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October 14, 2010

Energizer Energy Beam Launch Press Conference + Energizer Night Strike Paintball Tournament

KUALA LUMPUR, 08 OCTOBER 2010 – Was invited to the launch of Energizer‘s new brand image – the Energizer Energy Beam Launch at Zouk KL recently. Known around the world as the leading brand so far. As now, consumers can expect a whole new level of performance from their digital devices with the introduction of Energizer’s new Power Seal technology and Energizer’s new brand image – The Energizer Energy Beam.

Read on for more details including photos + captions. Photos below are captured from your sincerely using Nikon D300s.

The Energizer Energy Beam was launched amidst much fanfare from trade, consumer and media representation at Zouk KL last week.

Check it out what's happening inside!

We the @advertlets was there as well at ZOUK for the Press Conference.

Julie Woon was the MC for the Energizer Press Conference.

Energizer, the market leader in household batteries and portable lighting, is launching the Energizer Energy Beam visual device in-line with the change in global brand packaging together with Power Seal Technology in Energizer Max® alkaline batteries and Energizer Ultimate Lithium®, the world’s longest lasting AA batteries*.

The Energizer Energy Beam launch also showcased new performance improvements on its flagship consumer battery range of Energizer Max® alkaline batteries, now incorporating Energizer’s new Power Seal technology; as well as its Energizer Ultimate Lithium® batteries which now allow digital camera users to shoot up to 680 shots compared to 600 shots previously*.

This what makes Energizer Batteries the NO.1 leading brand batteries in the World.
Max (Alkaline): 80 Shots!
Advanced (Alkaline): 120 Shots!
Recharge: 300 Shots!
Ultimate Lithium: 680 Shots!

Consumers can expect Energizer to continue delivering longer-lasting and more powerful portable power solutions which are safe for the entire family and represent value for money. Energizer’s new Power Seal technology and our improved Ultimate Lithium range underscore our continued commitment to provide cutting-edge power technology to everyday lifestyles.

Mike Foong, Managing Director of Energizer Malaysia launching the Energizer Energy Beam and the brand's two new consumer battery innovations - PowerSeal Technology incorporated into Energizer Max and new longer-lasting Energizer Ultimate Lithium, the world's longest lasting AA batteries.

Paintballers give guests at the Energizer Energy Beam launch a taste of the excitement behind the upcoming Energizer Night Strike night paintball event in January.

from left - Joshua Leong, Brand Manager; Mike Foong, Managing Director; Michael Teoh, Commercial Director; and Zaini Sulaiman, Trade Marketing Manager of Energizer Malaysia introducing new consumer battery technologies and the Energizer Night Strike, an innovative night paintball tournament as part of the Energizer Energy Beam launch at Zouk KL last week.

Not to forget the Energizer girls are there for eye candy purposes.

Michael Teoh, Commercial Director; Mike Foong, Managing Director; and Joshua Leong, Brand Manager of Energizer Malaysia explaining the products and upcoming events that consumers can expect out of the introduction of the Energizer Energy Beam.

At the end of the press conference, Energizer Malaysia threw out a lot amazing prizes for the media press/bloggers. Prizes like DVD player, Canon compact camera, Energizer producst and the not to forget the top prize which is the iPad.

And guess who's the lucky winner?

YES is this dude from a chinese News paper press. I was unlucky at all. Walking back home, NOTHING.

An old friend which we seldom meet cause she's so busy righttt.... Julie Woon.

Jon, Hanie, Julie and myself with our BB's.

So from now on, I will be changing my batteries less often because Energizer is super long lasting and it's proven with my own experience/eyes/feel. Like right now, I'm using the Energizer Ultimate Lithium for my Nikon SB900 Speedlight which drains batteries very fast!

And guess what! I can roughly use it for 4-5 event maximum with a ratio of 150 shots per event with FLASH!

Also, do check out the video. With movement speaks even better!

Now, here's the exiting part for all the Paintballer around Malaysia!

As part of the events in-line with Energizer’s new branding, Energizer Malaysia will be introducing the Energizer Night Strike, Malaysia’s first themed night paintball tournament, which will be held in January next year.

Unlike other night paintball games, the Energizer Night Strike features seven-minute ‘speedball’ rounds incorporating a ‘capture the flag’ scenario, played completely in the dark with only ultraviolet (UV) lighting and glow-in-the-dark paintballs to complement Energizer’s new Energy Beam image. Players and spectators stand to be treated to a visual feast of neon colours, fast-paced action and adrenaline as the glow-in-the-dark pellets, uniforms and props whiz away at the night event.

The Energizer Night Strike will be the first-of-its-kind among paintball competition and incorporates a tournament landscape or battlefield true to the theme instead of using just inflatable bunkers. With prizes worth RM 35,000! Surely you won't wanna miss this opportunity!

As now, I'm calling all Paintball participants from all over Malaysia and international circuits to respond and join this innovative new paintball format. In conclusion, to all Paintballers, aren't you exited already?

Join me because I will be there as well!

Visit for more information!

Also visit Energizer Malaysia Facebook Fan Page regarding to the Energizer Night Strike Paintball Tournament.


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