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April 3, 2009

Song meaning " if you seek amy "

Well, does this song " if you seek amy " sound familiar to you ? NO ? it is from Britney Spears new album debut 2008. I bet " Womanizer " and " Circus " sound more familiar to you I suppose. Reason because " if you seek amy " this song, had just recently got famous in Malaysia. Thus, this song had become a huge controversy.

The song you listen in the radio was actually the clean version of " if you seek amy ". Haven you notice something weird about the title of the song? When I first saw that one of the tracks on Circus is called " if you seek amy ", straight away i sense something weird about it. Anyway the real version goes like this. lets analyze the lyrics.


Oh baby baby have you seen Amy tonight?
Is she in the bathroom is she smokin' up outside? Oh
Oh baby baby does she take a piece of lime
For the drink that I'm a buy her do you know just what she likes? Oh

Oh oh, tell me have you seen her? cause I'm so oh
I can't get her off of my brain
I just want to go to the party she gon' go
Can somebody take me home?
Ha ha, he he, ha ha, ho

Love me hate me, say what you want about me
But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to " if you seek amy "
Love me hate me, but can't you see what I see?
All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to " if you seek amy "


Okay pause. Yeah I don't know how people didn't notice that in the first place. I listened to the song once through and I already got what she was really trying to say. There's a hidden meaning towards it. She said it out loud." if you seek amy " ... now that it sounds like ... " eff-you-see-kay me ". And when you put that into letters (which I won't do because I don't want to get in trouble). She is clearly saying F-U-C-K - ME . It makes a lot more sense because in the chorus she says: "all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to FUCK me."

Got what I mean ?

Suddenly this became the song that I want to hear again and again. LOL. though I'm not a fan of hers.

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