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October 6, 2008

Serra's Birthday

Serra Lin , TAKE THAT !!!

SYOK ? I pun kena. Anyway Happy 18th Birthday, Serra.

Anyway..... There's something extra for you. Check it out.

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From what people said, shisha is almost 10x times even worst den Cigarettes. Believe it. You are sucking in Carbon Dioxide into your mouth using charcoal. Direct contact without filter. Not to mention it also contains some toxins substance. If you inhale smoke into your lungs you will have difficulties in breathing after that. Trust me, I'd experience it before. It doesn't feel pleasant at all. So, you still wanna smoke shisha after reading this ?

Well seriously, I don't give a DAMN about it !

Let's Shisha ! LOL

Adapted from NST 5th Oct 2008

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