October 17, 2007

7 stocks of red roses
7 months of relationship
Memories are unforgettable

I need to think positively, stay strong, do not fail to give up and start looking forward although the things that we don't want it to happen really do happened. Lian said u must be happy because we can wipe off our tears after being angry and sad. thanks Lianie for the advice.

Well, Life goes on. Do what we want to do now in order to improve ourselves to be a better person in future. Yea, life is hard, life is unpredictable, life is challenging. You know how great is all the memories we had? I cant fail to forget you nor to ignore you. I just cant. Although what had happened now is way making me hard to believe from my own eyes and the worse thing is i cant even do anything about it but just to wait. That is the only solution I have.

Waiting for someone is something that not many people could do

But I will........

October 11, 2007

We all want happiness
and dread the thought of rain.
When the sun fails to shine,
we worry and complain.

We forget that God above
is infinitely wise,
and sometimes our ails
are blessings in disguise.

For if we're always happy
filled with sunshine and cheer,
our hearts would hold no mercy
for others who've shed tears.

So when trouble comes knocking,
remember to stay strong.
Rainbows always follow the storm
and dark clouds never stay long.

Remember to stay strong.....
Why would I give up?

I used to think that my “tendency” to pursue something with strength, fervour and determination, it was something that I should watch, something I should be careful with. I spent some time trying to be passive but it’s just doesn't feel right for me. Makes my eyes swell up and my heart get flat if I remain passive on things that I really want it to be. Waiting sometimes is good, as can silence be loud. I feed my spirit and I pursue my dreams and goals with the energy i had, and the jealousy of others can initially be daunting, but be undaunted. Just like everyone in life, I have my ups and downs, but in the end, I have really never given up, even though I feel like giving up, But my hearts tell me not to give up! Trust my feelings!

So, although I see things that thing I don't intend to see but I'll,

Never give up hope.

Never give up love.
Never give up on anything.
Never give up dreaming, cause thats what keeps me alive.
Never give up trying for the best!

Stay Strong man...........

October 9, 2007

Live a Life that Matters

What will matter is:
.. Not what you brought, but what u built;
.. Not what you got, but what you gave;
.. Not your success, but your significance;
.. Not what you learned, but what you thought;
.. Not your competence, but your character;
.. Not how many people u knew, but how many will feel a lasting lost when you're gone;
.. Not your memories, but the memories that lived in those who loved you.
.. Every act of integrity, compassion, or courage that enriched, empowered or encouraged others to emulate your example.
.. How long you will be remembered, by whom and for what.
.. A life that doesn't happen by accident or circumstance, but by choice.

For what is your life?