and Audrey. Showing their SEXY back.

The sisters Audrey and Aubrey had reached the ultimate PART !

Boss Josh Lim, Caren and Rachel.

A photo of the director of this event. Sandra Woo with Melissa Campbell and Marcia Tan.

DJ Double D and some random chicks having fun on stage.

More photos in my Facebook page !

We continued partying after the event. They end the show quite early, but still the event was actually not bad. With all the most updated fashion in town. Thumbs up, Sandra.

The End ! Once again, Sorry no fashion runway photos. Perhaps you can see HERE from Tongue in Chick updates of Victim A la Mode.

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September 21, 2009

Syoknya Raya

I was invited by Farah to attend her open house yesterday at Kota Damansara. With the partner in crime, Vivian. And to recount, it was my 6th time visiting Raya open house. Wanted to go Putrajaya instead to see the prime minister but heck forget it, too far traveling there.

Well, when it comes to raya, what pops out in my mind is daging rendang, pulut, ketupat, kari ayam, kuih raya, air sirap and not to forget the DUIT RAYA ! hahaha.

Anyway these are a few of the photos taken at Farah Liza's residence.

Vivian can't wait she had 3 rounds of plates all together.

The girls with the Malay mix Japanese dude, Hafis.

Another one with the foods.

The KDU girls with Farah's mom.

The KDU dudes with Farah's mom.

Farah and myself. She damn cute can.

Justine Ong cum Vivian Loy so loving.

Group shot of few of us before we ciao back to KL.

That's all for my 1st day of Raya. Next up, Victim A La Mode. Stay Tune.

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September 17, 2009

Newly Wed Couples ; Continues

What is Marriage? It is the mixture of communication, patience, love, sex, sharing, praying and smiles to create happiness and prosperity. LOL.

Anyway, Newly Wed Couples ; Continues : Pictures from the registration of marriage happening at the Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple at Brickfields. Enjoy.

Andrew and Belinda. Portrait shot.

It's easy to say 'I love you.' But only 'I do' says you're really the one, for always.

They are the first couple to be officialize as husband and wife. And got interviewed by STAR.

BIG group photo of the 56 couples together with the monks.

Spot them close up in the big group photo.

Sneak peak for the lunch session after ROM at Grand Imperial Restaurant, Bangsar.

Beautiful. I suppose its gonna be an expensive necklace.

Cake cutting session.

For Andrew and Belinda : Marriage is like a fine wine, as it ages it just gets better. Look at all the good times and leave behind the bad, for there are more wonders you will find in each of you, as time passes by. Congratulations on your marriage ! May you live together happily ever after as one.

Stay Tune, more pictures to come !