May 30, 2009

Mohawk Madness

I need a haircut ! Decided to try Derrick and Team. Went in the saloon and I thought of not to cut the same old hair style again. Since my hair stylist is doing Mohawk on someone else hair , I was thinking. Why not try Mohawk? Since the brother of mine did Mohawk as well. Even with hair tattoo.

MY brother's Mohawk + hair tattoo.

This is mine larh. According to people : I looked boyish before, matured after.

Side View. LOL and so far I got all good feedback's saying its quite cool, nice, different etc.

So, what do you think ? which one suits me more ?

May 28, 2009

MAD 2 MAX HipHop Dance Competition

HELP University College

presents you MAD 2 MAX Hip Hop Dance Competition


This event will be held in Euphoria by Ministry of Sound. It’s a Club Party collaborating with the dance competition.
Address below:

“Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel, Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya”


Dance competition will start at 6.30pm till 10pm after that is party on the dance floor!!


we’re looking for 10 Crews from different colleges (and seats are running out very fast!!) Contestant will be charged RM 100 Per crew around (2~6 people). and the duration max is 6 minutes per crew.

The music policy will be Hip Hop, R&B with a touch of seductive HOUSE!!


Prizes will GO UP TO RM 1000!!! for the first place obviously. Then, follow on RM 500. Representing your College is something to be proud!! So make sure you bring your friends for support to cheer you on da dance floor!!!!!

For those who are 18 and above will obtain a wristband to stay after the dance competition. MEANS… YOU CAN PARTY OR NIGHT LONG!!!!!

For the regulars, It will me RM40 and a 20% discount for all beverage and certainly!!! there will be HOT Girls, Hot Guys.


Age limit : 18 and above

Below 18 you still can come but you will have to leave after the competition ends. Sorry people~

No drugs and cigarettes are allowed.

No smoking inside the club. Proceed to outdoor for smoking.

Only college students are allowed to join this competition. Crew members must be from your own colleges.



Jeffrey 016-3117122,
Garjun 017-3691800,
Vinod 017-3492024,

More Info?!

Click em.

May 27, 2009

Champions League Final

Barcelona beat Manchester United 2-0 earlier this morning in the Champions League final in Rome to be crowned Europe's best team. In fact earlier before the match I'd predicted that Barcelona with win the title cause I know that Barca is a stronger team compared to Man Utd.

On the other side, Man Utd players wears a sad look on their face watching Barca crowned as champions.

Barca secured the Champions League crown in Rome, but I believe deeply that Man Utd will vowed to come back even stronger. Though I am quite fustrated about it but still, Barca deserved it.

PS : But one thing I hate is, those who recently support Barca after Man Utd crowned as EPL champions, are fake barca supporters. LOL. damn i knew ya'll hate Man Utd for that.
No hard feelings. Man Utd still Rocks.

May 25, 2009

I’m a Standout in Life !

Why I’m a Standout in Life ? very simple.


Where ever I go, where ever I am, whenever it will be, I will cost always trouble/ havoc/ chaos/ problem/ controversy/ misunderstanding. Whatever you name it and thus, I will always be the center attention to everyone around me.

I remember when I was younger back then in my primary school life, was in a Chinese school, Chung Hwa to be exact. I was known as the underdog in school. I don't have much friends, I don't communicate well with the people around me, I felt left out, isolated, because I thought I was not like them. The typical ones. Being a mix blood boy, i felt like I’m not in the right track. So, at times, I do often got bullied by them. For those my primary friends who are reading this, they know who they are. Just to summarize it, I manage to survive till standard 6 ! pheeeww.

Proceeding to secondary school life, is ain't easy; things will get even tougher there. was being placed in a Malay government school. Thus, I admit that I’m still considering an underdog. I'm jealous that others are so famous in school where I'm not ! I never Standout but still don't dare to make a move to do something about it! Till at a certain point, I realize that hiding myself at one corner isn’t going to change anything.

So as the years passed, I tried and tried and tried. I manage to standout a lil by then. Getting use to it ; finally I have the guts to sing on stage to few hundred people, communicate with people, speak on stage, crack a joke, etc. Where compare it to my older days, I don't even have the guts to ANYTHING AT ALL !

As now, I realize that, being a standout in life gives me a lot of benefit. Why ? I will have more contacts in my phonebook list, I will know more people in the future to be famous? To be a stand out in LIFE, is never easy for me. I'm hoping to be one soon ! Well maybe a celebrity chef perhaps ?

SHOUTS : I’m a Standout in Life ! How about you ?


Interested, come join the Standout with Tiger & Nuffnang event and stand a chance to win cool prizes! For more info, CLICK HERE

May 21, 2009

XXXXXXXL Cigarettes ?


This friend of mine, Arif is too much. Itchy hands made his own XXXXXXXXXL Marlboro Cigarettes ! with real tobacco in it. Seriously. NO JOKE. HAHA. LOLROFL ! he must be damn bangga now.

PS: Please don't try this at home. HE is one hardcore smoker !

May 16, 2009

EPL '09 Champions !

After a goalless draw with Arsenal

Manchester United were crowned champions of the EPL for the 18th time at Old Trafford !

Man Utd. EPL 09 Champions !

Cheers =)