November 29, 2009

Walkabrella & Zombieland

Walka- what?

It's Walkabrella.

Dubbed WALKABRELLA, the event is geared towards creating awareness on Cerebral Palsy and is expected to attract over 1500 people who will be participating in a casual, non-competitive walk, spanning 6-kms in the vicinity of Bandar Utama.

Date : 6th December 2009 (Sunday)
Time : 7:00am onwards to 4:00pm
Venue: Central Park, 1Utama
Fee : RM10.00 per participant
Freebies: Umbrellas & Goody Bags!

WALKABRELLA is also set to be a record-breaking feat with the largest number of participants walking with symbolic umbrellas open!

Beneficiary: Taman Megah's Handicapped & Disabled Children's Home
Cause: Cerebral Palsy

Rock out with John's Mistress, An Honest Mistake, Bus Company, Effigy Eclipse, Senoritas, Stalking Shannon and many other acts along with a bazaar AFTER THE WALK!

YES ! I will be joining this event. Will be quite fun to walk with 1K+ of people with umbrellas. Why not come and experience it, as well to support my college event. I will be there as a photographer but I will still join the walk. Who interested ? do let me know.

* NOTE : 7am registration opens. 9am registration close! so better be there before 9am where everyone starts to walk.

We've talked the talk, now let's walk the WALK!

Facebook fan page HERE.


Advertlets movie screening is coming up. It's Zombieland! A different flavour from the past few screenings we had, this action/thriller cum comedy movie should be an interesting watch. A definite must see!

A synopsis:

Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) has made a habit of running from what scares him. Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) doesn’t have fears. If he did, he’d kick their ever-living ass. In a world overrun by zombies, these two are perfectly evolved survivors. But now they’re about to stare down the most terrifying prospect of all: each other.

Here’s the trailer!

And here are the screening Details

Movie: Zombieland
Media: Advertlets
Date: 8th Dec (Tues)
Time: 8.30pm (Ticket Collection)
Venue: Cathay E@Curve

Interested ? I've got 5 tickets to give away for my readers. DM me in twitter or reply comment on this post to get em. First come first serve basis. Hope to see you there!


November 28, 2009

Encountered incident in the club

An interesting story wanna share.

The setting was a club in KL. It was totally a gays night, the girl friends were all not free to join. Totally a new thing for me. Usually girls will accompany. Guess what, in my mind goes like this : "Yeah its gonna be a fishing/hunting night".

Oh well, that's what usually people do, when they come alone. am i not right ?

Holding a bottle of beer with my friend. Two of us, lifelessly, was trying to suit ourselves with the music but the night totally turn me off. Guess what ? live performance chinese lala songs were played. Felling regret and disappointed to be there might as well the crowd was more on the elderly people. Almost get ourselves out of the club.

Opposite us, there's this 2 girls came alone as well and it was a coincidence I did not place them there for real. Feeling lonely as well. I recon that they were there to hunt for guys as well ? or maybe waiting for guys to approach them.

A Brief description. Let's say she's hot, pretty, curvy, dress perfectly for a girl. Just so I thought of maybe I shall join them since both parties came alone. And I don't know why, I was not ready to make the first move.

Few thoughts in mind.

1) Those girls are definitely older than us.
2) Fear of being rejected. *cause i am so damn young*
3) Will burn a hole in my pocket for spending them drinks.
4) If they're from Klang, need to fetch them back. Would be a hassle.
5) Scared causing into trouble. Might as well get laid.
6) worst come to worst, "I've got no BALLS" to even do anything.

And there was this crazy dude. Roaming around our table, dancing. I shall put it in a way that he was "tengah menghayal" like he was in his dreamland. Tapped me on my shoulder saying.

The crazy dude said
"Hey... the 2 girls infront, goo laaaa. where's your balls !?"

I replied
"I was like wtf? Okayy. waitt larhh you bastard."

Friends opinion
"Ehhh go larhh. You go den i will join you later."

Feeling annoyed by that, but it gives me more motivation.

I know im good at this but im clueless why me being such a coward that night. As the time goes by, I was talking to myself. This shall be a good experience, I always wonder how does this thing works. Should be my first time doing this, to an elderly girls.

got up as I approached, to my surprise. Everything went smoothly. She was a foreign student from Mongolia and she has a very unique name. called Oonoo.

