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April 25, 2008


Name 5 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 5 people.This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first..


1. Suetmei

2. Xiow Wei
3. Elaine
4. Angie
5. JoJo


1. How did you meet 1?

- Kindergarten when I was 5 years old.

2. On a scale of 1 -10 how would u rate your friendship with 1?

- 99.99999% LOL

3. How long have you known 4?

- Last year in AGC youth Camp.

4. How do you know number 3?
- 6 years classmates in primary school.

5. Where's 5?

- Probally sleeping + snooring.

6.A fact about number 1?

- She's funny, talkative, mood change FAST sometimes.

7.Who is 4 going out with?

- Secret not to revealed.

8. What does 1 do for a living?

- Not to depend on guys in future. Women power!!

9. Would you live with number 3?

- Yeah of cause. my good buddy. We have same hobbies and interest.

10. What do you like about number 2?

- Very active at times + crazy + talkative at times + loud.

11. Do you miss number 5?
- Of cause I Miss. Don't cha Joanne? LOL

12. Would you make out with number 4

- Erm, Absolutely NOT. She's my sister in Christ.

13.What’s your opinion of number 2?

- She's errr... good in mathematics subjects. Quite a short girl but "big mouth".

14. What's your favorite memory with number 5?

- Having a super long chat in Messenger.

15. What would you do if number 1 and 2 were going out?

- Erm, I no need to do anything. They will straight away invite me out. yumcha Kaki and driver for them ma.

16. Ever had a long conversation with 5?
- YES, just stated that earlier on.

17. Have you ever slept at 2's house?

- Nope. I love to someday.

18. Do you hang out with 3 a lot?
- Not a lot but used to for the past few weeks.

20. How often do you talk to 1?

- Quite often when we're free. Not at all when we're not free.

21.What about 2?

- Everyday I guess. LOL

22. Have you ever thought 3 as more than a friend?

- Yeah, best buddy.

23. Would you go out for a date with 5?

- Why not. LOL. right Joanne?

24. Do you dream about 2?

- Used to. Recall back I can't even remember what's the story.

25. What did no 4 did to you that you can never forget?

- Did a birthday card for me.

26. What have you done for 1 that the person never forget?

- Let her drive my car without lisence?

27. What's 3's hobby?

- Online? Watching NBA. =)

Oh man, I might quit doing tag stuff but before that, I shall tag Angie Yong, Elaine Chong
do this. Cause I haven't see it appeared in you blog yet.

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