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January 15, 2008

My dreams

This is a globe.. Yes what a lame question I am asking. What's with this globe photo doing here? Well I guess it represents the countries around the world. The one showing on the photo is in the north and the south of America. The world is a wonderful place for us, human to live in... agree with me?

Also, how good if we could visit the places around the world before we end our life here in this beautiful earth. Beautiful places such as France, Italy, Japan, Australia, England, America, Mexico, Brazil, China and so on. Well, I bet you don't wanna be living in 1 certain place for your whole life and not visiting the other countries around the world right? Our life is temporary in this world, Not long we gonna live here in this earth. yea, mostly could not even reach their 6o's and they pass away. Didn't even get the chance. How sad it is...

To me, I wanna think further, 10 years from now, what will I be? what I wanna do? who am I? Other then being successful, my dream is to travel around the whole world with my family and with my " love ones ". Wanna visit every single place in this planet before I leave this world. Treasure every moments and keep the sweet memories inside. How nice... Yes I know I am imagining it now. LOL !!

So now, I don't care what ever it takes, what I wanna do is to work as hard and smart as I could to full fill my dreams.

Yes, I want to travel around the world.
and how about you ? Do you ?

Who doesn't want to travel around the world, right ?

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