* Where is Mongolia? Mongolia is between Russia and China in Eurasia.

I thought she was local until she showed me her ID. Both of em. Can't believe it. Totally shocked about it. Problem is she looked like a Malaysian Chinese to me. Wasn't expecting this but yeah. continued our conversation and

I asked her this question :
"How old are you"?

She answered me suspiciously :
"You guess" ?

in my mind : Cause im 19 and maybe she's 21.

I answered.

She replied me in a shocking expression and laugh.
"Im 25"

I was totally shocked that she looked older. Too bad I don't have a photo of her at least I got something to prove. Thus, same theory applied and she asked me back the same question. I said, you guess. LOL.

She replied.
"Elder than 25. Maybe 26".

I replied.
"OMG are you serious I looked that old" ?

Well I can act that im old but I can't accept the fact that im 26 already. and I can't be telling her im 19 either! Totally turned off mode. without thinking any further and I told her im 22. Who knows, just to balanced it up a lil.

She was in shocked. I said why?

She said
"You looked like you're more than 25"

Maybe she's 25 and she was expecting me to be the same 25 as well I guess. People, im not that old. LOL.

Well I guess after she knew that im 22, she barely layan/entertains me. Is like a one way conversation after that which is suppose to be two. Is it because im younger so older girls don't entertain? Or what? The atmosphere/interaction was good before I revealed my age to her.

Girls, what you think?

But just to make things clear. Nothing happened between us.

It's good to know that finally I've got the guts to overcome my fear on something that I usually failed to do in a club. At least I felt that I achieved something. A plus new experience for me.

PS : I was keen to get some feedback of this question from Josh lim's tweet saying.

" Can you find true love in a night club? Can you find a fling in a library? " LOL


November 24, 2009

Darren & Eva's Wedding Dinner

It was Darren and Eva's wedding dinner @ Renaissance Hotel last Saturday. Woots this is my 2nd wedding dinner for this month. 2 more to go. Anyway, Eva is my church friend. So I was called up to help her on that night. To project some slide show on the screen projector.

While so, Smashpop and Brian was the official photographer for the night. Too bad my DSLR haven arrive that time. Using my SONY WX-1 digicam as a replacement.

Thank God streamyx line was fast today, if not I won't be able to post up this post. Anyway here are some shots taken that night.

Darren and Eva pouring champagne together.

Main ballroom hall. with almost 70 tables in total.

The church members. Elder sister of Jolene, Jolene and Shireen.

I seriously didn't expect to meet vivianloy and family there.

Candid of me and Shireen.

The Ong Brothers posing with SmashpOp.

Camwhore. Loy sisters with the Jason's.

Big family portrait photo up stage.

More photos will be posted up next time. Oh ya, new blog header this coming December. Stay tune for it. Cheers.

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November 22, 2009

MY SPY Movie Premiere

Are you a fan of spy movies? If so, you’ll be glad to learn that My Spy, a local production, will hit the big screen on Dec 3. Starring AC Mizal as AJ and Harun Salim Bachik as Salleh, this action-comedy, produced by KRU Studios and directed by award-winning director Afdlin Shauki, is set to tickle your funny bone with its witty dialogue and hilarious storyline. My Spy marks KRU’s fifth film and is described by producer Norman Abdul Halim and Afdlin as “the funniest movie ever produced”.

Is a MUST show to watch if ur a Malaysian. Why? For me, because of Hannah Tan. A big FAN of hers. My Spy movie featuring Ac Mizal, Harum Salim, Hannah Tan, Carmen Soo, Daphne Iking, Ridzuan Hashim and Maria Farida. The movie will also mark Hannah’s debut in movies — as the secretary for Datuk O (Ridzuan)

I rate this movie 5/10. Despite the predictable story line and the movie effects was a lil unreal for me. But, comedy movie fans rejoice! It's really funny.

The Movie Trailer. Watch !

