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December 21, 2007

AGC Youth Christmas Party '07

20th December @ AGC Christmas party. It's kinda fun night though. A lot of unexpected peeps attended this party and seems like the best part of the night was watching the movie clip acted by Pang as the main character and Calvin, Michelle, Jeeyan as the supporting actor. lol. All of us burst out of laughter and of cause the sketch section from Yvonne, Joy, Keng Lik, Sweet May and Ooi Tong known as Ah Wong. quite a funny sketch and that Ah Wong is a good actor although I dun understand much the storyline. lol. after which is the gift exchange. Too bad due to a huge number of gift to be exchange, so they change the rules and it wasn't that fun as it should be. The singing session, quiz and others as well is fun!
Some of the Photos

Main entrance decoration.

Look at the crowd. unexpected amount of peeps attended.

MC of the day ; Joanne and Andy

Uncle Allan giving a speech

Gift exchange section

Michelle got my F1 car! swt....
Merry Christmas !! LOL

Our Group photo =)

The ladies doing weird poses

Lastly, the food was nice! and an enjoyable Christmas party. We laugh, we play till we sot. and I was pointed by Uncle Allan to become the photographer of this event. Charm. I am a Guest. But it's okay la. I am also part of their family. Anyway join them this 25th December on their Adult Christmas party @ Rain Tree Club. 10am in the morning. and the best thing is the entrance ; free of charge!! Just bring yourself there...

Oh ya one more thing before I leave, once I entered the church auditorium, I heard someone shouted my name loudly at a high pitch and guess who? Petrina Lim shouted at me.... LOL I was shocked* cause you know la she is so famous right. budden didn't get the chance to talk to her though. Sure will some other time.

Merry Christmas in advance!!!

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