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April 6, 2008

Back for updates

Finally I am back blogging for updates. Had really a busy week lately, can't even find time to blog. Anyhow, it's April. A month with lots of stuff going on. Time passes so fast and it was Milton's birthday today and eventually someone did something really sweet for him. Felt envy? somehow. Hours of hard work and finally paid off. Mil is happy.

Also, this coming Tuesday, 8th of April is gonna be another big day for me. Guess what is it? but i think nothing much gonna happen though. Gonna be in college till late evening. Sad thing. Guess I am not gonna celebrate my sweet 18th birthday this year. The legal age where I am big enough to buy condoms, smoke, drugs, anything that an adults does. LOL. For your info I ain't that crazy to hunt for those.
Not really hoping much for this year birthday but just wanna change into a new leaf and be a better person for myself. Do my best in college. For you all know that college fees are expensive. LOL.

Anyway not gonna be long winded.

Happy 19th Birthday Milton !
The bald dudes. Taken in year 2007.

P/S : I am awating for this Tuesday for some miracles to happen. NOT condoms !

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