Thanks to Advertlets i get to attend "MYSPY" GALA PREMIERE last Thursday @ Mid Valley. It was a last minute thing that's why not many came. With me was Mojosh and Sukvinder. Along with Rebecca, Thong Kai and all the main cast.

Mojoshdotcom back in action. Our Tickets.

Hannah Tan with Celcom boss and KRU members.

A group shot with the gorgeous Hannah Tan.

And I can't believe we were sitting with Hannah Tan. Same hall with all the main cast. Quite shocking. And I didn't expect Rebecca Saw as well to get featured in the Movie. LOL.

With main actor, Harun and Ridzuan.

Group shots of all the cast actors.

Another Group shot with Thong Kai inside.

Ladies Trio. Maria Faridah, Hannah and Daphne.

I've waited for her to get done with interviews for quite some time almost 1 hour and finally I get to camwhore with her.

I can't wait to see her again next week. She will be singing, LIVE. For more info, visit her webpage

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P/S : Photos above taken using SONY WX-1 digicam. Streamyx speed is fast as usual. NO hassle for me to upload all the photos.


November 19, 2009

The Moment Of Truth.

Firstly, my Streamyx speed @ home is getting better day by day. I get to upload all my photos this time without any disappointment. Im happy with it.

Yeap, it was quite a while since my last time blogging. Sorry for the lack of updates, am very busy with college stuff. Ending of semester, will be expecting all these shits coming up. Never ending. I don't even have much time to check Twitter and Facebook. And been experiencing fatigue and tiredness every single day.

Another reason why my blog is lacking of updates cause I do not have a camera. Not even digital camera. Seriously, depending on my iPhone camera isn't a good idea.

So at once, I was quite fed up and I went to the camera shop and BOOM.

The moment of truth.

Oh yeah, just to update you this was the last 2 times I went for an event.

Topshop party @ Zouk. Taken with Niki's iPhone.

Michelle, Howard, Jeffro, Me, Niki and Amanda ready to party. And not forgetting Rames who took this photo. Joshlim busy with his friends.

Flynivarsary @ OneUtama. Ewin's wide angle lens.

Jon, Pop, Me, Bryan, Ewin, Flora, Freddie, Suet and Bboy. Enjoying the weekends.

Im gonna revive soon. More to come, stay tune. Am under mental and physical stress right now. Let me hibernate my blog for a moment.

Promise, I will try to update a lil more often.

Tomorrow : "My Spy" from GALA PREMIERE tomorrow. Awesome stuff. Thanks Advertlets !


November 15, 2009

The Premiere Of Dimensions @ The Palace

Date : Thursday, 12 November 2009
Time : 6.30PM – 7.30PM (Press Conference)
7.30PM – 10.00PM (Consumer Launch Party)
Venue : The Palace, Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

A First from Maxis and Astro : Malaysia’s first made-for-mobile sci-fi series.

A first release from Maxis and Astro, Dimensions signals a series of innovative offerings by both companies, bringing rich entertainment content directly to consumers’ mobile phones.

A photo with the backdrop before we went in. With me is Bryan, Kristine, Flora and myself.

The press conference started quite long already when we arrived.

Starring Jehan Miskin, Ben Tan, Ammar Alfian Aziz, Oliver Johanan and Dhanya Nambiar, Dimensions combines suspense, fantasy, and action in a gripping and explosive two-month series.

I got myself registered for the sci-fi series for 2 months. All maxis users, you can also try it on ur phones. But only for phone with 3G access. Type "on ds" and send to 22900. You will get a link on the sci-fi series. It will be updated and new series will be out every week.

After the press conference is done, the customer launching party started. We got ourselves foods and drinks from Sharaton, we took photos, lucky draws and so on.

ME and Flora. Michelle and Howard.

Michelle got interviewed by unseen TV. That guy in green, was in a BAND. Seen him featured with an honnest mistake band before at Laundry Bar.

Coco and myself. Her DSLR is very sophisticated.

Lots of fruits, finger foods, cakes etc. Awesome. Satisfied.

Meanwhile while we were eating, the lucky draw started. 2 iPhones to be given away and both iPhones were landed on 2 of the lucky bloggers. Xiang and Dylan. OMG how come so nice got free iPhone ! I work sooo hard with bloodshed to get my iPhone.

