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March 18, 2009

What's NEW ?

I bought a new gadget recently. Is like finally can ? To replace my old old colourless Nokia 2100. What's worst, not even polyphonic. Well, this is what I can afford using my own precious money. Don't dare to ask my parents to buy me one. Of all my siblings, I asked the most. What you expect, im da youngest.

Well I present you my new Nokia 6300. Don't jump off your seats. I don't fancy using expensive phone. Phobia weyhh, I experience it before being threaten and rob off my expensive phone. Very dangerous bring around town. Especially when you're surrounded my indons. Well, no choice. KL is a place where indons LOVE to hangout lifelessly.


Review of this phone. Three words : Not Bad larhhh. Rating 8 out of 10.

Why so ? Its the same reason all the time. Can call, can receive message, good enough. HAHA. Ermm iPhone ? Not now larhh. Perhaps next time when I migrate to Switzerland. =)

Oh wadss diss ? amazingly I still have all these phones at home. Collections. After 30 years from now, those are worth the money to mortgage weyhh.

What Else is new ? Oh ya my super computer arrived 3 days ago ! Extremely satisfied specs.

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