January 28, 2009

CNY ' 09

To the Chinese : 恭喜發財 ! Erm I'm back from Malacca yesterday, my hometown. Went back last Sunday for dinner reunion. Helped out my grandma for the cooking and there's too much food. Received a lot of ang pao's too. and of cause i met my lovely cousins again. So many of them. So happy can ? The Ong's weyhh.


Clockwise : kim . kellie. kathleen. karyn. jason. shanli. christopher. edwin. - all ONGS

The day after.

Went to Malacca town for sight seeing/snap photos. Was thirsty and we sat down for some deserts. Damn, I kena food poisoning. Must be that damn ice kacang. Visited to the toilet 16 times since yesterday till NOW still counting. Just waiting for my stomach to pop out that sound again and here you go. All my plans to bai nian at ppl's house failed today. Not gonna travel with this situation wei. can die.

Maybe tomorrow i will recover. it's recovering now after 16 TIMES !

Thanks everyone for all the CNY message but too bad I can't reply. Too much can? lol. Anyhow,



January 25, 2009

Heroes Teaser Continues

Heroes Teaser Continues. I present you my brother Chris Ong aka Peter Pretrelli. For the sake of the photo he is forced to be half naked. LOL


Woaahhhh ! This is way too cool man. As far I know, I will try to cover all character in Heroes season 1 till 3. So, who still wanna be featured ? I need models for my Heroes Teaser project. LOL

January 23, 2009

Heroes Teaser

Remember my previous post about Heroes teaser ? lol. Suddenly got exited about it. Got the inspiration from Joshua Lah. Since there's no class today, to kill my time, I did my own version of Nathan Petrelli in popular TV series, Heroes.

Woo I'm flying. lol. This is hilarious.

There's more character to come. all in Malaysian Version.

Peter Petrelli
Hiro Nakamura
Tracy Strauss
Claire Bennet
Maya Herrera
Matt Parkman
Mohinder Suresh

and more. lol. Who wanna be featured ? LOL

January 19, 2009

It's Fullhouse !


I know roughly where is the location of this cafe but I haven got the chance to dine in YET. By the way if any of you know where is the exact location of this place please feel free to let me know. =) Let's make this trip to Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe for our normal Friday routine outing before we head back to hometown for CNY celebration !

Magnificent 7 please make yourself available this Friday !

Well, I have something lame to share before I end this post.


HAHA Heroes teaser. Malaysian version. Joshua became the victim ?

January 17, 2009

Youth '09 !

Yeah finally a late update for youth '09. So people, did you all manage to go to youth '09 event recently happened last week @ PWTC ? I guess some of you did. Well, I did went there on Friday and Sunday. For instance, I missed out Saturday. Someone ffk-ed me.

Personally I think this event was not bad lar. Except for some activities that can't really involve much people. I love the indie festival MOST, the street dancing and the photo shoot background as well. I'm surprised that the KDU parts also did performed on Friday. Beat box was da bomb as usual. and for one thing, I saw many DSLR users these days. I even spot a small lil 12 year old girl with a D80 ! wtf. My Ashley loose face man. And I saw many SONY users too. Yay Sony Alpha is expending real FAST.

As for now, photos speaks a thousand words. FYI I didn't manage to take much shots from the event but these just what I have with me.

Oh this event is FOC.

People lining up. Not many of them actually cause it's on Friday morning. 11am.

Introducing Elaine Chong my companion for the whole day.

banners all over the place. Seems like a grant event.

Poser Elaine with Suetmei's D80. Look good on you weyh.

Decorations. I see basketball rims.

Foosball anyone ?

Toyota Vios. Reminds me of Ampang Drift.

If I am not mistaken this is a Honda City.

Matthew from KDU in action. Oh He owns a D200 as well. And he sings well.

KDU parts. Jill, Andrew and friend. Good effort performance but still need improvement.

Candid. with the beautiful background.

Poser Elaine wearing my photography shirt. LOL

Thanks Suetmei for this shot.

I got a python over my neck for the first time in my life. best ever feeling.

Milton with Alice. Alice is soo cute in her working uniform.

2 thumbs up for Malta Quench

Oh ya I did volunteered a while to help out Suetmei and Jac with the work.

and while so we met Jacqueline. A Rotactor and a verytall girl. All of us almost the same height except Suetmei. Cute.

