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April 8, 2008

For the birthday boy

Yeah, I am officially 18 years "young" today. Legal enough to do anything here in Malaysia. Nothing special and wasn't too exited about it. But what I was exited about what's going to happen today. Was hoping for some miracle to happen by suddenly a hand phone or a mp3 player pop up in front of me from someone but maybe I was just dreaming. LOL. Unfortunately, my day turn out to be like nothing happen after all. Kinda used to it every year already. Just to write a summary of what happened yesterday night before 12am and of cause today.

It was about 8pm yesterday. Starting from there onwards, many passed by and wished me advance b'day wishes. How could it be so early. LOL. I receive many wishes from almost 30% of my phonebook contacts. That could be at least 30+ of them. Not much but didn't expect that much though. But i am delighted that they really remembered. Some one all the way came from Saudi Arabia also came to wish me. Really touched by that.

LOL let me tell you about today, 8th of April. Was still receiving b'day wishes early in the morning. Can't get to celebrate cause I got classes from morning till late evening till 5pm. As usual in college, my classmates didn't know it was my b'day today. So I won't be so kecoh tell them that's it's my b'day today, HELP me to celebrate!! Just 2 weeks of friendship, not as close as who the one I usually be with. Years and years of friendship but still can't even get to celebrate. Cause it's on Tuesday. So everyone would be busy for schools/work and so forth. I don't mind. Even worse that my parents didn't know that today is my b'day till I told them. Sigh.

Told cha I am not gonna celebrate birthday again this year. Was expecting that already before that but I am hoping for something to happen this year but turn out to be nothing. So, what to do? lol. Okay now, guess what I did since then?

I darn freaking drove out alone to secret recipe shop and got this !!

Chocolate Indulgence and Chocolate cherry cake.

Syok makan everything alone and yeah happy b'day. so lame.

Super lame expressions for the camera.

Anyway big thanks to all who wished me b'day wishes. Appreciate it. Although you are not been mentioned here but I know who you are. Every single one of you. The special ones that was so touching. and the lame ones of cause that is super lame. lol. Lastly, thank god I haven see any CONDOMS yet for now!

P/S : Wooo, I'm officially legal already...
I can smoke, clubbing, driving, have sex, drink, what ever you name it. XD

Well, eventually i'm that desperado....

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