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February 6, 2010

Revive Rev-Up Party !

It was yesterday. Rev-Up Revive Isotonic finalist party happening at Euphoria MOS, Sunway. Since Advertlets was the advertising partner for Rev-Up, so we all gave them a support to drop by and have fun to party with them. Partner in crime was, lol.

Okay first and foremost, I missed the dinner with the peoples since I came quite LATE. No free dinner for me. darn. Anyway we also get local celebrities to hang out with us like Juliana Evens and Hujan. Friends of Hanie Hidayah. Local tv host, Belinda Chee and her hubby Joey was there as well. Not to forget, the Advertlets bloggers. The most happening ones. Aren't we?

Basically, I can take up the photographers job already. Josh, Hanie, and Juliana is in da pictca.

Joshlim and Revive advertising representative, Amy.

Our guest, Juliana Evens and band, HUJAN

Belinda and Hubby Joel with Joshlim.

Okay, now its time to go in. The crowd was not that bad actually. It was quite FULL.

Birds Eye View with the privilege of having VIP passes.

Not forgetting the Revivie Chicks as well. Or should I say typical PC fair chicks?

The Stage where they do performance, prize giving and all. Emcee for the day, JJ and Ean.

Camho time. Vivian and Hanie.

Group shots on Rames and Leonard's table with their friends.

Not to forget, they give away free photoshoot with photo printing as well. Whatever photo we took, they will give us a coupon and we gonna redeem it. Damn nice!

It was a successful event. It was freeflow drinks and food whole night! Nice goodie bags. Hope to have more of this kinda events in da future. More photos from Revive Rev-Up Party coming up soon. Stay Tune.

That's all for now. Don't forget to add me in twitter to get updated my whereabouts!


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