Xiang, Shaz and Dylan. The both lucky winners and the boss of SFX network.

Happy Xiang and myself with our iPhones.

Group photo with da bloggers. Look who's hugging there.

Big group photo of all of us. Too many to mention. Check in Facebook who are they.

Thanks to Bryan and Shaz for the invitation. Thanks Xiang and Howard for the photos. More details about Dimensions,

Not to forget to add me in twitter to get updated my where abouts in events and outings, etc.

Oh ya just an addition, thanks also to streamyx cause the line is quite fast today for me to upload all my high resolution photos here in my blog.


November 10, 2009

Catbit Boutique Showcase @ Twentyone

It was last Thursday @ Twentyone kitchen+bar. There's a fashion event going on featuring fashion retailer catbit boutique, showcasing collection with a masquerade theme. To my suprise, many bloggers and media came to attend this fashion event.

As usual, like every other first Thursdays of the month, twentyone kitchen+bar on Changkat, Bukit Bintang brings yet another themed event at fash fab, a platform to show support local fashion designers and entrepreneurs. for the month of November fash fab features affordable fashion retailer Catbit boutique, showcasing the black magic masquerade collection.

Main entrance view.

It was freeflow Absolute vodka that night with various types of juices. Only from 9pm onwards till 10pm. I was there late. Reached there about 10 plus. Not long later, the fashion runway starts.The place top floor is packed with humans. Models barely got space to walk.

masquerade theme. Awesome.

It's Stefanie Chua !


Personally like this close up shot of Shef.

Here's more info of what is Catbit boutique all about.

Catbit boutique was founded by Vincent Ng, a local entrepreneur who ventured into the fashion retail field and has built a chain of affordable fashion retail stores with a steady growth just under two years. Importing the latest designs from Korea, Taiwan and japan, the brand prides itself
in offering the latest fashion trends at an affordable price for the average shopper.

Under the umbrella of Catbit, there are six more brands located in Sungai Wang Plaza and Times Square. Catbit, Refresh, Cova, Gazebo, Moment, I Boutique, Myth and offer recessionistas work wear, casual apparels to dinner dresses and churns out a minimum of 120 designs per month to keep up with the ever changing trends, and maintaining their competitive edge in the market.

Faces of people who came for the event.

Jocelyn, Rebecca, Joshim and Ah Bok.

Me, my guest Xiang and Howard.

Flora, Yatz, Hikaru and Kristine.

Flora, Me, Howard and Tek Yit.

Advertlets bloggers. SmashpOp, AmandaChoe and Myself after the fashion show.

Anyway, thanks Howard, JasonGoh for the photos. When im gonna get my DSLR wei I dont like stealing people's photos. LOL. Also, visit Facebook fan page HERE for Catbit fashion.

Thats all for now. I can't wait for my new DSLR to come. I've been waiting soo long already.


November 5, 2009

Veuve Cliquot Yelloween Champagne Party

It was last week, the day before Halloween Day, just to kick start the weekends we went to Veuve Cliquot Yelloween Champagne party @ Neo Global Tapas & Luxe Lounge. We were there for the champagne and of cause for the company. Met quite a few familiar faces but also made some new friends there at the party.

This champagne tasted really nice. And it can make me go high if you drink too much. It ain't sparkling juice man. tho it tasted almost like one.

The party peoples chilling with champagne.

Halloween theme party is already on. Good thing there's something different this time, Champagne. Awesomeness.

A group shot. Joshlim, Helenness's BF and cousin, Isabella.

Myself with the ladies. Helenness and Isabella.

Josh with Rebeca and friend. Look at Josh's costume, like what? Spartans?

in events, Camwhores is a must. Isabella.

Helenness always praise my 400D is HEBAT can produce damn nice photos.

The real models for Miss Malaysia. Stefanie Chua and friend. They are really TALL.

A shot with the spotlight of the day.

Photo of da day. =) Thanks Madeline Ming for some of the photos I stole form her.

After the champagne party, went to get myself Recharge at Blanc KL with Josh. We were there quite late so im sorry didn't get much photos. Stay tune for more updates. Patience!!!

That's all for now. Add me in twitter !