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February 26, 2008

SPM results ?!

Heard many rumor's from everyone saying that SPM results is coming out this week on the 28th of February? Yeah, that's what everyone said. All are getting nervous about it as another 2 more days, they are going to face their greatest fear for what they have been studied for the pass 2 years, weather their results paid off for all the hard work they've done or not. XD

Anyway, for the ones who are really on pressure that SPM results are coming out on this week, better catch your breath cause SPM results is coming out next month on the 12th-17th of March. Probably after election week.

CONFIRM DATE, 12th-17th of March SPM results is coming out. Middle of march. Around there la. *Analyse and discussed with my ex school koko and class teacher.

Believe it or not that's up to you. It's 27th of February today and impossible it's coming out tomorrow without any news from the government right. So should be relief a bit at least. LOL. stupid 3 words.

EDIT : Yeah indeed
it's *In denial*

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