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April 1, 2008

First day in college

At first I didn't know about this thing. Just before clock ticks 12, there's someone fooled me, so I've been fool so easilly. For just once, then I started fooling at people. Since it's a so call April fool day but I found out it doesn't make sense at all. Just for fun laa..

Erm, ya know Queenie from ARGS also is a KDU-ian from. and she is damn good in acting lor. Calling her friends in fromt of me through phone and prank at them faulse story. Can see from her expression, so talented. Also, there is a friend of mine in KDU, from ARGS also. Fooled almost 25 peeps in a day. She can even write down who she already fooled and showed it to me. She felt super exited and there she is.

H&T, Evil Kohahu. Even got fooled by me.

Okay start off with my first official day in college. Meet most of my course mates and lecturers. Some of them are weird and fierce. Some of them are nice. Just the food are really expensive there in the cafeteria. What to do, Private college wert. Anyhow, the day turn out to be kinda fun. May be cause of the April fool day that makes the day fun I guess. LOL. or.......

Or may be not, but this ?!! 0.O

NO pressure. Still it's fun and exiting. Am gonna be loving college life but hate the transportation.=S

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