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December 24, 2007

Spread The Joy @ HGC

Who wanna join me attend HGC Christmas party? NN invited me so I must give face to her. LOL ! For those who got no Plans this Christmas eve? Please call me if your interested. Cause I am all alone there. Fear I'll get bored.
After the party........
After visiting the Christmas party @ HGC, I found out it's not too bad. I had fun though.. Luckily Avalyn is there to accompany me. lol. But the best thing is I made a lot of new friends there. although I seen them before. Well here it goes, some photos. Anyway thanks NN for the invitation. much appreciate! ur skit was nice, well planned. good job!

NN and Myself... =)

So long and now finally can see you.
Err, when wanna exchange phone?

Anyhow, It's Christmas Day Everyone....

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