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December 21, 2007

Shocking Discovery

Be extremely ready for this...

OMG, Guess who is She??!!

You may wonder who is she. Her name is Angie Yong... leng leng photo right?! better than the previous wan right? LOL you know why I posted this post? because you posted me at your blog. haha.. thanks anyway. Since you like to kenakan me, so now it's my turn. Too free maybe. Anyhow, It's been a small world huh that your family was my neighbour last time in the 90's. Big shocking discovery? haha. Well it is. and now after over 14 years, only I get the chance to know you.

Here is a photo I want to share with ya'll. Taken on 12th of April 1992. 15 years ago. Guess it was be belated birthday..
because I was born on the 8th of April.

Saw Uncle Allan with the red shirt?! He look so young that time.
and that's me the birthday boy.

Angie, you haven't born yet I guess. but your sister Anna was there.

Now it is shocking or what???!! LOL...

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