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November 28, 2009

Encountered incident in the club

An interesting story wanna share.

The setting was a club in KL. It was totally a gays night, the girl friends were all not free to join. Totally a new thing for me. Usually girls will accompany. Guess what, in my mind goes like this : "Yeah its gonna be a fishing/hunting night".

Oh well, that's what usually people do, when they come alone. am i not right ?

Holding a bottle of beer with my friend. Two of us, lifelessly, was trying to suit ourselves with the music but the night totally turn me off. Guess what ? live performance chinese lala songs were played. Felling regret and disappointed to be there might as well the crowd was more on the elderly people. Almost get ourselves out of the club.

Opposite us, there's this 2 girls came alone as well and it was a coincidence I did not place them there for real. Feeling lonely as well. I recon that they were there to hunt for guys as well ? or maybe waiting for guys to approach them.

A Brief description. Let's say she's hot, pretty, curvy, dress perfectly for a girl. Just so I thought of maybe I shall join them since both parties came alone. And I don't know why, I was not ready to make the first move.

Few thoughts in mind.

1) Those girls are definitely older than us.
2) Fear of being rejected. *cause i am so damn young*
3) Will burn a hole in my pocket for spending them drinks.
4) If they're from Klang, need to fetch them back. Would be a hassle.
5) Scared causing into trouble. Might as well get laid.
6) worst come to worst, "I've got no BALLS" to even do anything.

And there was this crazy dude. Roaming around our table, dancing. I shall put it in a way that he was "tengah menghayal" like he was in his dreamland. Tapped me on my shoulder saying.

The crazy dude said
"Hey... the 2 girls infront, goo laaaa. where's your balls !?"

I replied
"I was like wtf? Okayy. waitt larhh you bastard."

Friends opinion
"Ehhh go larhh. You go den i will join you later."

Feeling annoyed by that, but it gives me more motivation.

I know im good at this but im clueless why me being such a coward that night. As the time goes by, I was talking to myself. This shall be a good experience, I always wonder how does this thing works. Should be my first time doing this, to an elderly girls.

got up as I approached, to my surprise. Everything went smoothly. She was a foreign student from Mongolia and she has a very unique name. called Oonoo.

* Where is Mongolia? Mongolia is between Russia and China in Eurasia.

I thought she was local until she showed me her ID. Both of em. Can't believe it. Totally shocked about it. Problem is she looked like a Malaysian Chinese to me. Wasn't expecting this but yeah. continued our conversation and

I asked her this question :
"How old are you"?

She answered me suspiciously :
"You guess" ?

in my mind : Cause im 19 and maybe she's 21.

I answered.

She replied me in a shocking expression and laugh.
"Im 25"

I was totally shocked that she looked older. Too bad I don't have a photo of her at least I got something to prove. Thus, same theory applied and she asked me back the same question. I said, you guess. LOL.

She replied.
"Elder than 25. Maybe 26".

I replied.
"OMG are you serious I looked that old" ?

Well I can act that im old but I can't accept the fact that im 26 already. and I can't be telling her im 19 either! Totally turned off mode. without thinking any further and I told her im 22. Who knows, just to balanced it up a lil.

She was in shocked. I said why?

She said
"You looked like you're more than 25"

Maybe she's 25 and she was expecting me to be the same 25 as well I guess. People, im not that old. LOL.

Well I guess after she knew that im 22, she barely layan/entertains me. Is like a one way conversation after that which is suppose to be two. Is it because im younger so older girls don't entertain? Or what? The atmosphere/interaction was good before I revealed my age to her.

Girls, what you think?

But just to make things clear. Nothing happened between us.

It's good to know that finally I've got the guts to overcome my fear on something that I usually failed to do in a club. At least I felt that I achieved something. A plus new experience for me.

PS : I was keen to get some feedback of this question from Josh lim's tweet saying.

" Can you find true love in a night club? Can you find a fling in a library? " LOL


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