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November 19, 2009

The Moment Of Truth.

Firstly, my Streamyx speed @ home is getting better day by day. I get to upload all my photos this time without any disappointment. Im happy with it.

Yeap, it was quite a while since my last time blogging. Sorry for the lack of updates, am very busy with college stuff. Ending of semester, will be expecting all these shits coming up. Never ending. I don't even have much time to check Twitter and Facebook. And been experiencing fatigue and tiredness every single day.

Another reason why my blog is lacking of updates cause I do not have a camera. Not even digital camera. Seriously, depending on my iPhone camera isn't a good idea.

So at once, I was quite fed up and I went to the camera shop and BOOM.

The moment of truth.

Oh yeah, just to update you this was the last 2 times I went for an event.

Topshop party @ Zouk. Taken with Niki's iPhone.

Michelle, Howard, Jeffro, Me, Niki and Amanda ready to party. And not forgetting Rames who took this photo. Joshlim busy with his friends.

Flynivarsary @ OneUtama. Ewin's wide angle lens.

Jon, Pop, Me, Bryan, Ewin, Flora, Freddie, Suet and Bboy. Enjoying the weekends.

Im gonna revive soon. More to come, stay tune. Am under mental and physical stress right now. Let me hibernate my blog for a moment.

Promise, I will try to update a lil more often.

Tomorrow : "My Spy" from GALA PREMIERE tomorrow. Awesome stuff. Thanks Advertlets !


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