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August 22, 2009

District 9 Movie Screening


Last Saturday I was been invited by the boss Josh lim to watch District 9 at Cineleisure Damansara. Was VERY lucky to bump into my long lost cousin Caren Ong and I manage to drag her along to the screening with us for District 9 instead of her heading home.

She damn geng, watched 4 movies a day in a row ! never give me a call somemore. Anyhow, I was there and I met up with the gang! This time together with Nuffnang peoples. Cause they are having District 9 movie screenings too !

Anyway I aint a good movie preview guy so yeah just a simplified summary will do. Erm, the movie wasn't that bad actually. I thought it was boring at first cause it's like a faux-documentary style movie like the Cloverfield. Damn headache when watching it cause the camera is keep on shaking. With all the nail pealing and black liquid nose bleed. Prawns. Disgusting !

Have you watched it already ? If not, go watch it ! I rate 7 /10.

After movie, camwhore time !

Bryan, Caren, Myself, Ewin, Jessica, Jonathan, Mojosh, Eu Veng and Josh Lim. Pic courtesy of Jessica.


District9_04Josh lim, Ai Mei, Evo and myself.

District9_16I like this one. Bloggers instant reaction when it comes to someone is pointing a camera on you.

PS : By next week, my new DSLR will be back with a POWER lens ! stay tune.


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