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September 5, 2008

Ramadan Bazaar !

Photos below was taken on the first day of fasting month. That's when my a200 lost her virginity. lol. I went to the bazaar and took some random shots with my new DSLR. It was very pack and lots of food there until I have no time to snap.

Drools. Ayam Golek. 14 bucks per bird ! Worth the money for the whole family to buka puasa.

I rate 8/10 for his ayam golek !

The butcher was staring at me wonder who am I. Thought I was some media people came to snap his stall. He sure thought of " Wah my stall masuk paper " lol.

Sorry didn't upload much. Quite a tiring week in college. I will update more in time to come. Stay tune for more aite.

P/S : I haven't found a name for my a200! it's a SHE by the way.

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