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October 15, 2009

It's Bboyrice Day

It's Jeremy aka Bboyrice. A dancer who have a lot of passion in dancing, turns 20 last Saturday on the 10th Of October. Celebrated at TGIF, Pavilion. A whole bunch of friends/bloggers came to celebrate it with him.

Apparently, I appeared once again after celebrating the birthday countdown for him as well on MissyCheerio's birthday celebration at Heritage Mansion a day earlier. For now, photos time...

Nigel damn suka camwhoring can.

The girlsss who came. Jessica, Amanda, Angel, Samantha and Evelyn.

Samantha, ur baju jatuh u tak kisah kan ? LOL.

Rocking JT and myself.

We ordered this and shared 4 person. OMG we are broke.

The B'day boy stood on the chair and sang thunder from the Boys Like Girls.

Cake smashing timeee...

Jeremy, I wanna see u Dance and Drink more.

Big group shot with the bday boy and the staff.

We Ultimate Camwhore !! See if I can name all of them.

Bryan, Samantha, Angel, Nigel, Amanda, Jeremy, Joseph, Xiang, Samuel, Pui Yeng, Myself, Joshua, Suetmei, Evelyn and Benard.

Once again, Happy Bboyrice Day ! Enjoy being 20th.


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