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January 29, 2008

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Guess what? My dad just booked this new car last Sunday and he gonna buy it for the sake of another person in the family got a license. Cause we will be fighting for the current car if there only 1 car in the house where 3 brothers is using it. So ended up this new SAGA. Cheap and reasonable price. Design is nice cause it's stolen from "Skoda" New Fabia car design. Malaysian cars cant stop copy cat-ing other cars design. But don't care la as long as it's nice.

But one thing i just read from the paper yesterday where says it needs roughly about 3-5 month to get the car after booking it!! damn why so long? Why is it so long a get the car whereby we will pay all by cash 1 shot without paying installment every month? I Don't get it.

I guess I need to tolerate fight with my brother for the current car for another 5 month 1st before we get a new in the house. XD

Anyway, this 1st of February is a school holiday!! It's on Friday. Who wants free overnight trip to Genting Highlands with me? Other expenses paid by your own but transportation and hotel fees covered.. Anyone interested?

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