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December 22, 2007

Which is the best Christmas deco?

The Curve



Mid Valley

Times Square

1 Utama

Christmas day is just around the corner and I got the chance to go all over KL's 6 best Christmas deco in just 1 day to take a photo of their Christmas decoration and compare which is the best among all. Since this year's Christmas is the most happening Christmas because of Malaysian 50th years Independence. Well I guess so. LOL !

You may think why I am so weird post this kinda silly thing here. Maybe you may think that I am too free nothing to do and posted this? or what? Well frankly it is because I love Christmas the most! It brings me lots of happiness, joy and fun with my all my church friends. It is something special. non like others. believe me.

3 more days!!
It's Christmas and someone's special day too !

P/S : Don't forget to vote which is the best Christmas deco.....

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