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January 6, 2008


Beware of pick pockets and snatch thief !!

I was at Yong Tou Fu restaurant having my dinner with my brother just now and suddenly i heard a lady shouted Arghhhhh! shouting for help! and I turned around and check it out what happen.. I saw a fella run away from the table and the lady was so panic seeking for help. and I found out her handbag has been snatch! I think she was about to get in and eat. Immediately, everyone run and chase that snatch thief especially the guys. Last year, I also kena before. A victim. Not being snatch but being threaten. Ended up my hand phone and wallet have to give it to them and I have no choice. They got a knife pointing at my waist. Although I know I have a lot of fats at my waist line but I was panic that's why. 1st time mar and I was alone. It was scary actually. So that gave me a big expression that i wanna help people and catch the bad peeps.

Okay back to where am I.. that moment those guys from the restaurant chasing him. and we finally got him. I was relief and happy. haha. He was then emitted to the police station nearby and he got the consequences for being such a person who just wanna get things easily. just snatch peeps belongings. Really hope this kinda case, all the ladies out there must really beware of the surroundings and take extra precaution of the places you are walking. Of cause also your belongings. Nowadays a lot of cases happen and we do not know where are they. They can appear at all times. Cause they observe at us sometimes if we are careless enough to catch their eyes. So, just a reminder for ya all to be careful when your walking outside there alone especially at night.

Don't be the one where you will lost your belongings like me.
My N70, my wallet, my Identity card, my cash, my cards and so on....
All gone!

So guys, Beware!!

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