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November 24, 2009

Darren & Eva's Wedding Dinner

It was Darren and Eva's wedding dinner @ Renaissance Hotel last Saturday. Woots this is my 2nd wedding dinner for this month. 2 more to go. Anyway, Eva is my church friend. So I was called up to help her on that night. To project some slide show on the screen projector.

While so, Smashpop and Brian was the official photographer for the night. Too bad my DSLR haven arrive that time. Using my SONY WX-1 digicam as a replacement.

Thank God streamyx line was fast today, if not I won't be able to post up this post. Anyway here are some shots taken that night.

Darren and Eva pouring champagne together.

Main ballroom hall. with almost 70 tables in total.

The church members. Elder sister of Jolene, Jolene and Shireen.

I seriously didn't expect to meet vivianloy and family there.

Candid of me and Shireen.

The Ong Brothers posing with SmashpOp.

Camwhore. Loy sisters with the Jason's.

Big family portrait photo up stage.

More photos will be posted up next time. Oh ya, new blog header this coming December. Stay tune for it. Cheers.

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