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November 5, 2009

Veuve Cliquot Yelloween Champagne Party

It was last week, the day before Halloween Day, just to kick start the weekends we went to Veuve Cliquot Yelloween Champagne party @ Neo Global Tapas & Luxe Lounge. We were there for the champagne and of cause for the company. Met quite a few familiar faces but also made some new friends there at the party.

This champagne tasted really nice. And it can make me go high if you drink too much. It ain't sparkling juice man. tho it tasted almost like one.

The party peoples chilling with champagne.

Halloween theme party is already on. Good thing there's something different this time, Champagne. Awesomeness.

A group shot. Joshlim, Helenness's BF and cousin, Isabella.

Myself with the ladies. Helenness and Isabella.

Josh with Rebeca and friend. Look at Josh's costume, like what? Spartans?

in events, Camwhores is a must. Isabella.

Helenness always praise my 400D is HEBAT can produce damn nice photos.

The real models for Miss Malaysia. Stefanie Chua and friend. They are really TALL.

A shot with the spotlight of the day.

Photo of da day. =) Thanks Madeline Ming for some of the photos I stole form her.

After the champagne party, went to get myself Recharge at Blanc KL with Josh. We were there quite late so im sorry didn't get much photos. Stay tune for more updates. Patience!!!

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