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September 22, 2009

Victim A La Mode


Type : Causes - Fundraiser
Where : MIST Club, Bangsar
When : Saturday, September 19

HELP HMC & SML Fashion Academy presents Victim À la mode. Featuring :

-Giordano's latest Spring/Summer collection for both men and women.

-Rebellz's spicy latest collection to set the runway on fire; by designers Ju and Jean

-SML's band of talented designers to introduce their awesome looks.

2)Angelica Wai Hseang
3)Michael Loke
4)Kimmy Siow
5)Younghiang Lim
6)Ivy Wong

And a special showcase appearance by Julia Leong, who's collections bagged the Best Casual Designer MIFA '08, as well as making her a MODA Malaysia's Young Designer Competition Finalist, and also a Triumph Inspiration Award finalist. Also, a student from SML Fashion Academy.

Anyway just before I proceed, I am sorry I didn't take any photos form the fashion show walkway. I swear there were too many people in front and too many professionals taking for them. So I don't really see a need to take anymore. So what I thought is better cake camwhore photos ! hahah. Still, my favourite. Sorry Sandra Woo for not taking any photos.

For now, camwhore photos time.

I came with Kimhan and Caren. Missed out Joshua, Mojosh.

Emcee of the event, Denise Chan with Leonard and friend.

Simon, Zlwin, Leonard and myself.

CHICKS L-R : Estee , Aubrey, Candice, Jeannie, Elena Tan, Marcia Tan, Audrey Tan

Myself with all the girls... Marcia asked me to take this not my fault im innocent.

These girls getting horny. I was watching at the corner what are they doing. and once again, not my fault. Candice asked me to snap this.

Group shots of all the happening girlss in the house yo.

Audrey and myself. I found out that we are da same college kaki.

King Qn, Audrey and myself. Candid shot ! Thanks Daley.

Marcia and Audrey. Showing their SEXY back.

The sisters Audrey and Aubrey had reached the ultimate PART !

Boss Josh Lim, Caren and Rachel.

A photo of the director of this event. Sandra Woo with Melissa Campbell and Marcia Tan.

DJ Double D and some random chicks having fun on stage.

More photos in my Facebook page !

We continued partying after the event. They end the show quite early, but still the event was actually not bad. With all the most updated fashion in town. Thumbs up, Sandra.

The End ! Once again, Sorry no fashion runway photos. Perhaps you can see HERE from Tongue in Chick updates of Victim A la Mode.

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