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October 31, 2008

Back For Updates !

Current Mode : Moodless ; Sick !
  • College assignments due date is approaching. And It is just half done ! Someone HELP me! Gahh..
  • Manchester United is climbing up to the top with two goals scored by C. Ronaldo against West Ham United but Liverpool is still in their unbeaten run ! Great news to the reds.
It's been a week I've been suffering from flu and coughing. That's a bad sign. That's why my blog is inactive. I don't know what happen to me! My body is week and I can't sleep well. as in EVERYDAY ! Well, I had my medicine with me and is finishing. Medicine is somewhat useless to me. Sigh. Someone please pray to God for me that I could heal faster.

Well moving on to....

Shireen's 23th Birthday.

We went to celebrate Shireen's Birthday at Korean Stone BBQ, Ampang Waterfront on Monday with a whole bunch of church friends. Some ffk-ed. As usual. Well we didn't manage to gave her a surprise because something unexpected happened.

*I walked half way, den someone called, walk and talk till I reached the table and put the cake on top of the table and boom she saw it. and im still talking on the phone like no ones business*

So yeah, plan failed. Blame me for that.

Bday cake ! NICE ?

Now, posing with the cake ! =)

Eat all you can here in Korean stone BBQ @ Ampang Waterfront. Us with the only girl (bday girl)

Group photo. from left. Dineas, Edwin, Milton, Chris, Julius, Wayne, Shireen and ME (photographer) .

Once again, Happy 23th bday, Shireen !

And I also wanna wish Josephine Chong a sweet 17th bday. Not forgetting Anothony Wong's 18th legal bday that falls on the same day too ! LOL sorry No pictures available. Hope ya'll did enjoy.

Moving on toooo......

31th of October. Happy Halloween Day PEOPLES !

Halloween Party events that I gotta attend later !


KDU Halloween Charity Fair.

and this

HELP Party at the Pumpkin Patch

Which to go? I can't decide. Perhaps both ?

Well, The thing is I had the Halloween costumes, but I don't feel like wearing because Im the photographer ! lolol. =/ Plus I need an external flash for my alpha. Desperately need it.

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