January 5, 2011

Rest In Peace - Wendy Chan

Rest In Peace - み え Wendy Chan. This was her last FB updates after she passed away @ Penang yesterday around 10am in the morning.

み え: no updates? Wondering whats up? yea well ... still the same - sick, in out of hospital, rest at home, same shit everyday... There's no end to my suffering now until its all over! I wonder when =.=" I gotta work on it! Cheer myself, encourage myself, pull myself up!!! oh dear me ... its tiring!!
September 22, 2010 at 5:42pm

み え: MIA = sick + hospitalized for observation + appt to see doc + arrangement for procedure + no strength to sit up to talk/eat/chat/online Totally neglected FB for a reason, I need medical treatment, I need medical care, I need plenty of rest. ♥ Thank you all for being so concern, I am slowly getting better (^^,) ♥
September 8, 2010 at 3:32pm

み え aka Wendy Chan was one of my bff's sister in law. She's used to be quite close to me when she's back in KL. Celebrated my 19th birthday with me, shisha-ed, lepak, food hunting, camho and all together. She is also one of us, advertlets blogger as well. She blogged @ http://mi33.blogspot.com. Do check out ya. I didn't know that she was sick and hospitalize till Suetmei told me that she was sick and will not have much time more on this earth as she's suffering a lot of problems which I'm not sure what but for all I know that she's not gonna live any longer. Claimed by Suetmei. Thus I was quite worried about it, thought of planning to visit her anytime soon in the early January until yesterday morning, I got an sms from Suetmei saying that Wendy passes away!

I was totally out of words, I don't know what to respond. I was shocked for a moment and realize that I WAS LATE to even say goodbye/talk/see her for one last time. She's one of my closest friend who'd passed away. So far none of my family members, close friend, relative or anyone close pass away and she was my first one apart from my Grandfather which was happened almost 10 over years ago. So this is something rare to me for not able to see her anymore.

This was sometime back ago the pictures taken together :)

Guess what, after not seeing her for so long. She was busy working in SG, traveling around the world. And look what happened to her?

This was taken in PARIS. Look, she's so super slim already. You can compare with pictures above. I cannot believe it, even she's underweight and seriously, I prefer the old her. Even I don't have the determination to do that. I don't know whether this transformation that made her unwell, im not sure. I will seek for more details about her death.

Stated that Wendy has completed her task on earth, she is in GOD's hand now. She will be at Batu Gantung, behind Penang Turf Club until 8th Jan 2011 11am. Unfortunately I have to organize an event here in KL which is the Advertlets laser tag outing, I must be there and I can't make it to her funeral. It's happening at the same date, same time start & end. Oh nos!

To Bryan, her husband. I'm so sorry bro for your lost. my deepest condolence. I know it's hard for you to accept it but stay strong bro.

Final Note : Although she won't be seeing this, but I still needa tell her this.

Thanks you Wendy Jie for being such an amazing friend to me since the day I know you. Thanks for everything especially being our "Guru Besar" for the Mag7 of all ur young ones; Suetmei, Vivian, Serra, Elaine, Xiowei, Haithal, Joshua and Myself. It's really a sudden lost to me. It's very hard to accept and believe that this is happening. What more can I say? May you rest in peace and I will never ever forget you. You will always be in my heart, Our heart. Thanks for being my friend. Rest In Peace - Wendy Chan.

Life is short. So cherish the loved ones around u before it's too late.

Jason and family. With all Mag7, Advertlets, Friends.


January 3, 2011

All new mynjayz.com - Stay tuned 11.1.11

Gonna make this announcement quick! Yeah it's a brand new year. 2011. Will be better and greater! Taking steps into another level. Thus, I will also be launching my new blog on the DATE 11.1.11. TIME 11pm.11min.11sec. The All new mynjayz.com. Really excited. Stay Tuned Guys!

Also, a Launching of MYNJAYZPHOTOS.COM & IMVA.MY will be announce very soon. Cheers!


January 2, 2011

Advertlets Year End BlogStar Party

#Advertlets Year End BlogStar Party

Let's do a lil recap. Year 2010 had been great to me. A lot of changes in within a year for me since I join Advertlets and I can say that this year was the best year for me so far. Thus, Me and Advertlets did organized a very successful party to end the year 2010. Around 40 of them came in total for the party & the dinner. All in different time. For those who missed it, too bad cause we've been very generous this time. Sponsoring liquors, hotel suite, foods, party, songs and all for countdown. Nevertheless, I would thank you all of you bloggers and friends for coming to Advertlets BlogStar party last year 31st Dec 2010 @ Skewers & Summit Hotel Suite.

Acknowledgment: Thanks for the sponsors, Josh from Advertlets, David from Skewers, and yous sincerely from IMVA Studios.

We had a great party! Check it out the photos.

Started off with Skewers for dinner @ Subang Avenue and the countdown party located at Hotel Summit Suite Room :) This was kinda last minute thing, if it's planned at least a week earlier it would be even greater! But still, even with a last minute planning, the party still went smoothly with lotsa people supporting by attending our party!

Thanks to all our loyal bloggers! Here they are!

Group Shot #1

Group Shot - Fish Eye #2

Group Shot - Naked girls on bed #3

ME and Missycherio.com - Ellie Chee.

Alcoholic much! Bad influence picture.

Group Shot 4 which includes everyone in da picture.

Collage #1

Collage #2

That sums up our Advertlets Year End BlogStar Party 2010.

Thus, in the year 2011, we’re looking for more bloggers out there who is interested to join us (Advertlets.com) in any of our events/outings/parties in the future. Our next one will be the ADVERTLETS LASER TAG OUTING which is happening on the 8th January 2010. That marks our first blogger event gathering in year 2011. Woots! ( Official blog post will be out on MONDAY OR TUESDAY )

NOW, here’s your chance to join us and be part of us. Register as an Advertlets member. Please notify us and send in ur profile of personal details, blog URL and email address to jason.ong@advertlets.com with the title ‘Im interested to join Advertlets.com. Join us in our future events, outings, parties and so on! Selected bloggers will be shortlisted. with terms and condition. :)


PS: REWIND 2010 Blog posts will be up in within this week! Stay Tuned!