A group photo before we leave.

Last but not least. I love this photo damn lots.

All in all youth '09 was just okayy for me. Not till the extend i will give a WOW to this event but its quite a huge one compared to last years Youth '08. I very much enjoyed some random hip hop street dancing from the malays. Very entertaining indeed.

PS : Oh well im back to the blogging world.

January 16, 2009

Sweet Return !

Woots my 1st week of College Rocks ! meeting new people is fun. College is not as stressful as I thought but no joke I always felt sleepy in every class. Since this semester is all theory subjects for me so it's understood larrh. I should have brought my jacket, pillow and blanket along. Cause its damn cold in all lecture hall. Makes me wanna sleep. Ask Vivian or those KDU-ians they know it best.

Besides, there's something that I want you all to know. Well some of you guys knew this. Some of you don't. It doesn't matter weather you knew this already or not but I'm gonna do my own trademark on something before everyone uses it without acknowledging the creator/ founder. Bryan Lim with his trademark on " lololol™ " and why not me? This may sound a bit lame but yeah I'm still gonna trademark it. Omg it's " waddss diss weyyhh™ ". Take that !

PS : not-so-funny. Ohh did I mentioned I went to youth '09 ?


January 12, 2009

Back To College !


Back To College ! Oh and I'm wearing super formal to College today. It's a great start ! Well time flies, a year had passed and now I'm a senior student. We can now start kickin asses bully those juniors.

FYI this is my 3rd semester and all theory subjects for me. NO practical. No practical means NO cooking. NO cooking means NO eating. No eating means won't gain weight. Yay my diet plan is seriously ON ! lol. anyway I looked damn potong in this photo.

PS : College had a build another new kitchen ! so add up all there will be 7 Kitchens in KDU College !

January 10, 2009

Hum Hallelujah


HAHA. That was a weird post title. lol but anyhow, BEING "single is simple". What do you think about it? Persoanlly, I think that being single is sucky. I want challenges so I need a girlfriend right now. ASAP ! Oh I sound so desperate. Okay im just joking, don't get misunderstood. Oh by the way, I like the tattoo from Tracy Twilights. and that's for real ! not a sticker or what ever. It's a permanent tattoo wehy. damn nice can?

January 8, 2009

Mesmerizing !

Life is tough, when at times we have to face our self. By the way this is one of my fineness production specially dedicated to Cheam Yong Jye. Korean Boy don't play play.


YES that is his nickname. stevenboiboi. damn gay rite? lol. But don't judge the book by it's cover. He plays pool well, got the looks, got the heart, got the brains, easy to socialize, kind person, straight, got the sense of humor, fasionably dressed and what more? All in all he's a very HAPPENING person.

Click here to his meaningful blog. Wah im promoting him kao kao.

PS : YES ! I guess I decide to change my blog into a photography blog or what-ever-you-wanna-call-it. LOL. Can't commit myself much in updating already larrr.

January 5, 2009

I like GIF !

This piece of 40D got insurance don't play play. Hurm, when Can I get a BETTER DSLR ? lol. So that I can capture more GIF like photos with 6 fps !

Notice: It takes time to load. E way in action ! This is just 3 fps only. my a200. I need a 6 fps !

I have 2 GIF image of suetmei's and 2 GIF image of vivian's with me. Should I post it up as well? LOL.

January 3, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009 !

I guess it's still not too late to wish everyone a happy new year 2009 ! haha. Finally im back to my computer and in my blogging world. Lately was always out, staying over at friends place and stuff for the new year. Not being able to update. My only excuse is always TIRED. In the mean time, just for the record, I think I need to change my concept of blogging already. I might turn my blog into a photography blog. I might ! Depends on my mood. Cause I don't wanna waste a lot of time in blogging. Just photos and captions how NICE weyh. Time will tell me what to do.

Anyway I've escaped the Great '08 ! Suffered a lot back then in '08. Hope '09 won't disappoint me !

Woo, the booze from New Year's Eve Party, The Great Escape !

Cheers to STOP consuming alcohol in year '09 ! lol. I guess most of my close friends seen me got wasted the other day. Sighhhh. Say NO to alcohol ! oihhh why not !?

PS : My resolution this year '09. I need to turn into a new leaf this year. Im turning 19 in no time, it's time to take serious actions.