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February 20, 2009

V Day '09

How's your Valentines I ask. Hope you did enjoyed. As for me, not too much a surprise. I did spend my valentines with a bunch of friends, almost 15 of them @ the apartment, the curve. We had quite a lot of fun sharing problems, discussing stuff concerning about Love, relationships etc.

Here are a group photo all of us who attended. Thanks Bryan for the Photos.


"Why couples celebrate Valentine's when it's Valentines day to them everyday? As for singles, they should celebrate it to remind them that they are still single."

PS : My DSLR failed and disappoint me on Valentines day, so no photos from me.

But you can read more from these bloggers below. Click em.
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To that someone if you're reading this. although I did celebrate v-day this year without you, but I hope soon enough, v-day is everyday to us. you know who you are. =)

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