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August 18, 2009

Tattoo Madness !

Remember this hair style ? It was almost 3 months ago at Derrick and Team hairdressings. I did once a Mohawk hair style without a tattoo on it . Click here to see the actual post.


And for now, I've got bigger balls to do a hair tattoo on my head ! Damn hardcore sial.

My new hair tattoo / Mohawk style. looks lala or not ? You judge.

Rear view damn nice. Im so lovin this hair style. Sorry photo a bit lousy.

Anyway, how's it ? Comments are welcome !

Just that one thing, there a bit of problem on the front view. Cause i look quite chubby with this hair style. but who cares ! still, i need to get slimmer. I guess, it would be nicer with having slimmer cheeks. Sigh.

Anyhow, speaking of tattoos, my cousin Kelly had a new tattoo on her back hips. for real.

Check this out. damn cool rite ? I want also ! either on my arm or on my wrist.

Im Obsessed with tattoos ! are you ?

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